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How to teach a child months

Table of contents:

  1. Associative and educational games
  2. The game "Four Seasons"

In the hectic weekdays do not notice how fastgrowing baby. Each stage of a child's development is very important, because in the first years of life lays the basis for further successful development of the organism. It's like the designer cubes: the stronger the lower number, the stronger the structure.

Sometimes you need to help children to learn one or the other. Some grasp everything on the fly, but often learning, seemingly simple things require parental patience.

At the age of four years old child is foldableHe expresses his thoughts and actively interested in everything around him. The question of their own Day of birth generates interest in the season of the year and month. Before the parents there is a problem: how to teach a child months.

Associative and educational games

Associative and educational games

First of all, you should start training when the child is aware of what the heat and cold, focused in natural changes. There are several ways for a successful training toddler.

  1. You can with the baby to make a map of the seasons, which display all the months of the pictures. Joint Activities will serve not only teaching methods, but also good entertainment.
    In this kind of map should reflect the characteristics of each month, the child saw and could subsequently be associated, for example, the school in September and December - New Year.
  2. In bookstores you will find a wealth ofrange of visual teaching children's literature. Colorful illustrations will help the child remember better every month of the year. In this literature, there is usually a job and to the studied material. Tasks performed in the form of a game that helps your child learn better and secure information.
  3. Home theater performances will standgood service in understanding and memorizing of the world. Dramatize, for example, a fairy tale "Twelve Months". In addition, a variety of puzzles, poems and songs about the months of the year will not only entertain the baby, but work out of his memory.
  4. Poetry on relevant topics, and "PicturesGallery ", painted by a toddler can help in the difficult remembering all the months of the year. You can offer your child to represent each month, and then together to establish the correctness of figures.
  5. It is important to submit the information interesting to the child, colorful, bright. Children are very curious and active. They learn with interest the outside world.
  6. Educational toys, for example, "Winter, spring, summer, autumn," very convenient, because the child learns playing.
  7. This game can be done independently. A child will be happy to help you in this difficult matter.

To do this:

  • Cook with the baby special cards of the album sheets or white cardboard. In total there should be twelve.
  • Draw pictures, which characterize eachmonth of the year. Give your child the freedom to express their artistic talents. You can also simply cut characteristic patterns from magazines and stick them on the card.

The game "Four Seasons"

Plays during the year

Plays during the year

learning game "Four Seasons" You can make yourself:

  • Prepare a box of chocolates with cells, twelve bottle caps, tape, glue, scissors, cardboard and colored pencils.
  • Cut candy packaging so as to obtain the twelve cells that fasten with tape in a circle.
  • Divide the paper into four pieces diagonally and let the baby on their own view on each part of the year.
  • The next stage - the production of chips in play withnames of the months of the year. To this must be cut out of cardboard white circles slightly larger diameter than the cover, and then glue them together. Each circle is necessary to write the name of one of the months of the year.
  • It remains only to collect the game. Album pages with drawings should be put in a box of candy and put it on top of the cell with the expansion in these chips. Done!

The game is to correctly decomposeAll chips: the order and according to the season. During the game, discuss right and wrong actions of a child can make a mistake when selecting a cell to the child himself has made adjustments in your actions.

The most important thing in teaching young children - itpresentation of information in the playful form to baby brain does not overexert when reinforced memorizing new words. Education in the form of a game - it is the most popular and the correct way of knowing the world and consolidate the acquired knowledge.

It is important not to miss any stage of development of the baby thinking. Loss of detail can later trigger a child's reluctance to go to school.

It is difficult to explain to the little man, whattime and "what it eats." This concept plays an important role in the personal development of the child. Realizing that this time, the child gradually learns to appreciate it, to plan their working day, more or less to organize their lives.

How to teach a child months
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