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How to teach a child to pronounce the "r"

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  1. Speech therapy exercises
  2. Exercises to correct articulation

Many children have problems with the correctpronunciation of certain letters. Some can not pronounce the long "L", while others are struggling with stubborn letter "p." Parents often wonder how to teach a child to pronounce the letter "r"? After Kartavykh may offend and teasing in school, which will certainly affect the children's self-esteem.

If you can not alone solve the problem, you must turn to a speech therapist. The specialist will teach the baby correctly to put the tongue in the mouth to get a good letter.

The most difficult of all is considered to be the letter "p." Most children do not stipulate for it was her. With some speech defect that remains for life. Generally children try to replace the letter "p" on the other, for example. "L" or "g". As a result, distorted words, their meaning.

First, pay attention to their ownarticulation. It may be that you are wrong to say the sound "p", and the child only repeats on you. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to teach your baby the correct accent "p", if the parents themselves lisp. In such cases, should be treated to a speech therapist or to any friend or family member who has the correct articulation and will be able to devote their time to school with your child.

If you have the correct pronunciation, inconversation with your child try to kid saw how you fold the lips, change the position of the tongue in the pronunciation of "r". The kid will try to repeat after you, trying to fold the lips and tongue properly.

Train new sound in the form of a game. Fatigue negatively affects the learning of any kind. Tired child will only be reluctant to explore new things. Try to create the atmosphere of the game, let the kid think that parents play with them, and do not learn something. Select a few words, in which there is a pronounced the letter "p." It is desirable that the words were short, monosyllabic - the baby is easier to remember simple words. Ask your child to show how the dog growls or tractor rides. Kids love games and associative happy to show off their skills and knowledge.

At the time of a speech, try the gamepronounce the word with the baby. This will help them to pronounce sounds correctly. Make sure that as a child articulates. Help him put his lips and tongue properly.

Do not swear or raise his voice, if yourcrumbs does not work correctly pronounce the letter "r". It is a matter of practice and diligence. Be patient, and your baby will soon recite verses expressive diction commentator.

Speech therapy exercises

Speech therapy exercises

Speech therapy exercises

To help parents and children to child psychologists have developed some simple exercises. These classes are held on the speech therapy sessions by specialists.

Exercises that help to increase the mobility of the children's attachment:

  1. Place your index Paley children under the tongue and ask the kid to move them from side to side.
  2. Ask the kid could move the tongue on the back wall of the upper teeth, mimicking brushing. Try to keep your child's mouth at the same time it has been stretched into a wide smile.
  3. Tease with her baby tongues, thrusting them forward as much as possible and chatting them up and down.
  4. Try to race to reach the tip of the tongue to the nose. This game is loved by all the children and willing to participate in it.

The exercises, which will help correct formulation of the language in the oral cavity:

  1. Try pronouncing frequently with your child words which have the letter "t", "d" and "p." And "p" should go after these letters, for example, the dragon, the tractor.
  2. Pick a word with two letters "p" and as often as possible to persuade the kid to say them.

Some children deliberately ignored in hisspeech letters can not pronounce correctly. In this case it is necessary to pretend that you did not hear or did not understand what is said to the child, forcing him to repeat it all over again.

Exercises to correct articulation

Exercises for articulation
Exercises for articulation

Statistics show that up to six yearsincorrect articulation with the pronunciation of the letter "r" - this is normal. But after six inability considered a pathological phenomenon speak properly. In kindergartens and schools work speech therapists. In addition, many of them carried out in private practice. During these lessons, of course, you will need to pay. Many parents are not able to shell out the extra money for such classes. I am thinking first about families such speech therapists have developed numerous tools and manuals that can be found in any bookstore or download from a specific Internet resource for free. But home schooling need to be patient, as well, always, when you want to teach your baby something new. So, how to teach a child to pronounce the "r" at home? Consider some of the exercises of speech therapy instructional materials.


This exercise develops the maximum stretching hyoid ligament of the tongue, as well as teaches the child to relax the muscles, when the tongue is in the raised position.

Widely open your mouth, and place the tip of the tongue on tubercles anterior dentition. Perform this exercise two or three times, at the same time hold the tongue in this position for fifteen to twenty seconds.


During exercises designed tip of the tongue,increases its mobility. Open wide your mouth and his tongue often strike the top row of teeth, saying with the letter "d." The duration of this implementation is not a simple exercise for more than twenty seconds.

runs mosquito

In carrying out this exercise, the child learnsown cause trembling tongue tip with a strong air flow. Stick out your tongue tip and fold it to the top and bottom lip. Strong blowing air from the lungs through a small hole formed, force the tip of the tongue shivering under the air flow. Exercise perform not longer than twenty seconds.

Bite your tongue

Learn how to initiate tip of the tongue muscles will help this exercise. Widely smile and gently biting his tongue. Repeat eight to ten times.


This exercise will help the child to stretchhyoid ligament of the tongue. Touch the tip of his tongue to the top of the sky and looking surprised, simulating the movement of horses on the pavement. Repeat fifteen to twenty times.

The letter "p" is difficult for many children. The reasons for this are not defined. Some believe that early "growl" kids leads to the wrong accent, others are looking for the problem in the physiological structure. One way or another, but almost all children in school age begin to articulate correctly pronouncing words with the letter "p".

Do not rush your baby. Give it time and let the free pace to learn the correct accent. Aggression and swearing can lull the baby unwillingness to do something and learn something. Easy game form classes will not only hold a successful training, the game will be a good leisure, participation in which will be able to take all the family members. It is important to make it clear to your child that he is loved in spite of everything. Cooperative games perform an educational function, at the same time allowing to get to know your baby.

How to teach a child to pronounce the "r"
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