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The first teeth of the child

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Your six-month baby constantly crying, became bad eating and he has a fever? Most likely, in the near future he will have first teeth. And best of all if by "meeting" with him, you'll be prepared, because the first teeth of the child may bring a lot of trouble. When babies start teething, it becomes a pretty tough test both for himself and for mom and dad. But to survive this period, it is possible without major problems.

Symptoms of

Signs of the appearance of the first tooth

Signs of the appearance of the first tooth

baby teeth are formed before birthhim, but the first one you can only see when the child reaches the age of five to six months. If your kid is already half a year, and their teeth are still not begin to erupt - do not worry, this is normal and will not affect the baby's development and the state of his tooth in the future. About three years your child will become the proud owner of all twenty milk teeth.

The process of teething almost never painless, and is usually accompanied by symptoms:

  1. Reddened swollen gums. Your baby all the time trying to tighten in his mouth all that gets in the way: toys, fingers? This means that you can wait for the first teeth of the child in the near future.

  2. Profuse salivation. In this period, the gland responsible for the secretion of saliva, are beginning to work. It is a reaction of the body of the child of the cutting teeth.

  3. Temperature increase. Sometimes it may be up to 38 degrees, and stay at that level for as long as lasting inflammation of the gums. Also, a runny nose may occur. Treat this as your baby carefully, and do not confuse it with the common cold.

  4. Stomach problems. Quite often erupting teeth (especially side) accompanied by indigestion.

  5. Lack of appetite. The child often capricious, weepsHe does not want to eat - it's all happening because of swollen gums.

All these symptoms disappear as soon astooth erupt. Check the appearance of the "firstborn" can be looked in the mouth baby when he yawns. You see the white hump? Then it happened - the first tooth in a child was cut!

If you really want to make the appearance of the first tooth, in any case, do not climb to the little finger in his mouth. So you can bring him to the infection.

Remaining teeth may appear in different ways: with a repetition of the same painful symptoms, or no complications.

What to do when teething

What to do when teething

The appearance of the first teeth of the child should not lead you into a panic. Completely remove all the pain you have, of course, will not be able, but to facilitate the state is quite capable kid.

Massage baby gums, wound with a clean fingerbandage and the reason for swollen gums. You can also be wrapped in a soft cloth and a small piece of ice and massaging their gums. Try to find a special brush in a pharmacy - after such massage child should feel a bit better.

Get a ring-stimulant for a childZubikov. They exist in several variations: plastic, silicone or filled with water. But always, before giving the kid a ring, do not forget to disinfect and chill in the freezer. It is also good to help relieve the pain a piece of conventional apple, but only cold. And its taste will serve as an incentive for the child to bite more actively.

Put the baby in the crib terry toynet course. The child is not only happy about it will scratch your gums, but the toy will serve also as a sponge, absorbs constantly salivate.

If your child does not eat becausegum irritation, lubricate them before eating a special gel (for example gel Babe Doctor), which gives a small effect freezing. He at some time take away pain.

If the child has very severe pain that is accompanied by another, and high temperature, it will be better to consult a doctor.


for the first Dental Care
for the first Dental Care

If the power of your baby properly balanced and you regularly care for teeth, they will be strong and smooth. A beautiful smile begins to form from birth is necessary.

  • Wipe the gums and emerging teeth child with gauze, which had previously been necessary to moisten with warm boiled water, or even better in chamomile broth;
  • if the baby is bottle-fed, be sure to treat him the mucous membrane of the mouth after you finish each feeding;
  • if you are breast-feeding, turn in your diet foods that contain calcium, fluoride, and vitamins A, C, D. These include milk, yogurt, seafood, beets, rhubarb;
  • as soon as a child has its first tooth, try to wean the baby from a bottle, because fruit drinks and juices, rich in sugar, can cause tooth decay.


clean teeth
clean teeth

That's all the experiences associated with a slotted Zubkov held. But there is a new question, but when you need to start to clean the first teeth of the child? And how do do it right?

The kid from four months to one year

To clean his milk teeth should be usedspecially designed napkins. Usually they can be found in pharmacies and baby stores. These wipes do in fingertip shape and impregnated with the composition, helps very efficiently clean the mouth of the child.

Also, these tissues prevent caries. They must be used after each reception food.

The kid from one year to two

Around this age the child eruptalready a big part of all of the teeth, so you can begin to accustom the baby to a toothbrush. Be sure to choose a soft toothbrush with a small head. Brush with stiff bristles only injure delicate gums child, but after the wound to bring an infection easier.

When choosing a toothpaste, pay attention to thosewhich contains a very small number of abrasive particles and does not contain fluoride. It is, of course, very useful for the teeth, but at such a young child could happen his overdose.

The first few months of brushing teeth should not be the child and his mother. It is better to do it in front of a mirror while showing your child how to hold a toothbrush.

The first teeth of the child
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