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How to teach a child to roll

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  1. From the back to the belly
  2. From stomach to back

Your baby is growing and it's already 6 months. Usually by this time, the little man is already actively moving independently and deftly flipped. But not all kids manage to deftly enough to roll from back to stomach and back. One of the moms say: "There will be his time. learn himself. Why hurry the time? "

Of course, it is not necessary to rush the child. But pay attention to how your baby is moving, trying it? And maybe he moves, trying to turn over, and he can not? And maybe the kid does not want to move at all, it just is, and he was so good in this situation?

Well, then my mother must arm themselves with knowledge andhelp your crumbs to overcome the first test of his life. After six months, the baby should have to move deftly, turning from back to stomach and back.

So let us not lose time and opportunityhelp our baby! After all, it is interesting to know the surrounding area, and we will help to support this commitment. In this article we tell you how to teach a child to roll from back to stomach and back.

There is a small set of exercises for the proper development of a child's skill roll. In carrying out these exercises every day for 3 minutes, you will notice the result.

From the back to the belly

Exercises for the child turning his back on his stomach

Exercises for the child turning his back on his stomach

So, first you need to place your baby on a firm and level surface so it will be easier to learn to roll over. And active floundering on a soft blanket will not lead to the desired results.

The first exercise

Put the child in front of him. Hold one hand on the baby's left leg in the area of ​​the lower leg, bend it at the knee and hip. So we prepare the child to act. Now Get a leg in the opposite direction. Watch the reaction of the baby for a few seconds.

This situation encourages his childRaise your head and turn around. Now do the same with the right foot, but with the turn in the other direction. And just watch the reaction of the baby. Very well, if the child is when you turn the lower part of the body is trying to turn his whole body in this way. However, his motion is not passive.

If the child does not have the strength to turn the toppart of the body, help him. Give him your hand, let him take hold of the finger itself (!) Try to turn. This exercise is necessary to perform three or four times to turn in each direction.

Council: Engage the child his favorite brighttoy at the time of this exercise. Put it on the side where the child's turn. It will be interesting to turn the favorite toy, thus the result of the exercise will be faster. And be sure to talk with the baby, praise it. He must hear your voice.

The second exercise

Carefully poperekatyvayte baby in different directions. He must like it. Do this exercise several times. And as a result, to further your own baby can roll over on its side. And then in the stomach.

The third exercise

Place your baby on his side, while they themselves stand behind him. Put your hands so that his elbows rested against the surface on which the baby lies. Crossed his hands in the castle. Thus, your hands creates a certain barrier for the child, which prevents him roll over on his back. You can gently push the baby, encouraging him to overturn on a stomach.

By the way, this exercise helps your child learnto stabilize the situation on the side. And do not forget to put his favorite toy so that the child can freely see it. The result was not long in coming. The child, rocking, be sure to turn over on her stomach, stretched out in front handle.

Now do the same thing, turning the child on the other side. Repeat this exercise two - three times.

The fourth exercise

Place the child on his side. Put one hand on your baby's shoulder, and the other - in the hip area. Fix the position of the hands at the shoulder, and another push forward the child's pelvis. Thus, we create resistance to the body of the child when moving the lower part of his body.

Now do the opposite: fix the hand on the lower part of the body of the child, and the other as a push to the shoulder of the child, showing him where to turn over. Do the same, turning the child on the other side.

This exercise is very good consolidates motor skills of the child, which promotes fast and clever coup from back to belly.

Typically, moms choose one or twoexercise of the above. This is better, because who does not like a mother knows the needs and capabilities of their child. In any case, doing these exercises several times a day with your child, you will achieve the desired result.

From stomach to back

Exercises for turning the baby from stomach to back
Exercises for turning the baby from stomach to back

The first exercise

Place your baby on his stomach and stand at his feet. Pull the right handle baby forward and show some bright toy. If necessary, bend the left leg of the baby. Now, take away the toy left. Baby will follow the toy and spontaneously turn over.

The second exercise

Roll the ball to the kid, putting him first in the stomach, and then on the back. This will be helpful for the child in mastering the motor skill.

The third exercise

Put your baby on his stomach and stand at his feet. The right leg of kid bend at the knee, and then in the hip joint. Now carefully rewound the right leg behind the left. Watch the kid. He must raise himself on his elbows and slowly roll over onto his back. Try this exercise by bending the left leg of the baby. So several times.

Now that you know how to teachroll baby. We recommend doing the exercises every day for a few minutes, it will contribute to the harmonious development of the musculoskeletal system of your baby. And thanks to you, he will start to quickly and deftly to roll over in a few days. And do not forget to praise your child, because he was always so nice to hear your approving voice.

How to teach a child to roll
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