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Swelling under the eyes of children

Swelling under the eyes of children

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  1. Causes of edema
  2. edema treatment

With the advent of the baby in the family there are nicethe trouble of taking care of him. Also there is a lot of questions on the general state of health of the child. We look at one of them - the swelling under the eyes of children.

Everyone knows that any disease almost immediatelyas it is shown on the face. Swelling of the baby, usually scare all new parents. Before you start treatment and consult your doctor, you need to find out the reason of their occurrence.

Causes of edema

Causes swelling in children

Causes swelling in children

The first reason - the usual swelling. On the one hand, in this case, it's pretty simple, but on the other - even in simple edema can not be anything good. This means that in all tissues of the body accumulates excess fluid toddler. At the same time due to swelling can swell up not only the area around the eyes, and other tissues.

But I understand that this is an ordinary swelling? Very simple: only need to gently squeeze the swollen soft tissues. If the skin after such manipulations immediately be restored - it's just swelling. But if the trail on your touch stays on for a long time, you should seriously consider.

The swelling can occur as a result of various diseases such as conjunctivitis, poor metabolism, adenoids, and many others.

Another reason for occurrence of edemaeyes, a child may be allergic to normal. For example, if you notice that your baby's breathing difficulties, this may be a sign of asthma. Moreover, at a time when everything around is blooming, the body a little man can easily succumb to shock, which is manifested by swelling under the eyes.

In order to make sure whether allergiescause of the swelling, you will need to take a blood test for levels of hemoglobin content in the case of a positive result to see a doctor, allergist, who will prescribe the appropriate medication.

Also one of the important causes of this disease is an ICP (intracranial pressure) in the child. In simple words, the baby suffers terrible headaches.

Swelling under the eyes of children
Swelling under the eyes of children

But it is worth noting that fortunately not allcases, the appearance of swelling under the eyes in serious danger. The most well-known and common cause of swelling under the eyes is the consequences of the child's crying. Kids that have very small, this problem can disturb due to teething.

Toddlers older manifestation of bags under theeyes may indicate a long pastime at the TV or computer. So make sure to be careful so that your child spends in front of the monitor a couple of hours a day. Pay attention to the child's mode of the day and make changes if necessary.

If you notice that the bags under the eyesbaby do not go, but on the contrary, there are more and more often, so it is necessary to review the child's diet. It should introduce as many fruits and vegetables, and to gradually decrease the amount of salt in food.

Also, swelling can be transmitted by inheritance. If your relatives suffer from this problem, it is possible that your child will get a nasty "gift".

Whatever it was, before takingany corrective measures swelling under the eyes, be sure to find out the reason of their occurrence. After all, the cases are different, and to understand why it happened in your case is not always possible.

Do not neglect the health of the child, it is betterturn to a specialist, to surrender all the necessary tests and be treated. Causes the baby to conduct a correct lifestyle, instead of sitting at the computer or TV, let him walk in the fresh air, playing active games, playing sports.

edema treatment

baby food
baby food

swelling treatment in children will depend on thethe reasons that caused their appearance. In the case of bags under the eyes did not arise due to any disease, you can use these proven tips:

  • pay close attention to what yourbaby eats. If his diet a lot of salty foods, be sure to limit their use. Try to get your child ate only full healthy food: boiled vegetables, soups, vegetable stews, etc.;
  • healthy body throughout the day should receive a minimum of one and a half liters of fluid. But it is better not to exceed this amount, especially before going to bed;
  • the child enough time to sleep - 7-9 hours a day. Therefore, always teach him to go to bed and get up at the same time.

If the appearance of edema resulting in one of thediseases of internal organs, to treat the baby only after consulting your doctor. In this case, the swelling under the eyes of a child must disappear along with his recovery from the underlying disease.

Stick all the tips mentioned above and you will be able to prevent the appearance of swelling under the eyes and keep your child's health.

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