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That should be able month-old baby

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  1. Physical development
  2. Mental development

The family have a baby. The first month of birth, perhaps, the most difficult, both for the child and for his parents. Baby learns to live in a new environment for him, as parents learn to take care of him.

During this period, the child is developing very actively,literally every day, you will notice something ibud new. By the end of the first month of the baby's something he can. In a short time, and it will begin to emit different sounds, to smile, to know my mother. A mother begins to worry about what a child should be able to month.

Physical development

The physical development of the child in a month

The physical development of the child in a month

Height and weight. For the first month the baby grows up to three or four centimeters, and adds up to a kilogram of weight.

Reflexes. Of great importance in a child's life are now playing reflexes. Did you know, for example, that the baby is able to walk? If the child to take the armpits so that his feet were on the floor, it will cross the legs, as if walking. If at the time when the baby is lying on his stomach, to substitute their own hands to the heels of the child, it will be a start, as if to crawl. Touching a finger to his lips, baby, you call the sucking reflex. And if you touch the index finger to the palm of the child, he quickly compress your thumb and will be enough to cling to him.

Vision child per monthVision child per month

Vision. Vision baby halfway in its development. In one month, it is still incomplete. The kid clearly see objects located far away, close to the same thing he has not able to focus vision. If in the first days of life the movement of the eyeballs were spontaneous, sharp, the later the baby's brain already controls eye movements. Very briefly, but the baby can fix his gaze on the subject of interest. This is usually a fixed object that is located at a distance of half a meter from the child. Especially like the baby is now bright objects.

Do not be afraid, if you notice that the babysquints his eyes, he just tries to focus his eyes, and while he is not too impossible. Approximately it will take three to four months. Many kids love to watch TV. They give way to distinguish between frames, even the so-called twenty-fifth frame. Try to turn off the TV, if you notice that a child of his looks, or distract the child so that he does not stare at the screen, so you eliminate the harm that can be done to your child. The fact is that when viewing

The motor activity of the child in one monthThe motor activity of the child in one monthPhysical activity. As for the movements that your baby becomes more active. Yes, he still sleeps a lot, but you can watch the chaotic movements of limbs during waking hours - this is an important moment in the development of the child. However, it should be noted that coordination is still there nezrelaya.televizora strain on the eyes, which still can not normally be transported child may develop strabismus. Pediatricians do not recommend monthly kid to watch television.

The development of muscles. If you take your baby for the handle and pull his hands up, he will pull the head forward and not to throw back her. And if the child turned over and lay on his tummy, he was able to raise his head, if at the beginning of the month quite a bit by the end of the first month, he will be able to hold it almost vertically.

Mental development

The mental development of the child
The mental development of the child

Speaking. From the first days of life the baby needs in communication, at the moment of waking, he wants them to take. It would seem that speaking does not refer to the fact that a child should be able to month, but it is the end of the first month of life, you are likely to see the first smile of your baby, and you will hear the first sounds that differ from crying. Some kids have a month start «agukat", especially if they show how it is done. If you talk to the child, he will answer lingering and gentle "aga".

The kid did not just cry, cry it becomesemotional. By the nature of tears it is already possible to determine that the kid wants what he pleased. Sometimes he needs to eat, he said that the need to change a diaper, that he wants to handle or just tired.

Imitation and socialization in a monthImitation and socialization in a monthImitation and socializing. Some kids in the first days after birth may imitate facial expressions of adults, for example, stick out tongue, smile, open mouth.

In the month the child begins to listen,He turns his head toward the sound. If the child is excited, then he calmed down when he heard the measured quiet conversation. He was startled by a loud or sudden sound can cry.

Habits. The kid starts to react to the feeding situation. For example, when you pick him up, and he will feed position, when he sees the bottle with the mixture, or when it is to be at the breast. Then you can see how a child turns to the food, she opens her mouth and making sucking movements with his lips and tongue.

Your baby in one month may be able to allabove or even more. But he may not be able to do some things. Parents do not worry, your baby is not exactly a lifetime to lie still in bed, he is sure to learn everything, only then, when it's his time.

That should be able month-old baby
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