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Walking and merznu: advice on choosing a winter envelope for newborns

Walking and merznu: advice on choosing a winter envelope for newborns

Table of contents:

  1. The most important features
  2. Types of envelopes
  3. Small passenger
  4. Choosing the right size
  5. Varieties fillers
  6. Care
  7. Practical advice
  8. Summarizing

osCommerce Experts have already madea check-list of the dowry, which will require the baby. Now let more specifically to its constituents and talk about how to choose the right winter cover for a newborn. We will compare it with the jumpsuit, give the pros and cons of both, consider the types of fillers and tell on what kind of weather they are designed, as well as give a few practical tips to help you choose a great envelope.

Dress for a walk

The most important features

An alternative envelope - winter overalls andjumpsuit-transformer. The difference lies in the fact that the envelope is designed for The Big Chill: inside is warmer, and the kid is like a blanket. And in overalls handles and legs of the child are not close to the body.

The envelope has the function of outer clothing for baby

The envelope has the function of outer clothing for baby

The envelope has the function of outer clothing for baby

Types of envelopes

The two most common models: with sleeves or without them. The first suit even for grown-up kid who freely handle not prevent sleep. The second type would be best for the child, who is used to sleeping swaddled.

Pooh envelope with sleeves from the brand emae

Small passenger

Although there envelope modelslots for seat belts in the car seat, it is better not to carry a child in this way. In the winter it will envelope too hot in the car. One solution to the problem: if you want to drive for a short distance, you can put a car seat in the stroller from the base.

If the envelope has not closed the slot for the safety belts, they will make the envelope "cold", suitable for warmer weather.

Choosing the right size

Buy envelope is recommended to reserve onethe size. The reason is obvious: the amount of warm clothes on the baby. Prepare to be that the child bought envelope suited for only one season. Buy too large "for growth" are not recommended: free envelope will not adhere to the body, and the baby will be cold.

Varieties fillers

It is not necessary for the weather to warm the baby, for example, in the autumn of wear winter envelope. Toddlers poor thermoregulation, so overheating may occur.

  • For cold weather - 15 - 20 0C suit feather filler or warm the envelope on a sheepskin.
  • At temperatures up to - 15 0C and baby will warm sintepon sintepuh. The advantage of non-natural fillers - they are hypoallergenic.
  • As demi options at -10 0C temperature recommended model of insulated polyester.


washing conditions dictate the type of filler. Warm polyester can be washed at low temperatures in the machine, and requires only a fluff dry cleaning.

Practical advice

  1. We recommend that you choose a model with a hood envelopes. To avoid passing cold air, better to prefer fastening hoods, on the edge of which passes gum.
  2. If the envelope with sleeves, then additionally require mittens.

Alternative gloves - Model with closed handlesAlternative gloves - Model with closed handles

Alternative gloves - Model with closed handles

  1. Envelope constrains movement the baby and, in fact,It replaces the diaper. Coverall also limits mobility, but only slightly. And when choosing a transformer child can take a walk in the stroller, and when he wakes up, to make out of the envelope and give jumpsuit baby for a walk with their feet.


For the little ones will be the best optionenvelope, as it is easier to put the child. The suit hands and feet should be positioned comfortably in separate cells, so wear it longer and harder.

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