Children under one year

That should be able child per year

That should be able child per year

Table of contents:

  1. How to accustom to the pot
  2. Freedom of movement
  3. Teeth
  4. Basic skills

So ended the first year of life your baby. Year - an important turning point in the life of a child. Is not it time passed very quickly? The child in that time learned a lot. Never again, he will not develop so actively. Never will delight you every day with new skills. The child has a large weighs three times more than at birth and grew up to 70-80 cm In subsequent months, the child will not be so fast to grow and gain weight..

How to accustom to the pot

A child on the pot

A child on the pot

Many parents start to a year to teach a child topot. And rightly so, because the child already understands everything and can easily acquire a new skill. Buy a pot early, let him get used to this subject and finds its purpose.

Teach a child to the pot, patience andtry to find out what time the baby used to going to the toilet. Usually children somehow warn of impending "catastrophe": they begin to groan, heave, freeze. At this point, you need to sit the child on the potty. If fifteen minutes sitting on the pot to nothing lead, and rising from the pot kid "thought up", you need to be patient, not to put pressure on the child and not to scream at him - it can cause a psychological block, and the child would refuse to sit on the pot, thinking, that this will be punished. Do not make the wrong associations. It is better to draw attention of the child to a positive result. Praise him when he did the right thing.

Prerequisite fast toilet traininga rejection of the diapers. When the diapers are removed, the child becomes more comfortable, he is now relieved of bulky pants and relieved. The only thing that will cause him inconvenience - it's wet pants. Over time, the kid will understand why he put on a pot, and will use it yourself or ask to be first on the pot. At the intermediate stage is likely to be variable success. In some cases, the child will go to pot, in some - is lazy. Do not be amiss to cover upholstered furniture with polyethylene to facilitate their cleaning, in case of "emergency".

Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement

Most likely, your child has already startedto walk, and maybe run around and climb the stairs. This is the most significant of the fact that a child should be able to have a year. The first steps are necessarily accompanied by setbacks, falls, so parents need to protect the child: to remove all foreign objects from the floor, close the sharp corners of furniture. Instability of the child's gait and curiosity, which is characteristic of children at this age can lead to injuries and other misunderstandings. Be sure to remove from the reach of children, and better still further, all the things that you value, that the child can not accidentally break, for example, donated by his mother vase or break your favorite book.

When children start to walk they oftenvarious deviations occur, for example, clubfoot. If you notice this disease or note that the child walks on tiptoes - address to experts.


Teeth per year
Teeth per year

More often than not, in the year the child can boast 8-12teeth. However, there are cases that the first teeth appear later, for example, ten months. There is nothing wrong with each child develops at their own calendar. To this affect not only the present circumstances, but also genetics. If mom or dad teeth were late, and the child, they will most likely was late. The milk teeth growth period is necessary to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. In the year of the child is required to give the lure, because of the milk it is not enough.

Basic skills

Basic skills of a baby in a year
Basic skills of a baby in a year
  1. Kid confidently responds to his name.
  2. He repeats all of the adults, and he likes it.
  3. If parents show a child smile or laugh, what they like, as a child, for example, kicks a ball, then he will definitely repeat this action to bring parents enjoy.
  4. Understands that it is something not allowed, accompanying said the word "can not."
  5. He may say a few words, includingdisyllabic. His vocabulary is likely to include the word "mom", "dad", perhaps "bi-bi" and other words lepetnye. And the kid can not just say the words, but also consciously relate them to the surrounding objects.
  6. He knows the name of family members and recognizes them in the face, saying the word "mom" and "dad", associates them with their parents. It stands out for its attention to mother and beloved relatives.
  7. In the year of the child can imitate the sounds that animals emit.
  8. The child already understands that he is loved, and shows his love. He knows how to kiss their relatives and pressed against him with emotion.
  9. Performs some teams consisting of simple phrases like "bring it", "let it."
  10. He can drink from a cup.
  11. It is worth noting the child's attention to the music, it can make it clear what kind of music he likes, and what I do not like.
  12. Many children have shown a tendency tocertain types of activity: some children may long to look at the book, flip through the pages, the other kids enthusiastically output intricate pencil scribbles on paper, some people like to assemble and disassemble toys, for example, to collect a pyramid of colored plastic rings.

Child in a year
Child in a year

At one year old child really wants to be likeparents and diligently trying to repeat everything that you do. Be careful that you do not inadvertently teach a child to any undesirable actions to wean him then it will be very difficult. Show your child new action schemes: how to put down the doll, roll machine, make mud pies - without your help the kid does not know about it.

The above skills - it is onlylist of the most common average. Your baby may not be able to everything that is written here, or, conversely, significantly ahead of its average development. The lag in the timing of the acquisition of skills does not mean that your baby is worse than others. Remember that the baby is not obliged to learn everything when you want it develops at their own pace.

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