What do you need from clothes newborn

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  1. Before the birth of the baby
  2. Home Baby Clothing
  3. Outdoor clothing for newborn

The birth of a baby - a unique event. And that's why young parents and grandparents, and friends of the family and next of kin try anything to give the perpetrator (or culprit) celebrations. And the first thing that comes to mind as a gift - a beautiful vest, sliders and other clothing that would seem absolutely necessary crumbs. But is this really true and what clothes you need a newborn really?

Before the birth of the baby

Preparation dowry baby

Preparation dowry baby

As long as the child is not born, it is not necessary to create ita walk-in closet. And it's not that you can jinx this important event. Just knowing the approximate height and weight of the baby after using ultrasound to guess a dress size is very problematic.

Therefore, the easiest way to restrict the initial minimum:

  1. Pampers BabyPampers BabyTwo or three undershirts for a newborn with "legs" (if at the last ultrasound was told that a large baby, tell the seller - most likely you will have to take the size of the "month" or even "two").
  2. Disposable diapers ( "diapers"), the size "1"(Infant) - take a small package, it is possible that this size diapers will not cope with the volume of your urine and you crumbs immediately after birth will have to buy the following package (size "2").
  3. Diapers - you need them in the first twoweeks, even if you plan to continue using only disposable diapers - diapers can be bought (and definitely thin, and warm), sew, or ask friends who have children already out of infancy.
  4. Envelope for discharge from the hospital - you'll need ityou during the cold season; if the child was born in the summer, we can restrict beautiful white flannel diaper, another child "cooked" during the journey home.
  5. A white cap - for discharge from the hospital; and a warm cap, if the child was born in the winter.

Home Baby Clothing

Home Baby Clothing

When you bring the baby, no specialextra things, except that you bought him before he was born, it is not required. The truth now you already know his height and weight, and will be able to more or less accurately pick vests for him. But do not forget to take into account the fact that, for example, breast-fed baby may gain in a month from 500 g to one and a half kilograms and, accordingly, quickly and grow up.

But what of the clothes you need for the newborn, as long as yousit with him at home and do not go for a walk on the street? Nothing special to you, in principle, not necessary. First of all, do not try to coddle the kid. Since most of his new life he spends in bed or on parents' hands, he needs only vest, diapers and diaper (it is necessary to swaddle crumbs, so that he fell asleep, do not wake yourself quivering handles).

The most comfortable temperature in the house fornewborn (if it is a healthy full-term baby) - 20-22 degrees. At this temperature in the room the baby may be all naked, and to cover his thin diaper is only when he is asleep.

If the room is warmer than 22 degrees, thencrumbs for the disposable diaper diaper rash may appear. Therefore, arrange baby golenkomu air baths after each change of "diapers" for 15-20 minutes.

Outdoor clothing for newborn

Street clothes newborn
Street clothes newborn

To go with the crumbs on the long walkIt is only a month (especially if the street is not too warm). Do not walk with a newborn in cold or rainy days (it will freeze quickly, even in a warm blanket), as well as heat (a pipsqueak will overheat and then sluggish and moody). The optimum temperature for the walk from 5 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Nor should we go for a walk with the babyimmediately after his birth. Firstly, it is absolutely not necessary (it is only interested in her mother's arms and her cozy delicious milk), and secondly, after the birth mother should be properly restored. Instead of walking, you can just open the window at home, and the baby wrapped in a warm blanket (if outdoor winter) or left lying naked (in a diaper) in the crib in the summer.

Knitted jumpsuit for kid
Knitted jumpsuit for kid

In winter, it is necessary for street walks newbornbuy the appropriate size Sliders on the straps (they may be a little high for the length of the legs, but it does not matter, because the crumb is not yet walking). To buy sliders warm baby's undershirt with "legs" as the baby may want to talk handles. But with the acquisition of the warm winter suit will have to wait a couple of months. Monthly crumbs can be taken out for a walk in the "envelope" in which you take him from the hospital. And do not forget the thin cap and a warm hat.

On a hot summer for walks thin undershirts are perfect. Feet baby can be left naked and cover their thin diaper (but usually pipsqueak quickly get rid of it, kicking his legs).

And do not forget to cover the stroller while walking from prying eyes using a special mesh or a piece of tulle.

What do you need from clothes newborn
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