Helptomama always there

Helptomama always there

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  1. Correctly chosen diet - a pledge baby health
  2. Shopping fun

Birth of a child - an important event for eachfamilies. Along with joy to the house of the young parents come many pleasant chores. We must do everything: to feed, bathe, clothe, bring to the baby walk and sing him a lullaby at bedtime. In the whirlwind of important things do not always have time to visit the shops to buy the necessary things. For a child to grow up healthy and developed normally, parents should take care of the purchase of various items that can help in taking care of the crumbs to diversify its food and entertainment.

Internet supermarket HelptoMama - the best helperModern moms and dads. When there is no desire or strength to wander through the shops of the city, rescue this virtual marketplace. Among the wide range of proposals it easy to find high-quality mix, diapers, comfortable strollers, chairs for children, cots, clothes, shoes, toys and much more.

Correctly chosen diet - a pledge baby health

The most valuable food for the newborn -mother's milk, but not every woman is due to various reasons can breastfeed her child. Then come to the aid of high-quality customized mixture, replacing mother's milk. Some children need special mixture that can be purchased from the online supermarket. It is important that suitable for the child's food took a neonatologist or pediatrician allowing for the health of the crumbs. Antireflux, lactose-free and contain a mixture of prebiotics are specialized. There is also a special food for premature babies who are born before 37 weeks.

Shopping fun

Courier delivery

Courier delivery

Virtual supermarket HelptoMama - irreplaceableAssistant modern parents. Buy it easy and convenient. Necessary items should be put in a virtual shopping cart. Supermarket operators, if necessary, help with the selection, will talk about the rules of operation of the various devices for kids.

Delivery of orders by courier tobranded car. Regular customers are awarded special bonuses that can be redeemed to pay 15% of the cost of your next purchase. You can use various calculation, including moms and dads can select the optimum.

All products are implemented quality, has the necessary certificates of conformity.

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