How to choose a bra for feeding

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  1. What are the requirements it must meet
  2. Where to buy a bra and how to guess its size?

A young woman, barely knowing about her pregnancy,begins to think, what kind of clothes, shoes and toilet items she will need to properly nurture and nourish the unborn child. On the advice of gynecologists, choose a bra for feeding the need for a couple of weeks before birth, when the breasts will get the true size. This is about 36-38 weeks of gestation.

What are the requirements it must meet

What should be a bra

What should be a bra

  1. Convenience. His cut, material quality and hygiene should be such that it was comfortable to feed your baby, as well as a rest or do household chores.
  2. Sufficient width of the straps. Narrow straps cause discomfort, cutting into the skin nursing moms. Wide and comfortable shoulder straps support the breasts nalivshuyusya retain its shape and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
  3. Bra cups for feeding should be easy to open, it was convenient to the mother to feed the crumbs, without removing the part of the laundry.
  4. Choosing a nursing bra, you need to pay attention to how the open cup. There are several ways:
  • If a cup of detachable top, it mayopen the nipple or breast completely. The second type is preferable as mother and child contact - important and useful component of their communication.
  • Models with zipper, chest completely liberating must have valves that prevent pinching of the skin of the breast.
  • On the inner surface of the cup should beseams. The most hygienic considered soft, pleasant to touch the cup. Models with sutures is recommended to avoid, especially those with a seam passes through gentle nipple line, which during feeding is easily injured.
  • Inserts in braInserts in braThe volume of bra cups for feeding shouldcontain other than breast special pads that absorb leaking milk. The high-quality products, there pocket, firmly fixing a gasket and do not let it fall out.
  • Specific requirements for the material ofwhich made nursing bra: hypoallergenic and air-tightness, in addition, it should be easy to miss the moisture and does not irritate the skin. All of these criteria are met, cotton products. But they have one major drawback: quite a few washings so that they have lost the form. Today nursing bra can be made with 5-10 percentage of synthetic materials (polyamide, elastane, etc.) that are easy to wash, dry quickly and keep their original attractive appearance. You can also find on sale elastic synthetic cotton bras with cups. If you choose a model without cotton inserts, be sure to use the pads for the breast milk of natural fabrics.
  • Form tops for bras ideal for sleeping. They support the chest at night, when the milk, and retain its shape rapidly produced.
  • Nursing bra must not have any rigid structures, including seed!
  • The correct bra for large breasts size significantly reduces the load on the spine and prevents fatigue and aching pain in the back.
  • Where to buy a bra and how to guess its size?

    Selection of Nursing Bra
    Selection of Nursing Bra

    The main condition for a proper choice of this device -he has nice encircle and support the breasts poured, in any case, do not pinch or squeeze it, as this could lead to stagnation and disappearance ( "burn") milk. Bra made of elastic fabric can be purchased and worn as before birth and after. A cotton bras with cups chosen strictly after the birth of crumbs, otherwise there is a risk to make a mistake with the size. How to define it? Easily!

    Measure body circumference measuring tape underbreast, then measure the chest at the most convex points (completeness cups). Subtract the result from the second and first get a standard size by which any seller will choose an appropriate bra. Marking A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H is the difference in cm girths: 13-15-17-19-21-23-25-27. That is the size of A assumes the value of 13 cm, H - 27.

    Comfort Nursing Bra
    Comfort Nursing Bra

    A wide range of bras for feedingeasy to find in stores for pregnant women, specialized children's stores, some pharmacies. When buying in the markets and in the shops there is a risk not to guess the size of the purchased items without trying them. Bras should be given preference for feeding the baby from the tried and trusted manufacturers whose quality meets all requirements.

    Buying bras for feeding, you mustwe consider that they should be washed frequently. Therefore, the minimum amount of such products should be two or three. One - wear, the second - wash or dry them, and the third - for the "emergency" cases.

    Bra with floral print
    Bra with floral print

    In this article, you learned how to choose a brafeeding. Today one can find attractive options not only monochrome models of bras, but also models with a bright floral print, geometric pattern. There are romantic styles with lace and ruffles.

    How to choose a bra for feeding
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