How to make dill water for newborn

How to make dill water for newborn

Table of contents:

  1. For some useful dill water
  2. The procedure for the preparation of
  3. Recommendations for Admission
  4. The negative side of dill water
  5. A few tips and tricks

After birth, the gastrointestinal tract eachthe baby begins to actively adapt to the digestive system, or a mixture of breast milk. The result of this process - the appearance of intestinal colic, which is the cause of flatulence and bloating.intestinal colic often occur during ingestion orimmediately afterwards. The child begins to draw in the legs and strong cry. Alleviate suffering baby can through natural bowel movements and gas output. Any mom wants to somehow help their child. Correct this situation can using the time-tested tool - dill water.

For some useful dill water

Dill waterDill waterThe safest way to ease colica dill water for babies, which has been a lifesaver for our still babushek.Prezhde you start the application, it is better to consult the pediatrician, who can answer all your concerns: whether the newborn is useful dill water, how much it can be give and maybe even tell you how to cook dill water to the newborn.Note!Dill has nothing to do with healinginfusion, because its preparation is used fennel. The name got dill water because the fennel is often called "pharmacy dill." In general, it is the fennel, rather its seeds need to ensure that the cook dill water at home.If laziness or cook once, it is possibleready to use special infusion of fennel, the main advantage is the complete removal of the spasm, removing gases and elimination of colic. For moms dill water is no less useful: in addition to improving digestion and increase lactation, This infusion has sedative and anti-microbial properties.

The procedure for the preparation of

Preparation dill waterPreparation dill waterIn the event of colic baby starts to cry,pull legs to belly and push. The manifestation of symptoms characteristic for night time feeding period or immediately after nego.Prezhde deciding that the child needs dill water, you need to make sure that the behavior is not a symptom of another disease. In this matter, great blog can help in caring mother who wrote down the names of all foods eaten it before. If the diet crept spicy, or acidic foods causing flatulence, then dill water - it is just what you need. Figures of no small importance in this case are the frequency and the nature of the baby chair.Note!Often deal with the problem of the newborn digestive possible by means of correction food nursing mothers. Then the need for any additional means will disappear by itself.If the above were all tested andI tried, but the problem remains the same, you can proceed to the application of dill dill vody.Prigotovit water is not difficult, just need to have on hand needed, and most importantly, fresh ingredients: essential oil of fennel seeds and purified water. The proportion of 1: 1000 (oil in water). Storage of such a solution is only permitted in the refrigerator and not more than 1 month. Newborn baby is recommended to use only freshly prepared nastoya.Retsept dill water for the newborn:

  • crushed fennel fruit - 1 teaspoon;
  • boiling water (1 cup).

Insist need for half an hour, and forpercolation of the resulting solution used marlyu.Kak newborn will drink dill water, parents must decide. Babies usually enjoy new tastes and dill in the water, he still pleasant enough. If the baby is fed with a mixture of the bottle, then further discussion is useless - he also will drink from a bottle, and the infusion of fennel. If the mother is breastfeeding, then you will need a teaspoon. By the way, dill water may not be palatable to the child and he would regularly try to spit it out, then it is possible to dissolve it in the breast milk, or a mixture.

Recommendations for Admission

Admission dill waterAdmission dill waterReceiving any drug begins withthe lowest possible amount, and dill water is no exception. For the fennel characterized by allergic reactions, so start taking dill water should be 1 tsp. By gradually enlarge the volume can be achieved before feeding spoons 3-4, 2-3 times a den.Dannoe means will act in approximately fifteen minutes. Regarding the amount of dill water is better to consult with pediatrom.Kstati if fennel fruits search is not successful, then dill cooking water, you can use fresh dill. Greens need a good chop, and then pour boiling water on the basis of: 0.5 cups water 1 tablespoon dill. Insist need for half an hour.

The negative side of dill water

The action may be unpredictableThe action may be unpredictableParents should not forget that dill water - it is not a panacea, the effect is often short-lived or absent altogether.Note!Rarely, but still there is the opposite effect: dill water leads to the fact that the child begins to become swollen even more. In general, to find out what action will the infusion on the body of the newborn, can be found only after the reception.Dill water is not the only way to combat intestinal colic, so that there is no cause for the disorder.

A few tips and tricks

Tips for useTips for useBefore embarking on the preparation of the solutionat home, you need to make sure that your hands are clean and sterile utensils. This requires the presence of a newborn baby, whose immune system is still very much in doubt slabym.Esli that can do everything right, it is better to buy in the infusion prescription apteke.Esli after water has been drunk dill, the baby was not satisfied, but you We noticed that bowel movements become much more frequent and the nature of the chair has changed, it is unlikely that the cause is colic. It's time to run to the doctor.

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