How to wean a child biting

How to wean a child biting

Table of contents:

  1. Wean breast-biting baby
  2. Why bite the grown up child
  3. What to do if a child bites

As they grow older kid his parentsThey face many previously unknown problems. One of them could be the unusual behavior of the child, when he started to bite at home, in kindergarten or at the playground.

Very often, this phenomenon has to momface even at a younger age, when the baby first teeth erupt only. The fact that the perception of the world at the baby begins to test the taste of all items. It is not surprising that he tries to grab his teeth a new toy, father's cheek, the handle of his brother or sister. Although most suffering mother's breast during feeding.

If we imagine, like a little manitching gums when teething, it is impossible to be angry with him for this little prank. But to leave things like that, too, it is not recommended without attention. How to wean a child biting?

Wean breast-biting baby



First of all, you need to help him to relieve itchinggums that occurs when new teeth. For this special teethers are perfect, rings, rubber toys, etc. If all this does not give the desired effect, you can take advantage of special therapeutic agents that facilitate pain.

Note!Very often the kid just having fun and willing to look at my mother's reaction.

In this case, it is necessary to resolutely show theirdissatisfaction, you can even lightly slap him on the ass and say reproachfully, that to do so is prohibited. Be sure to subtract the chest briefly to the child understand that such behavior could deprive him of food. Many experienced parents are advised at the time of the bite for a few seconds to put the baby on the floor. Usually such measures are very effective and the child quickly realizes that he is doing something wrong.

It happens that the little man bitesinvoluntarily, when interested in something or falling asleep. In this case, it compresses the jaw reflex. Mom need to watch your child and just start guessing when this happens, to remove the breast and in time to avoid another bite.

Why bite the grown up child



Usually this problem takes place as soon asthe baby reaches the age of reason. However, some parents, on the contrary, was surprised to notice that a child aged 2-5 years again became to make something similar. For example, they are told that the baby bites in kindergarten, or they see it at home.

Consider the reasons for such behavior.

Lack of attention. The kid feels that parents have become lessgive him time. Perhaps the family has another child and elder feels jealousy. Since small children are not yet able to fully express their feelings with words, they find this other, not entirely successful ways.

Note!Bites can signal to parents that the baby is experiencing some negative emotion, he suffers and requires more care and love.

Features of temperament. The child simply hyperactive, he does not know and can not adequately splash out the accumulated energy. With biting toddler expresses strong emotions: joy, anger, pain, hurt, anger, excitement, etc.

Copying the behavior of other children. Maybe your kid somewhere saw itpeer thus trying to demonstrate his own leadership. For example, he could bite an opponent and take away a toy or a way to respond to aggression. In this case, the child just unconsciously repeating this behavior.

What to do if a child bites



  • If this behavior is caused by jealousy orthe unfavorable situation in the family, try to do as much as possible for the child to feel secure and loved. If the bite is still occurred, do not yell at the child and try to gently and without much emotion to explain to him that he is wrong. You must not blame the smallest Kusaka, namely it is not a good thing.
  • If your baby is very active and emotional needtry to calm it with a smooth and measured activities: drawing, sculpting from clay, collecting puzzles, designers, puzzle making, etc.
  • If a child, on the contrary, not enough activitytry as much as possible to hold him all sorts of outdoor games and outdoor activities. The swimming pool, play football, run, ride a bicycle, rollers, etc. In general, your parents' task - to make sure that the baby does not have physical strength left to mischief.

Reading fairy tales

Reading fairy talesNote!A good therapeutic effect is given tales and stories that you can come up with themselves.

The main plot of these stories is that,that some animals behave very badly and biting each other, so they quarreled among themselves. When they made it up, they decided never to hurt each other, and do not bite, and began to play all the time together.

Seeing that the child tries again someonebite or he has already done, you need to gently put his hand to his mouth and said in a calm voice, so do not be that the man whom the child is trying to hurt, really hurt, and it should be pitied.

Usually this problem takes place as the child grows. Taking into account the above recommendations, the baby can be quite easy to wean from this unpleasant habit.

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