What to do if a child has colic

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  1. The causes of colic
  2. Preventing colic
  3. colic treatment

Intestinal colic in newborns - rathera serious problem for all new parents. Seeing the incredible suffering of her baby, mothers and fathers tend to do everything possible to alleviate his condition.

Colic - is the result of accumulation of gases in theflanked by an immature child's stomach. It is absolutely natural process, which occurs in most newborn infants due to immaturity of the digestive tract. They start around the first 2-3 weeks of life, and stop in three or four months, when his body will end the initial acquaintance with the more adult food and little adapted to the new environment.

The causes of colic

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

Consider the most common causes of colic.

  • An unbalanced diet mother, if the childreceives breast milk as the main source of food. There are a number of products that enhance the process of gasification in the stomach of the baby. These include all beans, cabbage, carbonated drinks, grapes, black bread, and others. It is advisable to take more responsibility for their nutrition in the first months of your baby's life. Young mother should observe that from her diet causes the baby colic and temporarily exclude these products.

Dairy mixture
Dairy mixture
  • Incorrectly matched mixture if the childIt is bottle-fed. Often it happens that colic is caused by entering into the composition of some mixtures of palm oil. Try several options to try mixes and make your choice on the one that least harm to your child.
  • Improper feeding. Often, due to an incorrect initiation of breastfeeding the baby swallows the milk with a lot of excess air, because of what is happening, and his bowel disorder. I am sure that the baby is captured not only the nipple and most of the areola. We need to try for the first time to give the baby the breast as soon as he asked her to avoid his screaming. After all, starting to cry, he can swallow excess air. In addition, a hungry baby will start very quickly and greedily suck, which will also lead to excessive gassing.

Preventing colic

Massage and gymnastics
Massage and gymnastics

To avoid the occurrence of colic, it is necessary to carry out simple procedures.

Note!Very good gym helps.

Here are a few simple exercises.

  • How can often lay the baby on his tummy and strokes on the back. Of course, this should be done not on a full stomach.
  • It is necessary to put the baby on his back and his legs bent at the knees, bringing them to the chest baby.
  • You can stroke the baby's stomach in a clockwise direction or from top to bottom.

After feeding, be sure to push the child to a "column", giving it a vertical position. So he can belch the excess air.

A warm bath also helps to prevent the occurrence of bloating the child. Well to the heated diaper to be put on the baby's tummy.

Communicating with your baby

Communicating with your baby

It is desirable as a contact with the child much as possible, so that he felt the caring and gentle touch of a mother and calmed down.

Note!It is noticed that colic is most often exposed to troubled children and kids in families with a strained emotional background.

More to wear baby in your arms, sing him nursery rhymes, whisper sweet words - so the child feels loved and protected.

colic treatment

Dill water from colic

Dill water from colic

What to do if a child has colic? If you have not helped agents described above have Popo baby herbal teas such as fennel or dill. You can make them yourself, and you can buy a ready-made collection. However, not all the kids agree to drink such waters.

If you do not want to use folk remedies, can be purchased at the pharmacy drugs, avoid colic.

Preparations from colic

Preparations from colic

  1. Espumizan. Effective thanks to its compositionsimethicone substance. Well it eliminates flatulence in the baby. Assign Espumizan 25 drops several times a day. It can be diluted with water to make it easier for the child to accept it. However, not all of it helps. We must try, maybe your kid it will fit.
  2. Bobotik. Good tool, but pediatricians do not recommendtake it before 28 days from the date of birth of the child. It acts also thanks to simethicone. Dose - 8 drops, may be given up to 4 times a day.
  3. Plantex. In this preparation include plant substances. It is allowed to use from the very birth of the child, but only after consultation with the pediatrician. The drug is packaged in sachets. Sachet is to be dissolved in water, boiled or pretreated.

Helping a child with colic in the stomach enoughjust. The main thing is to pick a recipe that suits your child. Remember that most often it is just a natural process of development of the baby. Try to create a favorable home environment of love and understanding, and then the child will be nervous shock is smaller and possibly colic will also remain in the past.

What to do if a child has colic
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