What should be the chair of the newborn

What should be the chair of the newborn

Table of contents:

  1. Meconium or original cal
  2. transition chair
  3. Chair newborn crumbs breastfed
  4. A chair with a newborn artificial feeding
  5. Digestive problems: diarrhea, or constipation in newborn

Joy of motherhood and pleasant chores duringnewborn care crumbs combined with curiosity and feelings about diapers and their contents. It is known that the chair appeared on baby light is rightly called an indicator of health, as in his smell, texture, color and various impurities can determine the condition of the digestive system of the child and his well-being. Each mother is very important to know what should be the chair of the newborn, in time to detect possible pathology in children of tender age: dysbiosis and various intestinal infections.

Meconium or original cal

Chair immediately after birth

Chair immediately after birth

The first stool after birth there is a babyfor twelve hours, his appearance is very specific - almost black viscous mass (which resembles motor oil), with a greenish-olive tinge, odorless. Accumulating it in the period of intrauterine life of the fetus due to various products of the body of a small business. Call this chair, because of origin, original feces or meconium. Its capacity is, on average, 50-100g. It cleanses the intestines of the baby of the mass within 1-3 days.

transition chair

Transient neonatal chair
Transient neonatal chair

From the second to fourth days old newborn baby begins to form a full chair depending on the type of feeding him.

Note!Chair newborn breastfed markedly different from the feces-bottle-baby.

First, babies who are fed mothermilk emptied from 6 to 8 times a day, that is, after each feeding. While children, whose diet consists of mixtures of purified intestine only 1-2 times a day.

Character chair newborn crumbs in this periodunstable. He may have a non-uniform consistency, include excessive fluid mucus lumps and uneven coloring: areas with dark green tint can alternate with yellowish-green or whitish mass. During this period, the initial colonization of the intestinal microflora of the child as at the birth of this body is considered to be sterile. Microorganisms trapped in the intestinal mucosa of the milk and the environment, causing an inflammatory reaction, which takes place on their own.

Transitional Stool - the result of active processingbreast milk or formula. He even includes the remnants of meconium, but gets further pasty consistency yellowish similar to diluted boiled egg yolk or contains brownish blotches characteristic of the baby-bottle-. The smell of a newborn baby chair, sour, resembling cottage cheese. The color of the chair in newborns, feeding mixtures, dark brown, the smell is putrid shade and consistency of bowel movements akin to a thick slurry.

Chair newborn crumbs breastfed

Chair baby breastfeeding

Chair baby breastfeeding

In infants fed exclusively mothermilk, fecal feces are yellow or mustard-colored with different shades. Consistency creamy, it may resemble the cream and contain small granular inclusions. Stool frequency and nature of each individual baby, but pediatricians advise mums to closely monitor that the process was not accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations: swelling or excessive flatulence. Chair Babies who are breastfed, fully depends on the diet nursing mothers. Any foods, eaten by accident, can harm even a very weak intestinal microflora crumbs. Green clots in stool baby are often the result of poor nutrition during lactation moms that can cause digestive disorders in infants.

Note!If the baby chair is bright green or begins to foam, the experts explain this poor attachment to the breast.

In this case, the child receives the excess"Front" mother's milk, which has a low caloric value. Fat milk - "back" is not available to him if he is not completely empties the breast. Pediatricians recommend to start feeding the baby with the breast that feeds the previous time. In addition, monitor your child sucked milk from your breasts completely, before feeding it the next feeding. Proper feeding newborn normalizes his chair.

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