Fashion accessories for women 2016

Fashion accessories for women 2016

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  1. ornamentation
  2. Scarves and boas
  3. Belts and straps
  4. Other accessories
  5. A photo

Each year, the trend in the use of accessoriesvary slightly, depending on which direction the fashion prevails. This year accessories like never varied, but can be identified and the main traits of the entire decor: large ornaments of metal and stone, the triumphant return of the long-forgotten brooches, a wide variety of scarves, fur trim, long gloves made of suede and snakeskin, style hats 70s and more drugoe.V whole fashion accessories for women in 2016 is quite eclectic and offer a large space of imagination, allowing you to choose the most relevant thing for the individual image.


This season, designers offer a lot of new jewelry, and returned to the fashion trends of the past few years.Earrings. As for earrings, here there is a lot of directions.

  1. For example, it becomes fashionable wearing onelarge (or very large) earrings (can be seen on the show Alexander McQueen) It was incredibly fashionable in the 80s and maybe this way of wearing jewelry is delayed for a long time. We can assume that after the single earring back into fashion asymmetrical cut and trim details, as well as the same haircut that was true in the same 80.
  2. If you want to be more than the ordinary, choose two earrings, but different and, of course, large, like Lanvin and Missoni. However, there will be massive fashion earrings retro and Sverdlin earringsOn the shoulders. Such, for example, introduced the Giorgio Armani.
  3. Women can decorate the ears and stylized orange or lemon earrings, like Dolce & Gabbana or flowers, like Carolina Herrera.
  4. Go back into fashion and clips. This is the same bright, memorable decorations. Sometimes it may be in the form of animals.

The larger the stone, the betterThe larger the stone, the betterA single earringA single earringEdible earringsEdible earringsBrooches. After decades of oblivion and back into fashiona variety of brooches. In the season 2016, they shocked their size or number. Brooches are used as decorative elements, or to fix the details of clothing, such as draperies or belts. The motives of these ornaments can be varied - from the flowers and leaves to the strict geometric shapes.Note!In a fashion imitation vintage jewelry, awards and medals.Brooch in the form of ordersBrooch in the form of ordersSet of earrings, necklaces and broochesSet of earrings, necklaces and broochesBrooch flowerBrooch flowerNecklace. A variety of fashion accessories include a variety of new necklace and necklaces. Their distinguishing feature - a large and active use of various metals.

  1. It can be used ethnic, particularly African-American theme, the hallmark of which is the use of beads, multi-layered, and a riot of kaleidoscopic colors.
  2. Active plant motifs are used - fruit, floral.

Here it is worth mentioning, and pendants. With regard to size, then you have the right to choose or large or small decorations, but the designers still remain in the general trend and offer plenty of bold decisions.chokers 2016chokers 2016Necklace and earrings in ethnic styleNecklace and earrings in ethnic stylePendants on long chainsPendants on long chainsLarge necklacesLarge necklacesBracelets. With bracelets this season overdo difficult but rather impossible.

  1. First, like all the decorations in 2016 season, bracelets should be large, even massive.
  2. Wearing them may be not only one but several pieces.
  3. At the peak of popularity of bracelets with beads - fromplastic, imitation pearls, especially fur. Generally fur this year will be a lot, not only in outer clothing, hats, shoes and bags. Fur is decorated with a variety of different accessories - such as bracelets, necklaces, hats and even earrings.
  4. Returns fashion for wearing ankle bracelets. Proponents of this method of wearing jewelry can breathe a sigh of relief - this year they will be trendy. Wearing bracelets can be both with shoes and a beach shoes, even sneakers were no exception.

Bracelets must be visible on the handBracelets must be visible on the handTrendy pearl braceletTrendy pearl braceletMetal carved braceletMetal carved braceletRings. massive and large trend also affected ringsThat, however, it is logical. As bracelets, and can be worn either on one arm, but in this case the ring must be sverhobemnym and several pieces on one hand - at least for each finger. This bright, amazing imagination unusual shape of the ring, often richly decorated with stones that can be said with certainty, will not go unnoticed.Wide ringWide ringWith regard to materials and textures used injewelry, it should be noted that especially pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, beads of various sizes, having both polished and rough surface of the beads. Many collections are found in metal jewelry, plastic, textiles and fur. There is a predominance of geometric forms.Note!A popular motif are brushes, they are decorated with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even belt. Brushes can be made of thin filaments or threads.

Scarves and boas

Particular attention BoasParticular attention BoasIn place of last year's volume and hobbieswide scarves came thin and elegant scarves delicate fabrics and fur craze. Especially popular with fashion designers in 2016 are fur boas, which are also unusual - draping over one shoulder and fixing belt. It turns stylish and extraordinary. Scarves are often as it did in the past century gentlemen - they wrapped the neck and fix beautiful knot or bow. These look beautiful scarves and a jacket with a blouse cut, but particularly attractive with things that have a large cutout neckline or bare shoulders. Another option - a scarf that looks like a stand-up collar, which emphasizes open collarbone.Lightweight scarvesLightweight scarves

Belts and straps

For those women who want to showits perfect shape and perfect figure, fashion new season has in store many variations of belts and straps. In almost all the fashion styles, options and sizes - from extra-wide obi to cowboy belts with massive buckles cast. Belts can be made of fabric, leather, suede, or synthetic materials, but the only thing that is required of them the design of the new season - it's unpretentious neordinarnost.Skuchnye straps, which perform exclusively their immediate task of "maintaining the pants" thing of the past, is now in vogue creative ideas and talent of their implementation.Belts for every tasteBelts for every tasteBelts can be made from different materialsBelts can be made from different materialscolored beltscolored belts

Other accessories

The trend bag of crocodile skin and snakeThe trend bag of crocodile skin and snakeLeather Products. There was a place on the podium and chic accessoriesreptile skin. It may be, for example, long gloves, handbag or even a bracelet. You should choose the crocodile and ostrich leather, python skin, snakes and lizards.Designers presented interesting hair ornamentsDesigners presented interesting hair ornamentsHair accessories. Designers this season is particularly taken care of hair beauty. For example, it is worth noting the remarkable metal jewelry, hair clips, headbands made of cloth, plastic, metal.Glasses with a massive rimGlasses with a massive rimPoints. With increasing amounts of sunny daysincredible popularity start to use sunglasses. In the 2016 season, fashion sunglasses can be both inconspicuous design and flashy, on the verge of shocking, generously studded with rhinestones, bright, unusual shapes.Round the clock in the vintage styleRound the clock in the vintage styleClock. Opening in 2016 as an accessoryWe attended many shows. Of particular note is the clock round shape, and a truncated oval, which were presented at shows Versace and Ralph Lauren.V general we can say that the 2016 season promises to be not dull and gives fashionistas lots of new ideas and new things beautiful.

A photo

Flower EarringsFlower EarringsThe major fashion jewelryThe major fashion jewelryJewelry with stonesJewelry with stonesDecorating for one earDecorating for one earEar-trianglesEar-trianglesEarrings with big pearlsEarrings with big pearlsMiu Miu EarringsMiu Miu EarringsEarrings with pearlsEarrings with pearlsLong one ear earringLong one ear earringEarrings 2016Earrings 2016There is a place extravagant decorationsThere is a place extravagant decorationsMassive chokerMassive chokerThe ring with large stoneThe ring with large stoneJewellery from pearlsJewellery from pearlsA new wave of popularity of broochesA new wave of popularity of broochesBrooches, similar to OrderBrooches, similar to OrderBrooches lapelBrooches lapellarge broochlarge broochBrooch-locketBrooch-locketBrooch of the beads and pearlsBrooch of the beads and pearlsFashion belts 2016Fashion belts 2016In vogue wide beltsIn vogue wide beltsFashion watch and ringFashion watch and ringSemi-elliptic watch Ralph LaurenSemi-elliptic watch Ralph LaurenWith the color of glasses you can experimentWith the color of glasses you can experiment

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