Hublot Watches

Hublot Watches

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  1. History
  2. Distinctive features
  3. Collections
  4. Protection against forgery

If you are going to buy luxury watches,pay attention to the Swiss firm Hublot. Compared with other Swiss companies, the company has a long history - it exists only 35 years old. But, I must say that it does not detract from its merits.


His first watch company founder Carlo CroccoIt established in 1967, and only in 1980 he opened his own firm, which begin to be made Hublot watches. Since 1975, the watchmaker develops its own technology, the result of which became the world's first watch of gold with rubber strap.

Since 2004, began producing watches that combinesimultaneously two materials, for example, rose gold and tantalum, titanium, magnesium, gold and ceramics. The concept of "merger" was a successful marketing ploy.

In 2005, the first collection of watches have been issued«Big Bang», which had a resounding success. I must say that the interest in this collection are not abated yet. Seeing this watch once, it is difficult to remain indifferent.

Distinctive features

The strap is made of rubber

The strap is made of rubber

Perfection knows no boundaries. The watch brand Hublot surprisingly organically intertwined luxury and concise, avant-garde and classic. Inspired by the minimalist features of the ship's porthole, attached by 12 titanium screws, Crocco managed to create a watch that excited the most sophisticated and demanding connoisseurs. Watches Hublot - this rubber strap with vanilla scent, precious stones on the dial and case, wide range of colors, including both classic low-key colors, unusual and vibrant shades. To get a real pleasure, it is worth to buy Hublot watches and appreciated them.


Hublot All house consists of six collections of hours of original design.

King PowerKing Power

King Power - a watch with a rather large sizedial. They are characterized by a combination of traditional materials with avant-garde. Issue hours often confined to any sporting events or topics. Decorating the body is diverse, often used by precious stones.

Big BangBig Bang

Big Bang - This collection is particularlypopular with dignitaries, celebrities, sports stars. It is in this collection combines the seemingly incongruous materials, such as ceramics and gold, carbon and titanium.

Classic FusionClassic Fusion

Classic Fusion. It features a classic design, calm, as, indeed, the name of the collection. smooth body lines, smooth. Watches in this collection emphasize the elegance of the owner.

Aero BangAero Bang

Aero Bang. The collection stands out exceptionally stylish design and precision self-winding mechanisms.

Tutti FruttiTutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti. Flirtatious title fully reflects the nature of the collection. The color scheme is very diverse. Watchbands are made of rubber or alligator.


Tourbillon. "Whirlwind" - so translates the name of the collection. This watch has a protective influence of gravitational force - Tourbillon function. It is now the creation of this fantastic art.

Protection against forgery

Since 2009, the company has developedhigh-tech protection against counterfeiting of their products - SmartCard. Buying Watches Hublot, the client becomes the owner of the smart card, which is a kind of electronic certificate of quality assurance. With the help of the card becomes feasible privileged access to the company website, where it is possible to obtain more information.

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