What is the charm of inexpensive jewelry and how to choose them

What is the charm of inexpensive jewelry and how to choose them

Traditional symbols of luxury and prestige to departPast: range rings, strands of tangled chains and hefty earrings from red gold does not look expensive, and provincially. Progressive masters insist on the use of inexpensive materials, the cost of which compensate for interesting design solutions. Look at them closely and you will see that the jewelry deserves your attention.

Unobtrusive and moderation - the main principlessuccessful choice. This does not mean that the decorations should be invisible: on the contrary, massive in fashion again. However, remember that if you put a sufficient marker accessory, other details should be very concise. Shiny ornaments suggest discreet outfit in pastel colors. The advantage of products from opaque materials that they can equally well be combined with sophisticated and deliberately simple silhouettes, textures, scales.

Stylish jewelry jewelry

Stylish jewelry jewelry

The original bracelet of gilded metalThe original bracelet of gilded metal

Necklace from artificial turquoiseNecklace from artificial turquoise

Long earrings ringsLong earrings rings

Beauty jewelry depends not only on price,but on the originality. Although enduring classics such as pearl necklaces à la Chanel is still urgent, think about other jewelry options that you can find in Shopsy directories. Among them:

  • Diptychs, triptychs and rings;
  • Chokers with animalistic and plant motifs (but remember that necklace with a dragon can wear only a devoted fan of "Game of Thrones");
  • necklace-collars;
  • fancy hair accessories such as combs and barrettes in graceful style of the Victorian era;
  • ensembles from various brooches;
  • sophisticated decoration of pearls both natural and synthetic (this is not a plastic imitation, but of farmed pearls);
  • long earrings with non-standard forms.

For lovers of original accessoriesFor lovers of original accessories

Fashion jewelry for season 2016

Today more than ever popular contrasts -a combination of large and miniature forms, neutral and bright material, "cold" and "warm" invoices. For example, it may be a chain with two pendants heterogeneous, steel choker with enamel plates or metal bracelet, complete with leather or wooden fragments.

The girls, who tend to be refinedfeminine look, designers offer elegant decoration, made of weightless metal "lace". For those who like eclectic, like product in the style of boho bohemian and vintage accessories from enamel, brass, ceramic beads. If you prefer minimalism, note the wide bracelets and rings with strong geometric lines. The lack of spare parts will only benefit - such ornaments are universal and attract the eye due to its primitivism.

Actual minimalist jewelry jewelryActual minimalist jewelry jewelry

Laconic metal jewelryLaconic metal jewelry

Fashion jewelery with geometric shapesFashion jewelery with geometric shapes

In addition, there are three unconditional this seasonfavorite - overall pendants with a fancy design, metal products with engraving and embossing, as well as unobtrusive filigree jewelry for those who do not like overly flashy accents. Choose what you closer to your personal style - in fact the only way you will feel fully comfortable and attractive.

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