How to choose a bathrobe

How to choose a bathrobe

Table of contents:

  1. Style and length
  2. The appearance and structure of the fabric
  3. Colour and size

Among the elements of the home of the wardrobe,associated with comfort for a long time took a strong position bathrobe terry cloth. Indeed, it is the most suitable and nice clothes for a comfortable passive leisure. It nice to relax on the couch in the cool evening, convenient to drink tea in the bath, it is easy to throw on the wet body after a bath.

Looking after yourself like bathrobe, you need to consider exactly where it will have to wear.

Style and length



When choosing a style bathrobe determiningfactor is its length. The long robe is unlikely to be convenient to do household chores everyday. This option is best reserved for a relaxing holiday in an easy chair in front of the TV or with a book in his hands. But in a massage parlor or a spa treatment, in the bath, the sauna or in the pool will be appropriate bathrobe medium length or very short. Its floors are not to be confused in the legs when walking, while at the same time, it will retain the necessary heat. In addition, it takes up less space in a field bag.

If it is assumed that the gown will be wornonly after water treatment, you should choose a model with a hood. He would give the owner of a sporty look, warm and dry damp hair. Hooded, as a rule, are sewn children's bath robe.

Traditional cut for the bathrobe -original kimonos. But the robe with the smell and the belt is not really suitable for active movement and work at home. For this purpose, better to choose a rather short coat with buttons or a zipper. However, in the latter case it would have to be especially careful when washing: metallic accessories can cling loops and spoil the product. Before washing, it is necessary to fasten the zipper.

Guided by considerations of practicality and functionality, it is necessary to opt for gowns with pockets and long sleeves with three-quarters.

The appearance and structure of the fabric


For bathrobe main indicators of itsQuality is its softness and fluffiness. Cloth "terry", as it sounds in the French version, is characterized by its density, which depends on the distribution of per square meter of filament loops. If they are not more than 350 grams, then coat the fabric will be easy, but more friable. If more than 450 grams, the robe is dense, heavy and bulky, but durable to wear. The most optimal tissue - average density. Products are practical and pleasant to the touch.

Another characteristic of the terry cloth - weavingtextile fibers. It can be single, double, woven and non-woven. Upon closer inspection it can be determined independently. Single and untwisted loop fabric attach the ease of it so often sew gowns for children. But it is not very durable, and easy to pull the loop, accidentally hooking. This gown will quickly lose appearance.

Before buying a bathrobe, especially when,when you can not hold it in your hand (for example, in online stores), it is worth a closer look at the composition of the tissue. For the body to breathe, priority should be given to natural fabrics: cotton, bamboo. They do not cause allergies, and even bamboo has antibacterial properties, which is very useful for clothing, direct contact with human skin.

Especially good gowns made of cotton and bambooEspecially good gowns made of cotton and bamboo

The admixture of synthetic fibers is permitted. It even gives the robe extra softness and attractive gloss, but under one condition: that its content should not exceed 20-25%. Excess synthetics does not give the body to breathe and negates all purpose bathrobe.

A valuable feature terry cloth - its highhygroscopic - it depends on the composition and length of the nap. Fabric with an excess of polyester can give a pleasant silky robe, but will reduce its ability to absorb moisture from the skin surface.

Poor cope with this task and a short nap. The most suitable length of the loop - about 5 mm. Most of them will weight the length robe, and it will be a long time to dry after washing.

Colour and size

Choosing to buy a bathrobe, is to hold your handby fluffy terry pile and pay attention to even the fabric color. The quality of good product manufacturer should not have even minimal flaws.

As for color, the choice is limitless. However, there are several standards. Completely white terry bathrobes option considered "unisex". They are equally suitable for both men and women. However, look at a few gowns are a government style. They are appropriate in a hotel room and in the pool, in the clinic and in the spa. At home it is difficult to maintain their perfect whiteness, and will please the eye more cheerful color.

Women's bathrobeWomen's bathrobe

Solid muted shades bathrobes, as well as classic striped, too, belong to the universal masculine and feminine colors.

You can not define the size of the mind thatbathrobes should be free, not hamper movement, not to swing open unnecessarily when walking. If there is any doubt about the size, the choice is doing towards greater.

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