How to choose a cardigan on the figure

How to choose a cardigan on the figure

Table of contents:

  1. Suitable to all
  2. So different
  3. How to visually correct shape
  4. Some general tips

Cardigan is one of the mostuniversal subjects of women's wardrobe. Today, you can find a huge variety of all kinds of styles and options like wearing. It is for this reason that women prefer cardigan corresponding own style and wear it in any season.

Suitable to all

The main advantage of Cardigan is thatit is ideal as a holiday dress and a classic trousers. If we compare the cardigan jackets, jumpers, and other things like that, it can rightly be called the most practical and easiest option womenswear. The main thing is to have the necessary skills to carry and cardigan combination with other things to make it beneficial to all stressed the dignity of the figure and hide flaws.

So different

It can be divided into several types depending on the purpose of cardigans.

In a style:

  • free;
  • fitting;
  • shortened;
  • long.

Cardigan without buttons

Cardigan without buttons

By appointment:

  • for everyday wear;
  • business activities;
  • for special occasions.

By way of manufacturing:

  • classic - here include wool and knitting patterns that do not have a collar and fastened along the entire length;
  • modern - miniature models of all fabrics with a variety of options for fasteners.

How to visually correct shape

Buy cardigan absolutely anywhereshop, as well as things you can buy at a discount if you use promo codes Wildberries. Selecting cardigan, do not forget about the main features of it - he is able to perfectly adjust the contours of the figure and its proportions. However, for each type of shape should be chosen not only different models, but various variations and wear. It is due to this and will create the appearance of a corrective effect.

Of course, dramatically change shape, nothing in the state, but knowing its type, it is possible to visually make it more proportionate.

To figure To figure

  1. Hourglass. This type of figure different prominent decollete and hips, as well as clearly marked waistline. Owners of such a body is very lucky, because they do not need a lot of thinking over the choice of the silhouette, the way it is to emphasize or hide.
  2. Triangle. For such a figure characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders. In this case, attention should be drawn to the top of the figure in order to hide a rather curvy hips. The ideal option would be lengthened model cardigan, having landed a clear sleeve on the shoulder. If possible, eliminate the short cuts, especially the length of which ends in the extended area of ​​the thigh.
  3. Inverted triangle. In this figure, on the contrary, the shoulders are much wider than the hips. That is why for the correction of such a figure first step is to create a balance of up and down. To achieve this, we need only add the volume of hips and shoulders to make visually a little longer. In such a figure would look great cardigan, buttoned top two buttons, while others are better left unbuttoned. With this model, the figure will be fully balanced.
  4. Rectangle. This figure does not have a clearly marked waistline. For this type of figure will be an excellent option cardigan, buttoned buttons which are directly on the level of the stomach, and the top and bottom remain unbuttoned. Due to this silhouette visually will appear slimmer.

For a rectangular shapeFor a rectangular shape

Some general tips

In addition, there are some general tips for choosing a cardigan for women, regardless of the type of figure:

  • Cardigan dark color always looks great on the figure, and it can be easily combined with other clothing.
  • Cardigan will look more spectacular if it is put on top of the dresses of the case, especially if their lengths are the same. In this color scheme does not play any role.
  • In the cold season will be a win-win optionwarm cardigan, which, despite having a large cutout is able to warm in the winter. It is sufficient to choose a model made from wool fat, and the color chosen depending on the type of appearance. The main thing that colors the skin is slightly set off, so that the image does not seem too washed-out.

For full figureFor full figure

Adhering to all the advice and recommendations, not only can easily pick up a cardigan on the figure, but also use it to create a truly effective and harmonious way.

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