How to choose a woman's home suit

How to choose a woman's home suit

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  1. Types of home suits
  2. What sew
  3. Tips for choosing the right model

In our lives for a long time it included the phrase "homefashion". And it's true, women want to be beautiful not only outside his apartment. Often the term "beautiful" is closely associated with the inconvenience and discomfort. But, fortunately, the stereotypes are changing. There is a huge selection of homemade costumes for the beautiful half of humanity for every taste, color and style. How to choose the clothes in which it would be always comfortable, cozy and beautiful?

Types of home suits

Of course, at home it is possiblemanage and bathrobe in which to sit comfortably next to TV. But the problem is that at home we do not just relax, read a book, watch TV, we also perform housework (cooking, cleaning, iron). A bathrobe - it is not the clothes, in which it is convenient to do household chores. These are clothes for a relaxed holiday. If the home you are quite active, and given the current conditions of life, it is likely the case, then the best choice would be the home suit.

Fashion indoor clothing

Fashion indoor clothing

  • For active cases are ideal for homesets consisting of trousers and jackets with short or long sleeves, tunic or shirt with leggings, T-shirts and shorts. They are very easy to work with children, get out - they do not hamper movement.
  • For winter relevant costumes, consisting of trousers andblouses with long sleeves. Convenient and practical, hooded sweatshirts, sweaters, warm, three-piece suits, where the top of a conventional set of worn vest or jacket to match.
  • For the summer season, choose costumes, consisting of shorts and tops with straps or without, which are made of natural materials, which discharge excess moisture from the body.
  • Even you can meet the guests in the home outfit. In this case it is particularly necessary to take care that the suit was sitting perfectly on a figure, was not stretched by the constant wear.
  • Particularly it must be said about the clothes for sleeping. Comfortable pajamas made of soft, lint-free cloth or elegant silk - all this is perfect for sleep and rest.

Home clothesHome clothes

When you select should pay attention to the compositiontissue, straightness and density of stitches, the respective season. Quality homemade costumes purchased from trusted manufacturers, for example, here.

What sew


  1. Cotton. The most common type of fabrics for home suits: T-shirts, shorts, pants. It perfectly absorbs moisture, easy to use, it does not cause allergies. It does not deform and perfectly breathable. Practical fabric is suitable for lovers of classic models with a simple and free brim.
  2. Kulirka, a common fabric for home suits, pajamas and children's clothing. It is very soft, thin. It consists of cotton yarn.
  3. Interlock - cotton knitted fabric, warmand very pleasant to the body. From it also sew pajamas, Costumes for home, but warmer. The fabric can be a fleece, it is perfect for sweaters and jackets home.
  4. Velsoft (microfiber). Easy, gentle and soft textiles, which made the costumes for the house and even shoes for them. The costume of this fabric will look appropriate home and delight for their quality.
  5. Silk - is for lovers of comfort and beauty. Silk kits useful for the skin and delight the eye. In them you will feel open, comfortable and sexy.


When choosing a pet costumes, remember that quality - this is an important factor. Note that if a thread stick out if there are any rough seams, they may crumple and bristle cloth.

Note!Do not buy costumes from synthetic fabrics. The price for them will be attractive, but the pleasure of their socks you will not get.

Tips for choosing the right model

Design and style is very important. Pick up the clothes in which you will be walking most of the day, it is also worth carefully, as well as clothes for the street. It should fit you in size, shape and tailoring.

Tunic with leggings

Tunic with leggings

Through coloring, you can emphasize the dignityand hide flaws. Girls with curvy shapes should look for suits with large prints and be careful with small drawings and designs. Vertical strip pulls the silhouette, making you leaner. The ideal option would be a tunic with leggings made of cotton. Nothing will hamper the movement and cause discomfort. Bright colors are best avoided as they are exciting act on the body that did not need to.

With stripes

With stripes

Slim and slender girls, you can choosehorizontal stripes, geometric designs and pastel colors. High girls suit pantsuits straight cut. The girls of low growth decorate home kits with stripes that visually lengthen.

Arabic-style figures to representatives of any suitable shape, safely choose this print, if in doubt. Bold open tops and short shorts look good on tanned and tanned body.

With Indian pattern

With Indian patternNote!Home suit should not be too close andslinky. This is bad for blood circulation and for the whole organism. It is better to purchase a ready-made kit. If you buy a jacket and pants separately, then they most likely will not look harmonious and elegant.

When choosing guided by its taste, but also do not forget about our councils.

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