How to buy goods in shops cheaply

How to buy goods in shops cheaply

Table of contents:

  1. The procedure for the acquisition of goods on the Internet
  2. How to save
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

Any necessary items can be bought in shops or from the wholesaler, but it can be a bit more expensive than in many online stores.

Already, many were convinced that buying goodsInternet cheaper An ordinary store a lot of expenses - this lease of retail space and the payment of wages staff - all of these costs are included in cost of goods. In addition, the usual store bought goods from a wholesale supplier, and it already sells goods with a solid margin, including the driver of labor costs, logistics manager, manager and other expenses.

In general, when buying goods in stores inprice includes premium provider of wholesale and retail network. If the place of purchase is an online store, it is only an intermediary wholesaler.

The presence of a large number of links between the purchaser and the manufacturer leads to a significant increase in prices, which can be characterized by such concepts, like a geometric progression.

The procedure for the acquisition of goods on the Internet

How to buy

How to buy

Internet commerce is developing very rapidly. Currently, a person who has a computer, a smartphone and an Internet connection, can be purchased at the online store any goods.

If the purchase is made on tradeInternet site (this method is advantageous for the small producer), it is possible to pay for the goods or through the site itself, or the seller (it all depends on the rules of the site).

Thus, the sequence of actions:

  • First you need to decide on a suitable store;
  • purchase of selected goods is not possible without registration and entry in the Personal Area;
  • for payment is suitable for both debit and credit cards;
  • then you need to specify the address of delivery.

In addition, the Internet can find a lot ofintermediaries who are ready for you to buy goods from the online store and even bring it to your home. Remember, this is not a charity, it means that you pay for this item a little more than if do you buy for yourself. But the buyer will not have to solve various problems, such as those associated with the correspondence in a foreign language (if the online store for non-local).

How to save

How to save

However, when shopping on the Internet can not only save money, but also to maximize the benefit. There are several ways.

Using services cashback and bonus programs. What is cashback? This is a return of the funds from the purchase amount to your email account. Very profitable way. Once your account typed sufficient amount you can withdraw money at stake, and later cashed.

You can collect points, which are then used to purchase goods, however, pay for the purchase scores can not everywhere, but only where these points are taking.

Often, banks, cards that we use, paying for purchases on the Internet, make it possible to accumulate points.

In any event, this method is most appreciated by those who are actively buying online.

Use coupons and promotional codesUse coupons and promotional codes

Visit sites with coupons and promotional codes. This is a great way to save. Each of these areas is trying to create for visitors the most comfortable conditions: sort stores into understandable categories, as well as provide them with detailed instructions. Golf for example, tries to pick up the most useful for customers promotional offers and promotions. Some sites arrange sweepstakes promotional codes. Many online shops do discounts for beginners if they are using special coupons, others do discounts for regular visitors.

Use of Yandex.Market. To see the minimum price at interestproduct, simply enter its name to Yandex.Market, and you will see what online store offers goods at the best price. If you do not want to carry out additional manipulations, it is necessary to install a special program on Yandex, which will automatically detect the spread of prices for goods that you are viewing.

Yandex MarketYandex Market

Visit store groups in social networks. On many discounts and promotions that are carried out online stores, can be found in the relevant social groups, where you can also find promotional codes.

Take the time to make the order. If you think a little bit before the checkout process on a product that you have already put into the basket, the store may send you a promotional code that will save on the purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

There are advantages and disadvantagesThere are advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of purchase of goods on the Internet include:

  • the ability to save;
  • a wide selection of products, sizes, patterns, color palettes, etc .;
  • cashless payments;
  • Here you can find everything - even a collector or lover of antiques will be satisfied;
  • the ability to communicate directly with the manufacturer.

However, there are several disadvantages:

  • need to expect the goods;
  • the restriction in the choice with regard to thorough inspection - the selection is made solely on the photographs;
  • buyer doubt (objective and subjective). Some are worried about the goods conform to the description, others - their safety during transport.
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