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How to succeed everywhere: shopping secrets from the experts

How to succeed everywhere: shopping secrets from the experts

Table of contents:

  1. Be in trend
  2. Invented by and for people
  3. Cause time - fun hour
  4. shopping control
  5. The golden rule of shopping

Living in a non-stop mode is now not uncommon: dynamic events constantly change each other, and sometimes so difficult to cope with their flow. The ability to quickly find solutions to all the problems and plan the rest - a truly enviable skill. And if you manage to always at the end of the day discard all worries and just relax?
The best helpers are efficiency andorganization, but we suggest you familiarize yourself with a few life hacking, which will give one to success! It's about an integral part of modern life everyone - shopping. Today in the program:

  • where and when to buy;
  • how to master the art of bargains;
  • how to avoid becoming shopaholics.

Be in trend

At the right time in the right place is alwaysnice and sometimes very useful, is not it? If you've ever accidentally found an opportunity to make a purchase at a better price than planned - it is familiar to you. And you excitedly rush to the goal, treasured purchase lies in the hands, and a happy balance of the purse devotion warms the soul. And there is nothing more joyful, if not to make such a coincidence a good tradition.

Be important not only in the course of current eventsarea of ​​your profession and the political situation in the country, allow yourself to be interested in all the new products that can make life easier. To expand the field of view, go around the side of a customary store in a mall or shopping site, look for new pages and blogs to find out about current promotions and sales planning. Keep track of all the news will subscribe to our newsletter with all the commodities of interest to you.

Invented by and for people

Purchase clothes and accessories are alwaysurgent, because fashion trends are not static. To make bulk purchases for the next season is better to use the online storefronts. Such portals are integrated range of many online stores together and you will no longer need to jump through the pages of the different brands. In addition, special offers from the trading platforms allow you to save on purchases twice during special sales.

Discount coupons and promotional codes have become a bigfinding and becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. You can find them both at the store site, where you make a purchase, and the sites that specialize in coupons fees for all stores. Follow sections of Shares Sale and SUPERPRICES to buy items at discount prices.



Cause time - fun hour

As a rule, most large-scale sell-offarranged in honor of the event or the day before a holiday. A blanket advertising just does not leave you a chance to be ignorant about upcoming events, so the most important thing - just do not miss them. The best stocks available to a limited number of products, so have a short life.
Sale to the 8th of March, before the New Year, orAnnual Black Friday - it's incredible discounts on all goods and services of all categories. So if you have not dared to buy - it's time to kill two birds with one stone!

shopping control

If you've never thought about whether or not a shopaholic, this does not mean that such a diagnosis is not relevant. Ready to check it out right now?

Top thoughts aloud shopaholic:

  1. What else would buy this? Even though I and have all the necessary, and not very good, accessories, vooon the cap it is very tempting to look at me because of the windows - that's had to buy it. Once it is precisely in handy, yes!
  2. Buy Nothing Day - time spent in vain! Something has not worked at all week - the weather is bad, there is no mood, nothing pleases. All hope for a new boutique - there is something I do find myself joy.
  3. With every purchase of a gift? Beru! I did not ever buy, and here and share! By the way, some basic goods?
  4. I do not spend a lot, I just need it all. No unplanned expenditure is eternally useful things, where do without them?
  5. Marketing Victim? No, just trust your choice to professionals, to the same - I can not buy it all if you do not want.

So, whether such ideas sound in your head? Coincidence least 3 signs talking about your passion for unplanned purchases. A bonus is you want?

Forget about credit cardsForget about credit cards

The golden rule of shopping

Let the word bonus and attracted you as a nice addition to the purchase, we offer you to learn how to resist this impulse and to avoid unexpected expenses.

  1. Compose lists - short and long term, they will help you plan your budget and form a clear path hike on the mall, from grocery to clothing department.
  2. Forget about the cards and credit cards - do not need anytricks for the customer who is holding a card with an unlimited amount of funds. Set the boundaries within which the plan to make a purchase, and better take with this limited amount.
  3. Ask yourself "Is it worth it?". Imagine that the desired product, which now beckons to become its owner, will only be available in a week? And if it is necessary for him to go to the other side of town? Unless you are in doubt, the money spent is unlikely to meet your expectations.
  4. Watch for trends, but do not forget yourtraditions. Always be faithful to your own taste and style, but keep an eye for what is now fashionable and relevant. Fashion tends to repeat itself, and you can supplement and change it according to their preferences.
  5. Do not exhaust your appetite and it's notOnly food. Watching the novelties in the world of technology or learn about the new seasonal collections of clothes, do not rush headlong, go to the store. Ponder and weigh what would you really need, and then go on the hunt. Large purchase better to do step by step - make the decision today, and bring to life the next day. If the course does not change your mind.

Shopping Secrets - suddenly obvious,to understand that sometimes it is possible not quite fast. That this is an art, which is to study is just as important as the process of buying from an economic point of view. In the meantime, new skills after reading the lesson replenish your piggy bank, new sales are ready to seduce you. Have a good shopping!

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