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Fashion for overweight women 2016

Fashion for overweight women 2016

Table of contents:

  1. Pants
  2. Dresses
  3. Jackets
  4. Coats and raincoats
  5. Shoes & Accessories
  6. 50 Women
  7. A photo

Preferring grace, beauty, style andconvenience, do not forget that there is a fashion and new trends. Monitor trends and keep abreast of new products is not so difficult. Fashion for overweight women 2016 brings us many new and interesting. This year, the owner of magnificent forms have received much attention, and they provided a whole range of beautiful and fashionable solutions.

The main feature is in the correctselection and combination of clothes and accessories. It is important to respect the seasonality and dress for the weather. After all, for every occasion and every season has its own clothing and their own rules.


Pants with front slit

Pants with front slit

Lightweight pants should be in a woman's wardrobe. They can be both strict and made of soft, flowing fabrics. The main condition is considered to be fashionable narrowed bottom and short patterns. Originally looks incision in the toe. Task trousers - emphasize the elegance of the ankle. When selecting jeans look for classics. Jeans with a normal landing, a smooth cut, tucked at the bottom - the main focus attire. Also suitable flared jeans, covering the heel. Flared back again in our wardrobe. Overalls with a belt at the waist, wide sleeves and shortened the bottom will be the best choice for ladies.


Fashionable Dresses for obeseFashionable Dresses for obese

Dresses for the warm season can bevariety. In vogue at the floor with flying hems. Harmonious looks dress in the Greek style. At the peak of popularity of asymmetric hems. The dress with V-neckline and hem of different lengths you can go to a party or soiree. In ordinary day is appropriate to dress mid-calf. This modern and aesthetically pleasing. And of course, can not do without the classic dress pencil. Complementing its accents in the form of accessories, sweaters or beautiful shoes, you can go for a walk with friends in a cozy cafe.

Office dress in a cageOffice dress in a cage

strict dress suit for office style longuntil the middle of the knee. To outfit was not so strict and boring fashion trends dictate decor drapery. To hide figure flaws, enough to drape the problem area. If the problem is with the hips, appropriate draping to the side of the dress. If there is to cover the tummy - at the center of the product. If you want to hide the chest, choose a model with a draped top.

Dress for walking and recreation in 2016 are full of variety. Styles in military style, shirting and safaris. Overhead pockets, massive buttons, collar - comfortable, stylish and relevant.

The trapeze dress you can go out on a date. If necessary, cover the top of a lush, prefer oval or square neckline. Asymmetrical cut successfully hide flaws. The length of the dress to choose the way. Latest models of mini and maxi length. Be careful with the decor of flounces and quilling. They are, though relevant, visually increase the volume.


Straight jacket on one button is a must-have in 2016 and is recognized as the most comfortable thing. Straight cut, without superfluous draperies, cuffs and collar, decorate and protect you from the cold.


To complete any image in the cool eveningfit cardigan. Long jacket suitable for any outfit and pull silhouette. The elongated vest, worn over blouses stylish, warm in winter and make you slimmer and more. Welcomed the model up to the hips or knees. Knitted vests in boho style will look harmonious with a white blouse.

Warm sweaters, dresses and jackets this season is better to choose oversayz.

Coats and raincoats

Cloak burgundyCloak burgundy

Trench coat or raincoat perfect for autumn. The main focus on the details: pockets, cuffs with straps, shoulder straps, double-breasted model. They harmoniously will look like on top of the dresses, and pants.

Indispensable and stylish poncho thing is. It perfectly hides all the flaws and emphasize the beauty of your hands. Do not forget about the short leather jacket, it fits perfectly into the trends and complement any romantic skirt.

The fashion classic strict coat with beltmiddle length. Coats presented at fashion shows, surprising variety. In order to hide the belly and rounded hips, enough to put on a coat, or a cocoon coat straight cut. The main emphasis will be scoring his pockets and turned-up collar. To complete the image of a strict suit white coat without much draperies.

Park bright colorPark bright color

For the winter cold fit properly selecteddown jacket or parka. Jackets become thin and warm, but you need to choose them carefully. You can give preference to wool coat - a stylish and modern.

Gone are the days when hiding under incrediblyvoluminous coats was considered the norm. Especially if you have something to show. However, lovers of fur suit fashion trends from colored fur. Decorated coat of fur sticking out and a variety of colors at the peak of popularity.

"Stretch" magnificent things will help the ladies hide imperfections and to draw attention to dignity.

Shoes & Accessories

You can always choose comfortable shoesYou can always choose comfortable shoes

Without properly selected according to the season footwear notdo. Boots must be high. Tweet this season boots on the platform, massive heels and cowboy boots. For a warmer period fit blond high heels, loffery and comfortable sneakers.

Accessories complete the look, emphasizeindividuality. Be sure to buy this season, a soft hat with a brim, a large bag and scarf-collar. Do not be afraid to wear massive jewelry. This does not give the volume, but only emphasize your strengths. Large earrings make a beautiful accent to her neck. Due to large beads or necklace, attention will shift to large breasts. Bracelets are able to enhance the beauty of hands. The main thing to know the measure, and not to wear all at once.

Correctly pick up her outfit - a great science. But it is easy to learn, observing certain rules. There are basic wardrobe, which is only adjusted to the fashion trends, in accordance with its age and sensations.

50 Women

Straight coat with short sleevesStraight coat with short sleeves

  1. The color scheme should be more suitableage. It is necessary to abandon the green and purple. They add age and emphasize the shortcomings of the skin. Trendy colors: peach, beige, white, coral, blue, burgundy and gray. Fashionable prints are considered medium-sized peas, vertical bar and medium-sized floral pictures.
  2. Pencil skirt - classic and fashionable solution. The right leg, slimming noble and fashionable fabric length (up to mid-calf). That this should be the skirt which can wear any trendy things.
  3. Dress sheath dress with a smell and a shirt dresswill be invaluable in any event. This season, the actual dress with vertical stripes on the sides. It will add elegance, sophistication and style.
  4. Tunica is a perfect outfit for a walk orrecreation. Combined with jeans, this set looks elegant and Youth. Tunica should not be overloaded with decorative elements, rhinestones and sequins - it is irrelevant.
  5. Trousers should pick flared. Stylish course - to find them a shirt or tunic in the lighter shade. Also, any shirt you can beat, the sleeves rolled up. Such sloppy course looks fairly straightforward and stylish.
  6. Coat pastel shades, such as a sleeve or coat bat-pod - it's a great choice for cool weather.
  7. Accessories are important and fashionable accent inthis season. Brightness clothing is not welcome at the age of 50, but when choosing accessories, you can forget about this rule. Flirty hats strict hats with brims, scarves made of soft materials, bulky bags and elegant decoration - the right accessories will bring a great mood for the whole day.
  8. In the beautiful age of 50 should be given to natural fabrics and high-quality shoes. High heels have inappropriate and inconvenient. Actual shoes will be on a small or low heeled wedges.

Remember to look beautiful and well maintained at any time of year, regardless of body type or age.

A photo

Leopard print is back in fashionLeopard print is back in fashion

Relevant pencil skirtRelevant pencil skirt

An interesting variant of the long dresses for the fullAn interesting variant of the long dresses for the full

The spectacular black dressThe spectacular black dress

the figure Jeansthe figure Jeans

Double-breasted coat color graphiteDouble-breasted coat color graphite

Long vestLong vest

White dress with smellWhite dress with smell

White coatWhite coat

Festive summer dress fullFestive summer dress full

Summer dress with a small figureSummer dress with a small figure

Beautiful dress to complete a successful styleBeautiful dress to complete a successful style

Short free print dressShort free print dress

Short coat for fullShort coat for full

Short leather jacketShort leather jacket

Kleshenye jeans combined with a coat free cutKleshenye jeans combined with a coat free cut

Dress-case fullDress-case full

Dress up to the knees with long sleeveDress up to the knees with long sleeve


Coat with flared hemCoat with flared hem

Coats and coat of medium lengthCoats and coat of medium length

Feel free to wear shortsFeel free to wear shorts

Solid dressesSolid dresses

Cropped pants fashion for fullCropped pants fashion for full

Free coat with stand-up collarFree coat with stand-up collar

Flared jeansFlared jeans

Down jacket for fullDown jacket for full

The fitted jacketThe fitted jacket


Dresses with floral prints for fullDresses with floral prints for full

Dress shirtDress shirt

Dress sheath eveningDress sheath evening

Green dress with sleeves for fullGreen dress with sleeves for full

Skinny jeansSkinny jeans

Bright clothes on the floorBright clothes on the floor

Evening dress with leather jacketEvening dress with leather jacket

Tight pantsTight pants

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