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Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2016

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2016

Table of contents:

  1. With delicate lace inserts and
  2. On neckline and open back
  3. sleeved
  4. Dress the little mermaid
  5. Pantsuit
  6. With lush skirts
  7. Minimum decor
  8. With floral print
  9. A photo

Each of us waiting in anticipation of the same day,when her lover enters a new phase - will be the bride and wife. Of course, I want to triumph took place at the highest level, so you need to prepare for it in advance. But the most important thing that will make any of us, is to select the very dress of her dreams. And now, we will talk about what fashionable wedding dresses 2016 is worth paying attention to. Lets win-win options for wedding dresses.

With delicate lace inserts and

With lace cuff and detachable trainWith lace cuff and detachable trainIn 2016, the dress should be as can befeminine and delicate. As you can see, the lace is in fashion, and until today it has not lost its relevance. In 2016 designers using this material began to emphasize women's sexuality. All this has led to the fact that the main trend in 2016 was the wedding dress, made of transparent lace. However, not every one of us would dare to wear this outfit.Lace dress with neckline heart and shleyfotLace dress with neckline heart and shleyfotThere are options for more modest. For example, as relevant in 2016-fitting lace dress with a wide skirt of the knee. Designers say that this style combined with lace lends mystique. Nobody canceled and lush lace dresses in 2016, but this season more relevant these dresses in short lengths. Designers such dresses petticoats add more to truly looked doll.Note!As before, at the peak of popularity remained dress with a train, are luxurious, elegant and extravagant at the same time.

On neckline and open back

Embroidered crystals with long sleevesEmbroidered crystals with long sleevesThe desire of the bride look gorgeous on this dayIt leads to the fact that it stops the choice on a dress with a very deep décolleté. Beautiful and elegant shape of the cut line cut guarantee perfect fit.

  • Cut heart fell in love with many designers and brides themselves. He exposes the upper part of the chest, perfect as a girl with big bust, and with a small breast size.
  • V-neck. Maybe as a modest and deeper.
  • The deep neckline, fit only for the bravegirls. It is worth noting that this option is ideal for a summer ceremony, but not for the wedding in the church. The advantage of this cut-out is that it visually lengthens the neck and draws attention away from a small chest.

But lovers of non-standard solutions given their preference dress with open back.Wedding Dress in the style of HollywoodWedding Dress in the style of HollywoodThere are different kinds of dresses with open back:

  • with a very large cut on the entire back;
  • partly covered with a spin;
  • with lace insert on the back.

Brides are more conservativechoose a model with lace or translucent insert that covers your deep neckline or open back. Such inserts only emphasize the beauty of your dress and the charm of the bride.


Long sleeve of thick laceLong sleeve of thick laceThis year's wedding dress with long sleevesIt can be seen not only in the models that are designed for the cold season, but in the old version. This allows you to give your image a little bit touching and modesty. The sleeve - this is one of the most important parts of any outfit, especially a wedding. It can be of different types:

  • "Lanterns", allow us to hide rather thin shoulders;
  • flared;
  • fitting sleeves;
  • long sleeves to the wrist.

With long sleeves and kryzhevnymi lace inserts on the sidesWith long sleeves and kryzhevnymi lace inserts on the sidesMore and more women are choosing a more explicitdress with a plunging neckline and bare back and shoulders (as mentioned above), but more options are closed in small steps returning into vogue. They look as good and just as attract the attention of others. Another advantage of such dresses: they are ideal for a wedding ceremony.

  • In the end, I want to note for any occasion this dress fit perfectly:
  • If the wedding will take place in the cold season, this dress a little bit, but it will protect you from the cold.
  • If you are planning a wedding in a church, you know, a dress with a deep cut there will be inappropriate.
  • If the bride's hands a little stout or has scars that you would like to hide.

Dress the little mermaid

Dress-mermaidDress-mermaidThis style is one of the favorites amongbrides, all because he perfectly underlines the figure and hide our little weaknesses. The only disadvantage of this dress, it fits only tall and slim girls, and little will look out of place. The skirt of the dress fits snugly, emphasizing the hips, and somewhere on the knees begins to expand. These dresses are very sexy, but at the same time modest. It is this dress, like no other, serves to underline all the female form.


Trouser wedding dress with a trainTrouser wedding dress with a trainThe desire of the bride look original, is not itall led to the creation of a trouser suit for the groom. Variants of this way to date a lot. Perfect for a wedding white dress, which consists of a jacket and trousers. Designers are advised to decorate the top of the festive embroidered tone on tone, to abandon excessive dazzling details. Exquisite tailoring suits only accentuate the beautiful figure of the bride. One major advantage of this dress is that it can be put on and after the wedding. You can, of course, come to the wedding image is not so strict, for example, as a complement to the use of a truncated top trousers with elegant embroidery, you can replace the top lace tunic. Rich image does not require a complex cut, and semi-transparent openwork can admire the bride's figure. Also good fit and cropped skinny pants made of thick fabric, especially if they are to pick up the delicate, translucent blouse, which will look very romantic. Designers offer cut already perfected. By the way, in addition to the classic white can try, and other pastel colors, such as cream.

With lush skirts

With lush cascading tulle skirtWith lush cascading tulle skirtIf you decide to stop at the romantic image,then you definitely right for such a dress. The fluffy skirt is always eye-catching of all others. Today, designers offer such as a skirt of tulle or lace massive, gentle chiffon and fine silk. Also, the dress looks good with a skirt made of organza. Lining of a dense, but at the same time and the thin material makes the skirt totally opaque. That is such a dress will enable each of us to become a fairy princess, give the image of elegance and sophisticated chic.Note!In certain models, it has recently become a great solution to use when top full skirt can safely detach. Then in front of us dress that emphasizes the bride's figure.With rich décorWith rich décorA small highlight in such lush dress makingtiered skirt. They cause us delight, thanks to air fabrics, sophisticated design solutions and refined decor in the form of embroidery or scatterings of stones.

Minimum decor

With open armsWith open armsThe trend of this season - wedding dresseslack of decor and are made mainly from satin. These dresses look very strictly and elegantly. The image can be supplemented with a bouquet of wild flowers, such as daisies or peonies.

With floral print

Wedding dress, consisting of a stamp and skirt with floral printWedding dress, consisting of a stamp and skirt with floral printTo date, floral print is notsome innovation. But the wedding dress with print has been a real breakthrough in wedding fashion 2016 Cute image of roses, daisies, cornflowers will look great in the summer. If you still hesitate to appear in a dress, you can look at the white as well, which is partly decorated with a pattern of flowers. They can be made in bright colors and pastel. This dress will make your image individuality. Brave girl can choose her wedding model in the total print. To her suit fabric that is completely littered with pictures of bright colors on a white or some other light background. It should be noted that the style of dress can be absolutely anything. Variegated fabric makes the bride a spectacular and unforgettable.

A photo

From large laceFrom large laceFrom milky white satinFrom milky white satinThe deep neckline at the backThe deep neckline at the backElegant dress by Vera WangElegant dress by Vera WangElegant dress yearElegant dress yearElegant and feminine wedding dressElegant and feminine wedding dresstrouser optiontrouser optionSatin dress with detachable trainSatin dress with detachable trainSatin Wedding DressSatin Wedding DressIt may be not only a whiteIt may be not only a whiteMilky laceMilky laceFashionable wedding dress from Monique LhuillierFashionable wedding dress from Monique LhuillierMinimalismMinimalismSummer version straps-zyavyazkahSummer version straps-zyavyazkahShort wedding dress by Lela RoseShort wedding dress by Lela RoseShort with open shouldersShort with open shouldersShort dress with sleevesShort dress with sleeves"Fluffy" wedding dress"Fluffy" wedding dressDress in retro styleDress in retro styleDress with long sleeves by J.MendelDress with long sleeves by J.MendelDress with a neckline in a restrained styleDress with a neckline in a restrained styleDress milky from Monique LhuillierDress milky from Monique LhuillierThe dress of transparent laceThe dress of transparent laceDress up the year with a multilayer skirtDress up the year with a multilayer skirtSheath dress style interestingSheath dress style interestingSheath dress with lace decorSheath dress with lace decorWith long sleeves of laceWith long sleeves of laceWith fitting long sleeves and full skirtWith fitting long sleeves and full skirtWith a deep neckline without decorWith a deep neckline without decorWith asymmetrical decorWith asymmetrical decorEmbroidered with gold from MarchesaEmbroidered with gold from MarchesaExpanding to the bottomExpanding to the bottomEmbroidered translucent dressEmbroidered translucent dressWedding Dress "two-in-one"Wedding Dress "two-in-one"With multi-layer transparent skirt and low-cut heartWith multi-layer transparent skirt and low-cut heartWith coupon lace patternWith coupon lace patternWith lace topWith lace topWith lace top and full skirtWith lace top and full skirtSilhouette mermaid with trainSilhouette mermaid with trainTo the best of lavish lace dressTo the best of lavish lace dressOption for fragile delicate ladiesOption for fragile delicate ladiesdecorated with rosesdecorated with rosesWith flounce backWith flounce backBrilliant dress by Reem AcraBrilliant dress by Reem AcraGlittering dress in the style of Shabby ChicGlittering dress in the style of Shabby Chicsimple cut with super wedding dress necklinesimple cut with super wedding dress necklineWedding Dress yearWedding Dress yearFeminine wedding dress with open shouldersFeminine wedding dress with open shouldersSee also:Choosing accessories 2016Women's Fragrances 2016Checklist for your weddingHow to decorate a wedding champagneHow to make wedding glasses

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