How to clean suede shoes

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  1. Main pollutants suede
  2. Cleaning suede at home
  3. for suede shoe care
  4. Shoe bright suede shoes

The popularity of the product is due to its suedeattractive appearance and a natural origin. Since this material can be painted in any color, from light to black, it has become the most widely used for the manufacture of shoes and bags along with different skin tanning.

Suede Shoes is particularly soft,elasticity and comfort. However, it tends to get dirty quickly. To suede things have always been beautiful, they need to wear, store and clean. And in order to know how to clean suede shoes, you need to figure out the nature of the contamination arose.

Main pollutants suede

pollution shoes

pollution shoes

The most malicious enemy of shoes made of suede - street dirt, but also get rid of it at home easier. Further there are more insidious pollutants that prevent such shoes look elegant and neat.

  1. Grease stains. oil drop or zalosnivshiesya place from frequent hand touch can negate the attractiveness of expensive shoes.
  2. Traces of ink, red wine and other liquids. Requires treatment as soon as possible after the introduction of contaminants on suede. Old stains very difficult to remove.
  3. Water stains. Sometimes ordinary raindrops leave unsightly stains, spoiling the appearance of suede.
  4. Salt which strew the roads and sidewalks in the winter, it is absorbed into the material, and after drying it leaves ugly whitish streaks, especially noticeable on dark colors.

Cleaning suede at home

Cleaning Suede
Cleaning Suede

In order to properly care for suede shoes, you need to have special tools and accessories.

The means to care for suede at home include:

  1. Proprietary funds. There are many sprays, foams and liquids for cleaning suede. They differ manufacturers and their compositions, but each requires a preliminary test on an inconspicuous area.
  2. Vinegar. Displays simple contamination, traces of water.
  3. Ammonia solution. Not bad not old dissolves dirt, stains from liquids.
  4. Salt. Excellent removes fresh grease stains.
  5. Purified aviation fuel. It eliminates most difficult spots, but has a strong odor and can leave stains if used improperly.
  6. Sides with sulfur from a box of matches. Suitable for cleaning only suede dark.

Brushes for suede
Brushes for suede

Of accessories, you must have:

  1. Rubber and a stiff brush. Blurring the surface layer of suede, they are with him and removed the dirt. Stiff brush can be made from natural or synthetic bristles. Available special bilateral brush care products made of suede. On one hand the rubber brush and on the other - bristle. special thin wire made of copper is often inserted between the bristles, they help clean the surface intensively suede.
  2. A rubber brush can be replaced with a hard eraser - is the easiest way to clean at home.

for suede shoe care

Cleaning bristle brush
Cleaning bristle brush

Dry shoes pre-cleaned of dirt by using a stiff brush. If the shoe is moist or wet, it was packed with paper, newspaper or cloth and dry well.

Note!This should be done in the air, not on heating devices, or shoe can warp.

If your shoes have stains, they are taken.

  • Grease stains sprinkle a thick layer of ordinary table salt, changing it as fat absorption.
  • Stains from wine, juice and other beverages wash out the vinegar solution.
  • Zalosnivshiesya places with oily luster washed with a solution of ammonia, trying not too wet shoes.
  • If the stains are very persistent, they are cleaned by dryspecial surface cleaned with gasoline (aviation). It is a clear, almost colorless and smells so much like a regular. This fuel not only leaves no greasy residue, and successfully dissolves stubborn stains of different origin. After processing, gasoline may appear stains and halos, they can be washed with a solution of ammonia.

Processing spray paint

Processing spray paint

  • It's hard enough to deal with traces of salt. It leaves a nasty stain, like "eating" color. In this case, the salt should be gently scrub with a stiff brush and the remaining divorces zamyt vinegar. Sometimes this is enough, but in severe cases may leave traces. They are trimmed with special means prefabricated and then treated with liquid shoes or spray paint suitable shade.

The final stage - comb rubber brush. The goal - to restore the texture of suede and eliminate zalosnivshiesya place.

Cleaning suede eraser

Cleaning suede eraser

If the brush is not at hand, it can be replaced, eraser hard, dry crust of bread or shoes rub sideways matchbox.

Note!This method is only suitable for dark suede on light may leave traces.

Very shiny traces can steam the jet of steam from the kettle.

Purified and dry suede shoes filledpaper or put on a special pad and placed in a linen bag or cardboard box. Keep it should be in a dark, dry place, such as the shoe does not tolerate moisture and fade from bright light.

With good care and compliance with all rules of wonderful shoes suede perfectly retains its shape, appearance, and has a long service life.

Shoe bright suede shoes

Shoes Bright suede

Shoes Bright suede

Footwear and clothing suede never goes outfashion, looks respectable and expensive, especially the product of a material light colors and shades. But many stop complexity care bright things. In fact, to maintain suede shoes in excellent condition is quite simple.

The question is how to clean suede shoes light color. typically occurs after a period of service life. By this time, there are some dirt and the welt on his toes, hips and zalosnivshiesya stains from hands near zippers and buckles.

Note!Light product is better not zanashivat and brushing immediately after returning home, then they will stay longer net.

If the shoes have lost the form, we need moredrastic measures. You can use a special tool, but it is quite able to replace the conventional ammonia. The solution wipe the problem areas previously cleared of mud, changing cloth when dirty. Dried thing is treated with a brush.

Shoe rubber brush

Shoe rubber brush

To clean suede boots light from a much salteasier than dark - on light suede salt less visible. The pre-salt is cleaned off with a stiff brush and carefully processed rubber. If mechanical means have not helped, will have to use a special preparation of the salt of traces or gently rub the place of vinegar solution. Dried shoes, as usual fluff brush.

If you get caught in the rain in bright suede shoes or boots, in the first place they need to be thoroughly dried.

Note!Clean only dry chamois, since otherwise it can zalosnitsya.

If, however, along with the dirt and water stained shoesMore than ever, it can be washed carefully with the addition of ammonia or vinegar. We need to try a smaller wet product, wipe it with a clean white linen cloth. Washed shoes stuffed a clean, dry paper, restoring its shape, and dry away from strong heat sources, changing the filler as wet. Dried shoes cleaned of dirt with a brush or a rubber band, simultaneously restoring the flattened pile.

When properly cared for shoes made of suede it looks great and is very long.

How to clean suede shoes
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