The art of managing impressions

The art of managing impressions

How often, many girls and women can notmake the right impression at the interview when applying for jobs or lasting impression on the men, which affects the careers and personal lives. But why, if every woman is beautiful? One reason may lie in the image of a woman who is able to attract or repel, or damage to emphasize its natural beauty.

Therefore, many representatives todayfair sex appeal to the professionals that make up the program of work on the image. Image-makers do not just provide knowledge, and reveal the secrets of the art of managing experience. New, thoughtful way of changing lives for the better to the smallest detail. However, no stereotypes, because everything is based on an individual approach.

Primarily these programs helpunderstand it himself. It turns out that it is important to find out to what tsvetotipu woman belongs. It is necessary to buy clothes right color palette, in harmony with the color of the skin, eyes and hair. Features of a constitution and structure of the entity and dictate the rules of selection of things that need to enhance the beauty and, if necessary, hide flaws. Another detail that educates image-makers, - the ability to combine items of different brands.



The most interesting part of the program concernsexciting topic - accessories. These cute and fancy wardrobe items: hats, glasses, scarves, bags, gloves, belts, shoes, jewelry - are many. They are easy to change to a more positive mood and emphasize the status of a business suit make it more informal and favorite dress that is worn more than a year - the "new". However, to pick up accessories also science. The fact that the flavor is a little, it is necessary to know that the choice depends on the characteristics of accessories outer and inner facial features.

It happens that the image maker in the service lackingmeans. Moreover, after completion of the program change clothes and accessories, hairstyle and makeup. How to cope? For example, you can order a credit card as a reliable bank, and then the transformation will take place without worry, even if the money is needed urgently, because it is possible to obtain a quick online. To do this, you must fill out an application on the Bank's website *, after referring to the terms of cards and choose the one that most appeals to lifestyle and the importance of its moments.

* Credit cards are issued at the sole discretion of Citibank. All terms of the contract are available on the website.

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