What is a tunic and with what to wear

What is a tunic and with what to wear

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  1. Demi-season or summer tunic: choose correctly
  2. What can be put on a tunic?
  3. The harmony of the colors in the image

Tunics - is a modern, stylish, easy towear clothing that has long been successfully settled in the wardrobes of many fashionistas. They are now available in a wide variety of styles, materials, colors and patterns. This makes them versatile for any occasion throughout the year.

One of the main advantages of tunics - the abilityhide figure flaws. Skinny fashionistas are visually give the "right" volume, adjust the proportions, but the owners of magnificent forms "pull" the silhouette, making it seem slimmer. From what to wear tunic and how to combine it with other things to create a truly attractive and fashionable image?

Demi-season or summer tunic: choose correctly

Warm tunic

Warm tunic

Demi looks like a tunicelongated knitted jacket or sweater. They may be long, short or three-quarter sleeve, turn-down collar or small stands. There is also a model with a deep cut on the neck and decorated pockets. they sewed, of course, from heavy fabrics and perfect for a cool time of the year. Some variants can be worn as a complete thing, but most of the demi tunics, especially with short sleeves, worn over slim-fitting sweater or golf.

Summer versionSummer version

Summer tunics models - large, usually sewnnatural breathable fabrics (linen, cotton) or of light synthetics. Outwardly, they look like an elongated jacket with a belt, shirt or T-shirt, flared bottom. In this case, it is important to choose a style that matches the type of figure, choose the size and style that is easy to do by going to any online store with a wide range of tunics, such as the manufacturer of the page. A wide choice of models will help you find the perfect option for women with any figure.

Models for the summer are usually short sleeves,round or V-neck on the neck. May be of a monochromatic fabric and decorated with embroidery, artificial stones, appliques. There are also multi-colored options with original drawings, prints and ornaments.

What can be put on a tunic?

From what to wearFrom what to wear

Despite the fact that the tunic - a universal thing,selection of appropriate clothing underneath it requires competent approach. It harmonizes perfectly with jeans, leggings, shorts, tight pants and even thick tights.

With leggingsWith leggings

To jeans and shorts should choose not tunicstoo long and spacious. In the case of the leggings looks perfect model to mid-thigh or below. They, incidentally, can be advantageously supplemented with a belt. For combination with the tights fit elongated tunics.

The harmony of the colors in the image

With jeansWith jeans

Selecting tunic is certainly important to take into account itsColour. Bright tunic blends perfectly with the classic jeans, black pants or leggings, which should be in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Also, you can not deviate from the classics and select sustained in a single tone, top and bottom.

It looks beautiful, such as beige or leggingscapri pants with tunics brown shades. Red or black models with drawings help to create an original image of gray, white or black trousers and shorts. Naturally, if the tunic has an active print, its style should be simple and self-colored tights and less bright.

With shortsWith shorts

Nothing complicated in conjunction with the other tunicsclothing, as we can see, no. It is enough to correctly choose the right model to take into account some of our recommendations, and then this will become a favorite article of clothing in your daily life.

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