Dietary snacks Night snack for weight loss

Dietary snacks Night snack for weight loss

Table of contents:

  1. How to get rid of the night hunger
  2. What snacks night snack
  3. The composition of snacks
  4. How do
  5. How to use
  6. Contraindications
  7. Where to buy and how much cost

The biggest problem people are overweight -night snacks. Sometimes an irresistible urge to eat something at night does not sleep quietly. And in the morning, with difficulty buttoning your favorite skirt, you know, that night the food benefited and "small sandwich" spoiled the mood for the whole day.

With a clear understanding that the food at night - itgreat harm, go to work, not even breakfast. And the story of the night "pieces of something" is repeated again and again. What to do in such a situation? How to rid itself of dependence there at night?

How to get rid of the night hunger

Night hunger

Night hunger

In order to not want to eat tasty late evening or at night, you can resort to such options:

  1. Eat fractional and often to the evening or at night not feel hungry.
  2. Be sure to dine foods containing protein.
  3. You can put on the bedside table a small piece of candy and eat it when hunger does not sleep.
  4. Before going to bed you can drink tomato juice or yogurt - one glass. Eat small citrus fruit - orange or tangerine.
  5. There is another excellent alternative to nighta snack - a dietary snacks Night snack for weight loss. There are snacks recently, but has already gained popularity among those who want to have a slender figure.

What snacks night snack

Block hungerBlock hunger

Snacks - a tasty and nutritious product,made in the form of small beads (candies) that are covered crispy shell. The composition of snacks Night snack contains only natural ingredients (apples, fenkel, cinnamon, etc.), as well as fiber. After ingestion, under the action of gastric juice, fiber swells and gives a feeling of fullness.

The composition of snacks

The composition of snacks include:

  • dried apple - strengthens the immune system;
  • Ginger - normalize gastric secretion;
  • konjac root - improves digestion, cleanses the intestines;
  • cinnamon - strengthens the circulatory system, lowers blood glucose levels;
  • fenkel - contains in its composition a large number of vitamins, reduces appetite;
  • Garcinia cambogia extract - lowers cholesterol and normalizes blood sugar levels.

How do

They help in losing weightThey help in losing weight

Snacks for weight loss help:

With regular and proper use of snacks Night snack for a month you can lose five to ten kilograms.

How to use

Since snacks - a food, a dietary supplement is not, then they can eat once a day:

  • instead of dinner or a main meal;
  • take no more than three balls at a time;
  • be sure to drink water after taking snacks;
  • take snacks to copious feast to not to overeat.
Note!It is best to use snacks in the evening and at night for snacks to avoid hunger.

Take snacks required courses - three to four weeks. If the desired result was not achieved, receiving snacks can be repeated in two weeks.


Packing dietary snacks

Packing dietary snacks

Take dietary product can be virtuallywhatever snacks have no contraindications, as they contain only natural ingredients, with no added chemicals and GMOs. The only exception is an allergy to the components that are part of the product.

Note!Pregnant women and nursing mums snacks can be taken after consulting a doctor.

Where to buy and how much cost

Where to buy snacks to get rid of night snacking and find harmony? Buy snacks can be on the official website at the price of 1,000 to 1,200 rubles for twelve pieces with the shipment.

Before buying a product is recommended readingfeedback not only about the drug, but also the company itself. Very often, to attract customers are held shares on which two packages you can buy the product at the price of one.

Snacks Night snack are ideal for thosepeople who love night snack or a hearty dinner. But if you do not change the diet and eat bread, cakes and sausage all day long, it is unlikely that snacks will help get rid of the extra kilos and find harmony.

Receiving snacks will be effective onlyWhen the diet is balanced and correctly matched. For example, oatmeal in the morning, at lunch of vegetable soup and a piece of meat, cheese and salad in the evening. And with a painful feeling of hunger in the evening or at night - two or three of Sneek. Only in this case in a month your figure will be envied by all the friends.

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