How to get rid of dependence for sweets

How to get rid of dependence for sweets

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  1. Is it possible to escape from the sugar depending
  2. The secret appeal of sugar

Sweet - the most insidious temptation. Rarely, some people may say that is not experiencing any feelings at the sight of confectionery or candies. Moreover, sweet relationship is often not possible to compare with the beautiful cupcakes or gourmet chocolate, but rather to the sugar voraciously. So, how to get rid of dependence for sweets?

An irresistible craving for sweets is based onbiochemical processes in the body: a sharp jump in blood glucose can cause the need for a new "dose" of sugar. This figure is not so much affected by the sweet, but rather because of "related products" - white flour and various fats, which in large quantities contained in the cream, glazes or toppings.

Is it possible to escape from the sugar depending

Love of sweets - a dependence

Love of sweets - a dependence

Over the past decades, the relationshipfrom sweets has become a very hot topic, not only in everyday life but also in science. The research results are frightening: scientists claim that lover of sweet - it's the same drug addict, because sweetness is not just fleeting pleasure, but also leads to severe addiction, which is often very detrimental to health.

Sweet forces produce hormones joySweet forces produce hormones joy

The main reasons for the love of sweet and options for dealing with them:

  • Hunger. If a person is hungry, the sharp decline in the level of sugar in his blood going. This moment is not only an indicator of health, but also an indicator of the body's health in general. The lower the sugar level, the more tired feeling human body.
  • Compensation. The roots of the causes are hidden not in need of a sweet tooth, and to find the sweet sensations - love and intimate moments associated with it. Help in this situation can only be an understanding that the sweetness of one very different from the other.
  • Hungry Brain. Normal operation of this body should be provided with fast carbohydrates, which can be obtained by eating a sweet or fruit. Other products of the brain can not eat, so the complete exclusion of the sweet is not recommended even during dieting. And if there is a hard mental work, the brain needs a stable nourishment. Incidentally, if a limited number of delicacies, the brain starts to claim them several times stronger. The solution lies on the surface - you just need to replace the sweetness to useful carbohydrates: honey, candy, marshmallows, dried fruits and sweet fruits. But the sugar and sweeteners should be avoided. Completely get rid of the dependence to sweet and starchy foods is not necessarily, you just need to eat them less often and only in the morning.
  • The effect of the white monkey. Once you choose to decline to even think about the sweet, and begin to observe the opposite effect. Vkusnyashek complete elimination can be achieved only if there is absolute indifference to him.
  • The hormone of joy. Everyone wants to be happy, and sweet is the fastest and easiest way to achieve happiness. But to remedy the lack of the hormone of joy, it can be eaten and some other products, such as oranges, nuts, figs, tangerines, persimmons or cheese. Even more fun is possible to achieve a feasible and useful exercise and sports, because the taste of chocolate is incomparable with ice skating or swimming. The second option involves more but joy and pride. No less joy will bring a favorite hobby, a fascinating journey and chat with nice people.

The secret appeal of sugar

Why do we like sweetWhy do we like sweet

Sucrose is a disaccharide or a simplecarbohydrate. The organism is able to quickly select from sucrose, enter the bloodstream, glucose and fructose. Almost everyone knows that much can invigorate brain activity using one small candy. The human body can not function without glucose - failsafe and irreplaceable source of energy.

The first recipient of glucose is the brain. Then it goes into muscle, kidney and other organs. Due to insulin, glucose "poured" into each cell and in the process of "burning" the reservoir of energy in the body.

Note!If too much glucose in the cells, it begins to turn into body fat.

Influence of sugar

Influence of sugar

Unstoppable cravings also explainsrapidity of assimilation of sucrose. Due to the sharp increase in the concentration of sugar and release insulin, there is a "carbohydrate starvation": annexation took place too quickly, then you need more. But the human body, unfortunately, beyond the power of self-awareness that energy for normal functioning of the body is enough. New "bright flash" in blood sugar results in a new attack "sugar hunger" that completes a closed circle. But despite the universality of cravings for sweets, it mainly depends on individual inclinations.

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