How to make chewing gum for weight loss

How to make chewing gum for weight loss

Table of contents:

  1. admission Rules
  2. Duration of gum
  3. Components
  4. The effect of receiving
  5. Contraindications and side effects

Become a slender, get rid of the extra kilosand not to exhaust yourself diets and exercise - is the dream of every woman. As stated by the advertisement, a new product developed by dietitians - chewing gum for weight loss - helps get rid of excess weight and become slim form. In Diet Gum chewing gum components are combined, helps burn fat, accelerate metabolism and suppress appetite. Chewing gum for weight loss - an excellent alternative to hunger strikes, diets and exhausting exercises in the gym. How to make chewing gum for weight loss to achieve the desired effect?

admission Rules

admission Rules

  1. Take gum at least three times a day before the main meal.
  2. Diet is desirable to adjust and to remove from the diet of sweet, fat and flour.
  3. Do not chew gum on an empty stomach, preferably before use to eat some oatmeal or fruit salad.
  4. Before the main meal to chew gum for fifteen minutes, and then proceed to the meal.
  5. Thanks to the special components of the drug, lose the desire to eat huge amounts of food, the sensation of hunger and satiety comes from even a small portion of food.
  6. How to chew gum to dull the hunger? Chewing gum can be used not only before lunch or dinner. Diet Gum can be chewed instead of snacking to reduce the temptation to eat something tasty and sweet.

Duration of gum

Course duration

Course duration

Accepted preparation courses, durationwhich depends on the desired result and the achieved effect. On average cud take from two to four weeks. In the first two weeks of the course the amount of gum is three pills a day, in the coming weeks (third and fourth), the drug is taken not more than twice a day.

release Formrelease Form

If necessary, the course may be repeated after a short break, which should be three to five weeks, and subject to the normal state of health and the absence of side effects.



The structure of Slimming Diet Gum preparation includes:

  1. Goji berries:
    • activate metabolic processes of digestion;
    • contain vitamins and antioxidants;
    • reduce high cholesterol.
    • Green coffee:
      • It stimulates the process of losing weight and burn fat;
      • improves physical activity.
      • Acai Berries:
        • strengthen the body's immune system;
        • reduce hunger and cleanse the body of toxins.
        • Garcinia cambogia berries:
          • decreased appetite;
          • reduced metabolism.
          • African Mango:
            • contains vitamin C;
            • It strengthens the immune system;
            • It burns carbohydrates.

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