How to take hellebore Caucasian slimming

How to take hellebore Caucasian slimming

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  1. "Christmas Rose"
  2. How drug
  3. Application for weight loss

Mother Nature took care of thatprovide us with a variety of herbs that can help for various diseases. Among them, there are plants that can simultaneously serve as a garden ornament. One of these flowers is a hellebore Caucasian.

"Christmas Rose"

Hellebore in a package with a spoon

Hellebore in a package with a spoon

This beautiful plant of the buttercup familyIt has many species and cultivars. Beautiful large flowers can be of different colors, including rich burgundy color, and even deep purple almost black color shade. We are interested in species grows wild in the Caucasus and also has quite an unusual flower for coloring. Its flowers are a beautiful whitish-green color, which becomes more saturated to the core, large "fluffy" stamen of the same greenish tint.

The plant has large split palmate leaves rich dark emerald color. Leaves overwinter under the snow, the spring gradually die, when they begin to form new leaves.

Caucasian hellebore blooms very early in the warmerwinter without strong winds, it can give blossoms even in late December, just in time for Christmas, for which the plant was nicknamed "Christmas rose." The usual flowering period - the end of February or beginning of March. When frost blossoms and leaves droop and freeze slightly, and raised and restored during warming.

How drug

This drugThis drug

Hellebore is very long been used asherb healers and herbalists all over the world. It has long been known that this plant is poisonous, but when used properly, as well as no less poisonous foxglove, is a drug. If we follow the statement of Paracelsus that "all poisonous, and all able to treat the question only in the dosage", any plant can bring both harm and benefit.

The packaging of medicinal herbs can beread that hellebore helps with various cardiac diseases, able to fight off viruses and reduce the risk of cancer, as well as to cope with existing tumors. It purifies the blood and effectively It displays the body of toxinsHas a laxative and diuretic effect, relieves spasms and pain.

Many nations from ancient times have usedhellebore as a remedy against parasites and to control excess weight. Ancient healers knew about the poisonous hellebore and understand how to take hellebore Caucasian diet and not to cause harm to the body of the patient.

Application for weight loss

Sometimes called Christmas starSometimes called Christmas star

For treatment in the Caucasian hellebore collectedroots with rhizomes, and the plant must be older than seven years. They are harvested in autumn, carefully cleaned and washed, then dried in a well ventilated area. Use the forced heat furnace and can not be drier.

The roots emit a specific unpleasant smell,which operates intoxicating. From him sore and dizzy, nausea. To be able to work with fresh roots, we have to use a respirator, and be sure to ventilate the room.

Dried roots retain their unpleasant smell,but can not affect the state of health. However, they can still be dangerous, so use of hellebore it is necessary to carry out under the supervision of a physician. In this case, numerous reviews of this medicinal plant is very favorable and indicate its efficiency.

Hellebore for weight loss take a powderfrom the roots to the tip of a knife, carefully listening to their feelings. At the slightest suspicion of trouble should be immediate removal of the drug. Every 10 days, the dosage is increased by 50 mg (pinch pinch), leading to a maximum of 300 mg.

Note!Large doses can not take! The course is six months. All the reception must constantly listen to their feelings, and to what is happening in the body.

Frost has a pronounced laxative effect,and the more toxins, the more it helps. When the laxative effect of the plant is reduced, we can say that most of the toxins eliminated.

It will help get rid of cellulite

It will help get rid of cellulite

Another bonus of hellebore - the fight against cellulite. Since it is able to normalize the metabolism, the body gradually get rid of this unpleasant cosmetic defect. If, however, a little more help hellebore diet and moderate exercise, the effect will be even more noticeable.

Note!Slimming with hellebore slow. No need to try to force things, uncontrolled increasing the dosage, thus you can only hurt yourself seriously.

Hellebore Caucasian contraindicated in patients withsevere lesions of the cardiovascular system and the digestive system, especially liver disease, children and adolescents as well as pregnant and lactating women.

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