The essence of a separate food

The essence of a separate food

Table of contents:

  1. Incompatible food
  2. Recommendations for separate food
  3. diet cons
  4. diet Benefits

The scientific basis for a separate food wasIt is brought Herbert Shelton, who, in turn, relied on the experience of the Russian Professor II Pavlova. Scientists have created their own school feeding, through which passed a lot of sick people who have achieved recovery.

Shelton felt that undigested food is not onlyman brings benefits but also seriously harm him due to the formation of toxins. The body has to spend a lot of energy to deal with them, that he might send to other purposes. Thus, life expectancy due to improper and an unbalanced diet can significantly decrease. People applying the principles of a separate food does not suffer from intestinal and stomach diseases, they do not know the heartburn and dull pain in the abdomen.

Incompatible food

Incompatible food

The essence of a separate food: incompatible products, getting into the human body can not properly digest, so as a result there are non-oxidizing substance. They then settle on the body as fat.

Note!In this connection, products that do not interact with one another, should be used (at least two hours) in the food with a large time interval.

  1. Carbohydrate food is not recommended to combine with the acid because during their interaction acid ptyalin destroying enzyme, serves for the breakdown of carbohydrates.
  2. Avoid the use of some proteins with other proteins. Products include various types of the composition of these substances, and for processing the body needs a lot of time and effort.
  3. You can not eat carbohydrate foods together with other carbohydrates. The stomach can not properly processed a large number of these substances, so some of them will turn into fat on your waist and hips.
  4. Proteins do not combine with acids. For the body to digest food adequacy of gastric juice. Additional acid only slows digestion products, whereby they start to rot, and the body is filled with harmful toxins.
  5. Fats can not be eaten with proteins. Fatty foods do not allow in the necessary volume produced gastric acid, facilitates the digestion of food, as a result, this process slows down significantly.
  6. Sugar is not allowed to consume along with carbohydrates. The combination of these products may cause fermentation and bloating.
  7. Do not combine milk with any other products. Some scientists believe that it is almost not digested in the human body and therefore does not bring any benefit.
  8. The melon should be a separate dish, as its combination with more than anything edible can cause bloating and indigestion.

Variety of productsVariety of products

  • Carbohydrate include: cereals (rice, millet, buckwheat, semolina, barley, etc.), Legumes, potatoes, bread and flour products, pasta, cookies, candy, chocolate, cakes and other sweets.
  • Foods rich in protein: eggs, all kinds of meat (chicken, beef, pork, turkey, rabbit), fish, milk and milk products, etc.
  • The fats in large amounts found in olive, sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut, rapeseed oil and butter, nuts, fat, cream, sour cream, etc.
  • Acids: grapefruit, orange, lemon, pomegranate, grapes, apples, tomatoes, sorrel.
  • Foods rich in sugar: jam, jam, honey, jams, syrups, etc.

Recommendations for separate food

Proper nutritionProper nutrition

Note!Start there should only be upon the occurrence of hunger. Thus, between meals is a significant break, excluding any snacking.

Chewing food must be very careful. The food should be very abundant wet saliva. It is also recommended to have a rest before meals and after.

Overeating should not be.

The temperature of food intake should be at room, the food should not burn the lips and tongue.

A special role is given to the consumption of rawplant food. Fruits and berries should also be your favorite products. There should be as main meal, and not as a dessert after a meal.

diet cons

Cons separate food

Cons separate food

Many nutritionists insist that a person withI have long been used to feed mixed. For we have become commonplace and natural combination of burgers and chops with a garnish of potatoes or pasta. Our stomach had long since learned to cope with these products, so a person may face serious psychological and physical discomfort, practicing separate meals.

diet Benefits

Weight loss

Weight loss

Products falling into the body,thanks to their compatibility, quickly recycled, so there are no processes of fermentation and putrefaction. The state of health improves, the weight is reduced. Diet will give tangible results if you stick to it consistently. Such a lifestyle can help prevent many serious diseases.

Compatible products can easily be checked with a special table.

Table of compatibility of products

Table of compatibility of products

The most common foodassigned to certain numbers. Simply select the row and column corresponding to the names of products, and in the resulting intersection, you will see whether or not to combine them with each other is allowed. For example, if we want to see if the potatoes with meat, need to look at the intersection of the column number 1 (the meat) with a string of number 7 (potato) compatible. The resulting cell is colored in red, it indicates that this combination is invalid.

A separate food helps to reduce weight, but you should use it only if your body does not feel discomfort.

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