Abortion at home

Abortion at home

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  1. psevdonarodnye methods
  2. "Surgical" abortion at home
  3. Medical
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Outside, the 21st century, but even today there arewomen trying to perform an abortion at home by yourself, not taking into account all the dangers of this move for their own health. And if somehow you can understand the desire of a woman to terminate a pregnancy, this is a way to interrupt, at least, puzzling.

psevdonarodnye methods

Psevdonarodnye abortion methods

Psevdonarodnye abortion methods

In this folk medicine, no prescriptiongetting rid of pregnancy, since traditional medicine is always based on the faith that sees abortion as a great sin. Some ways psevdonarodnye abortion at home just appalling their sophistication. The result of this ill-considered decision in the best case - the lost time, and at worst - severe complications that carry the threat of a woman's life.

On that just do not go to women deciding to have an abortion! Some people drink their own tablets which may them are contraindicated, other - all kinds of teas and infusions.

A decoction of a large number of leafs -nightmarish it taste even think of anything is impossible! But not only that this broth to drink, so more and leaves stick in the vagina! Brrr !!! So, the fetus dies at the same time, but the uterus is not rejected and becomes like a wax dummy, and then, if you do not intervene medicine, death occurs and the woman.

A decoction of the herb "Highlander myasopodobny" - awfulbitter taste. Rumors about this potion, healing from pregnancy, and they went out of the ability to induce uterine contractions mountaineer. But as with all rumors, this is only half accurate information is different. The second half of it is that the mountaineer - the strongest krovesvorachivayuschee means. After drinking a decoction, a woman will provoke a miscarriage, but the result would be formed clots in the morgue.

If any grandmother whispered to you the waygetting rid of the child with the help of aspirin, recommending to take two packages of pills inside, and the third - in the vagina, answer her story about the consequences: first, will be cramps and abdominal pain, accompanied by rumbling, then the strongest heartburn, salicylic intoxication and euphoria - it's all over " consult "the pathologist.

Perhaps women have heard about this methodget rid of the fetus as a bulb inserted into the vagina. Insert something you did, of course, insert, but her pull out? The result - an infection is provided, and after her death and, if medical care is not provided.

A hot bath is also not out of the situation, because the fruit at high temperature is only stronger than glued to the wall of the uterus.

"Surgical" abortion at home

Surgical abortion at home
Surgical abortion at home

It's hard to say what motivates a woman who decided toto conduct an abortion at home in unsanitary conditions, without complying with the measures of asepsis and antisepsis. Maybe the lack of money or fear of publicity, but rather - lack of understanding of the essence of the problem. To the great chagrin, are "experts" who undertake to carry out scraping the uterine cavity at home, thereby committing an offense, as such action is called illegal abortions and is punishable by law.

Even the medical establishment, where compliance with allrequirements for the sterility of instruments and facilities, do not guarantee that the abortion will take place without complications. What can we say about the home, non-sterile environment and the absence of all the necessary tools ?!

No tools and exchange them with other canlead to perforation or perforation of the uterus, that fatal. Unsterile instruments "expert" will bring to the uterus microbes that the layer of clotted blood as the nutrient medium will cause the development of infection, and as a consequence - blood poisoning.


home medical abortion
home medical abortion

Uncontrolled physician medical abortionPets usloviyahtakzhe could end very badly. Those who believe such a method harmless, profoundly mistaken. All drugs used to induce abortion, based on the change in the hormonal balance in the body, an error in the dosage of the drug will cause disturbances in the endocrine system.

Today, the Internet is full of questions about the interruptionpregnancy alone. For now, it seems to be so easy - take a pill and wait for a miscarriage. But somehow these gynecologists pills give women only themselves. The reason lies in the fact that the doctor, having some knowledge, understands the complexity of the situation and is ready to take responsibility for what is happening.

Letting a woman home after medicalabortion, the doctor gives her precise instructions, which indicated that while no impairments urgent need to call an ambulance. This means that even conducted under the supervision of a physician abortion carries with it some risk, then what to talk about self-illiterate use of drugs?


The consequences of abortion at home
The consequences of abortion at home

The consequences can be criminal abortionmost pitiable. The violent separation of the fetus from the mother's body leads to severe bleeding that can not stop on their own. Bleeding points out that in the uterus were the remains of the fetus or injure the walls, or, worse still, there was a perforation of the uterus, so do not do without surgical intervention of a specialist. The hospital is usually carried out repeated curettage, scraping all the remains, that is, abortion is carried out, which is a repetition could be avoided by immediately turning to the gynecologist.

At home abortion extremely high risk of enteringmicrobes in the uterine cavity. Microbes provoke infection with subsequent inflammation of the uterus. This disease can be fatal if not, then chronic.

An ill-considered decision to get rid of the child in the home can lead to infection and blood. Sepsis would be fatal for the woman.

From such problems as chronic endometritis also not insured by any one woman making an abortion at home. This disease - one hundred percent guarantee of sterility.

That's how the nature of a woman to get rid of thatunwanted pregnancy, it can only endangering their own lives. It is because of this risk of all abortions done at home, are considered criminal.

A few decades ago, abortion was underban, but from illegal abortions perished so many women that the state had to allow them to carry out in hospitals. The doctor, having special knowledge, is responsible for the lives and health of women undergoing abortion.

Dear women! Do not think about how to have an abortion at home. contact the medical center, where you will spend it without risk to life! If you are so afraid of the possibility of publicity, it is possible to find a clinic that will do everything anonymously.

You can not have an abortion at home withoutcomplications, all violations adversely affect the ovaries work, adrenal, thyroid, pituitary. Even a woman having good health, stable mentality, good genetics and insensitivity to pain, is not immune from the terrible consequences of abortion, made at home. And even better - use contraception and do not take a sin!

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