Abortion in early pregnancy

Abortion in early pregnancy

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  1. Medical abortion
  2. Manual vacuum aspiration
  3. Surgical
  4. How to determine pregnancy
  5. Effects

Unwanted pregnancy. Almost every modern mature woman not by hearsay knows what it is. According to statistics, 75 million women worldwide each year are faced with this problem for many reasons, among them - a ban partner use contraception, violence, own carelessness and inefficiency of contraception used by women. In some Latin American countries is still widespread illegal abortions, some of them are fatal woman.

Views on the early term abortions vary in their impact on a woman's body, they may be medical and surgical.

Medical abortion

This is one of the most benign methods of interruptionpregnancy in early pregnancy. It does not provide surgical intervention in the uterus. Its use is limited period - up to 6-7 weeks, yet fertilized egg is not very much fixed on the wall of the uterus.

For farmoaborta used drugs: mifepristone with prostaglandin metotrekstat with prostaglandin, misoprostol (sometimes with methotrexate). These agents act in different ways on the body.

For example, mifepristone prostaglandin administered byturn over the daily period of time vaginal, gives 94% guarantee of complete abortion. Adverse events in this case - nausea, vomiting, intestinal disorders, prolonged bleeding. The disadvantages of using this drug is that it takes a long time use and is characterized by some inconveniences.

Methotrexate is administered intramuscularly, the woman, andthen after 5 days of vaginally administered prostaglandin misoprostol is usually characterized by high efficiency. The effectiveness of such a scheme for medical termination of pregnancy - 90%. The disadvantage of this method is the long time interval between methotrexate and complete abortion - up to several weeks. It should be noted that due to the teratogenic effects of methotrexate is WHO complaints and objections, despite the low cost and ease of use of the method.

Misoprostol can be used independently,and methotrexate. According to statistics, the use of misoprostol alone finishes complete abortion in 90 cases out of 100, which means 90%. Abortion in the early stages with the use of this drug is considered to be preferable to its effect on a woman's body is less harmful than other instruments. Disadvantages of this drug - low compared with other efficiency. Practice shows that many women surgery was applied after the application of misoprostol as a result of incomplete abortion.

Manual vacuum aspiration

Manual vacuum aspiration

Abortion in early pregnancy can bemade by manual vacuum aspiration. Application of this method is limited for a period of 6 weeks. The contents of the uterus is completely absorbed by the special syringe on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. Advantages aspiration consist in the fact that this method gives much less complications than curettage. Such mini-abortion almost never accompanied by the use of general anesthesia, which in itself is already quite serious interference in the female body, and the local anesthetic is transferred much easier. Vacuum aspiration can be used in the very early stages of pregnancy, a few days after the delay of the menstrual cycle, a woman's body is still not hormonally reconstructed


Surgical abortion is performedthe timing of 6-12 weeks. Ovum while scraping together with the mucous membrane of the uterus, which in itself is an operating trauma and fraught with negative consequences for women's health. The list of complications, coming after such an abortion depends on the period of interrupted pregnancy, so it is recommended to consult a doctor in the early stages.

How to determine pregnancy

How to determine pregnancy in early pregnancy

How to determine pregnancy in early pregnancy

Without exception, women know that menstruation delay - it is not always pregnancy. Nervous tension, the use of pills for weight loss, lack of sleep may well be the reason for the delay.

The surest way to establish the pregnancy - is ultrasound, but it can not "see" the fruit in very early stages

There are tests rapid diagnosis determinationhormone levels, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Operate such test strips, taking into account that the very first days after conception in women is a significant change in the level of hormones, namely - human chorionic gonadotropin. Use test preferably in the morning, as the concentration of hormone in urine at this time is higher than for the rest of the day.

Laboratory tests are time-consuming, butmore reliable than tests passed independently. For the analysis of a woman donates blood or urine, the study of which with certainty can answer the question about the alleged pregnancy.


The consequences of abortion in the early stages
The consequences of abortion in the early stages

The consequences of abortion in the early stages can beextremely difficult. As a result of abortion, one in five women develop gynecological diseases, and in nulliparous women is a high probability of infertility. Also, 12% of women after abortion disrupted menstrual cycle, which is restored only if long-term treatment.

Termination of pregnancy - it's always a trauma, and notonly physiological, but also moral. The woman in the subconscious perceives abortion as violence on his body - is the strongest psychological stress, which can cause irreversible changes in the psyche.

What you need to do at the slightest suspicion ofpregnancy? First of all, inform the man from whom became pregnant, and the final decision taken jointly. Deciding to have an abortion as soon as possible address to the gynecologist - the sooner you get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, the less traumatic it will be for you.

Choosing a method of termination of pregnancy, you should be clear about the that choose lesser of two evils, and the woman, really caring about their health, choose means of contraception!

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