How does medical abortion

How does medical abortion

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Currently, there are many differentways to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy, but in most cases carrying out such an operation, like any surgery, carries a large number of unpleasant complications. But in addition to the operation itself, there is another way to perform an abortion, namely a medical abortion or pelleted abortion - abortion by drugs. Below we describe in detail how the medical abortion.

How does medical abortion

How does medical abortion

For the most part it is the chemical actionthe drug on the body, so that the whole point of this abortion procedure is reduced to the adoption of synthetic steroid substances - antiprogestins. Medical abortion occurs in menstruation form, rather suppresses the development of the drug leads to trophoblast and decidual tissue rejection, which in turn causes uterine bleeding, i.e. monthly, which is the termination of pregnancy. Thus, the medical abortion occurs fairly painless, although it largely depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.


Stages of medical abortion
Stages of medical abortion

Medical abortion involves several steps.

  • The first step is a survey revealingthe precise gestational age, because this type of abortion is limited to 42-49 days (or 6-7 weeks) from conception. The patient has to pass the following examination: gynecological examination, vaginal smear on the flora, hepatitis C and B, ultrasound, RW, HIV testing, as well as blood type, Rh factor for those who have the first pregnancy. Then make a selection agent for the transaction.
  • The second stage of the procedure is directlytaking the drug. This stage has two phases, a period of taking the drug before the first clinical manifestations - from 36 to 48 hours and the basic period of menstruation flowing, by which the intensity and duration may be slightly greater than the usual. At the beginning of the second period, the patient re-introduce the necessary preparations, and for a while it is under the supervision of a physician. The impact of the drug begins at 1.5 - 2 hours after taking the miscarriage occurs. The intensity and duration of bleeding depends on the duration of pregnancy. If medical abortion is carried out at an early period of 3-4 weeks, then most women it occurs as a normal menstruation. But at this stage, there may be some complications requiring intervention gynecologist, for example, may be overly excessive bleeding requiring endometrial curettage.
  • Finally, the third phase - after 12-14 daystaking the drug. At this stage, the gynecologist examines the patient, makes ultrasound. This examination is necessary to ensure complete absence of particles fetus in the uterus, i.e. make sure that the miscarriage has passed completely. Otherwise, surgery is performed.
    AT medical abortion aftermath the patient must remain under medical supervisionat least 3 months. Status of the uterus should be normalized during this period. In addition, after such interference immunity is severely weakened and requires more attention. Total of three, but each of them is very important, should not be neglected, either one. Possible ill health, may have a fever, you may receive different selections. In this case, you should consult a doctor.


Advantages of medical abortion
Advantages of medical abortion

The World Health Organization has recognizedmedical abortion is one of the safest methods of abortion, but no matter what abortion is, in any case, an interference with the body and detrimental effect on women's health. There is the possibility of pregnancy after such an abortion in 2-3 weeks, although this is unlikely. After the type of medical abortion gynecologist to prescribe the most suitable contraceptive. But planning a new pregnancy is not advised within six months after this abortion because the effects of the drug may in some way affect the development of the embryo. However, the most successful outcome of subsequent pregnancy was observed after medical abortion.

Medical abortion has several differentvariants that differ from each other only by selection of drugs. The most common drugs are "Mifegin" (made in France) and "mifepristone" (Russian production), also known drugs such as "Penkrofton" and "postinor" (Russian production).

In most clinics, generating an interruptpregnancy, drug "Mifegin" is used. It is not commercially available and is contraindicated for independent use. But such an option of abortion as "postinor" is a very common tool for use without medical supervision. This drug is called emergency contraception views and not apply it during pregnancy and after sexual intercourse without contraception or if other means of contraception did not work. Postinor should be applied immediately after such intercourse, it is absolutely useless in 2 days after intercourse and is not considered a reliable method of protection.

Finally, we can say that the safest andeffective method of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy is direct medical abortion. This method, compared to other, less dangerous for pregnant women follow, there is no possibility of infection, and among other things eliminates both general and local anesthesia. But we must not forget that this kind of abortion should be carried out only with the help of certified products of high quality and under the supervision of experienced professionals.

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