How to choose the hospital

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  1. What you need to know about hospitals

Maternity - the greatest happiness for the woman. Is this somebody will argue? However, to the joy was premature not, you need to take this very seriously. Today we will talk about. how to choose the hospital.

It is sad, but in the modern worldthe main role is played by money. Therefore, we can say one thing here: the more a woman in labor is free financially, the more opportunities in choosing a good hospital, it is endowed with. The second is not very nice thing might be that in small towns and villages, where the maternity hospital is not too much, simply can not be such that would meet all your requirements, and you willy-nilly will have to either go to the hospital in another city or to be content with what we have. That is why it is important to gather more information about the maternity wards in advance to go to the hospital right in advance, ie before the onset of labor.

What you need to know about hospitals

father's presence at birth

father's presence at birth

By collecting information on maternity, every pregnant woman should know:

  • What facilities has the hospital: whether there is a toll Chamber, is it possible to be present at childbirth the husband or relatives, give there children immediately or just bring on the breast, is there any special diet (for example, in the case if new mothers have some chronic disease), or there is only common table, how many people live in the ward, etc.
  • Be sure to specify when the cleaning will be scheduled to at the time of your birth your hospital has not been closed. The same goes for repairs.
  • Ask if the child is applied to the chestimmediately after his birth. It is very important! The first such contact between mother and baby, according to the opinion of many psychologists, leaves an imprint in the subconscious of the person in his life. After all, the kid is so important to feel immediately after stress (birth) warmth and affection that awaited him. The second important point is that the first drops of colostrum is very important for the child's digestive system and immune system.
  • Find out whether there is in the hospital pediatric intensive care, andhow high qualifications of medical staff, especially if you have any chronic diseases (hypertension, kidney, heart failure, epilepsy, etc.). You may need referral to a specialized hospital.

Make a list of the maternity hospital
Make a list of the maternity hospital
  • Ask if the hospital is practicing natural childbirthwithout surgery (unless, of course, it is not strictly necessary) and whether the hospital vertical childbirth (a relatively new trend in obstetrics, which helps to give birth quickly and without exhausting pain, both in the horizontal position).
  • Does the hospital to establish breastfeedingfeeding, to overcome the first difficulties? Proper feeding, pumping and maintenance of the breasts is a very important step for women's health, because otherwise many times increase the risk of various diseases (eg, breast, mastitis, etc.).
  • Notice how removed from the hospitalyour own place of residence. It is necessary to fight you did not find in any ordinary traffic jam on the way to hospital. Therefore it is better or choose something better, or go to the hospital in advance.
  • Be sure to find out what drugsmeans a hospital itself, and that will have to buy their own. Unfortunately, not all drugs are given to us for free today, so take care better about everything in advance.

What can be taken to the hospital
What can be taken to the hospital
  • Do I have to drag with itself packs things? This is a very important issue, because of the maternity hospitals do not allow to carry gowns and nightgowns in the office and provide postpartum women and their babies all need themselves.
  • If you plan a cesarean, alwaysFind out what you will do anesthesia. General anesthesia is not so safe as it can result in allergic reactions and affect the brain (eg, for some time, there may be problems with memory), and cerebrospinal not only completely safe, but also easy to use (all the time in the mind, there is no "othodnyaka"). Therefore, in advance to find out everything about and decide.
  • Did you know that even if you already had oneCesarean section, some of the hospital will be able to help you give birth to your own? However, in most cases, doctors prefer to not bother and just make the next step.
  • Some hospital practice "birth in the water." We do, however, is a rarity, and abroad (eg in England) is a common phenomenon.

To make inquiries about a particular medicalestablishment, use not only "official" information. Often, the "popular" opinion is much more authentic bright colorful posters and advertising. Ask your friends, sit on the forums on the Internet, but just listen to what they say in the queues at the antenatal clinic. Only by using all our tips and gathered all the information you can find a really good hospital. Good luck!

How to choose the hospital
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