How to prepare for childbirth

Table of contents:

  1. Complications of pregnancy
  2. Preparation dowry
  3. Preparing for the maternity hospital
  4. Physical training
  5. Psychological preparation

Pregnant women have different perceptions of theirnew state. Someone enjoys two strips, while others, on the contrary, upset, because the most important event in their life was not in their current plans. And in fact a reason for the strong emotions really are. With pregnancy comes to an end once and for all free life, she is now tied to the child, and to think, first of all, about him and not about himself.

Complications of pregnancy

Complications of pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth of the baby serioustest for women, both physically and psychologically. She needs nine months to deal with sickness, sometimes with serious toxicity. At least once a week you need to go to the antenatal clinic, and in the last stages, already with a big belly, and that more often. But still you need to remember about the family. Well, if there is someone to help, and if all the relatives and so immersed in solving their own problems? Then falls pregnant all the housework to do on their own. Deprived of the support it is already suffering from erratic mood is even more alarming, even hypochondriac.

Well even if the doctors did not find anyabnormalities in pregnant and the fetus. It so happens that the doctors in order to morally affect the patient begin to tell all sorts of horrors of the medical practice of pregnant women and mothers, oblivious to the fact that pregnant women are very impressionable, and the story can wreak in the soul of a future mothers fear of childbirth.

The closer the birth, the greater the woman beginsworry about the upcoming new phase of her life. The woman scares the unknown: joy gives way to anxiety expectations. This prenatal time can be spent for the benefit of yourself and your baby.

Preparation dowry

Preparation of a dowry for the baby

Preparation of a dowry for the baby

It is said that before giving birth should not buy anythingfor the child, it is considered a bad omen. However, pregnant women are often neglected this advice and can not resist the pleasure to go shopping children's clothes to buy a dowry to the newborn. And I must say, rightly so. After the birth of the baby and it will be, what time to devote.

By the time of departure to the hospital should buybed, some clothes for the first time, and it is better not the smallest size (often mistaken with ultrasound baby weight, five hundred grams plus or minus). More will need to prepare the package of diapers, cotton pads and sticks, Zelenka and hydrogen peroxide, cure bloating, such as "Espumizan", bedding, children's scissors, one-two bottles, breast pump. You can not rush with the stroller, in the first week home stay it you are unlikely to need.

Preparing for the maternity hospital

Preparing for the maternity hospital

Bags to the hospital to be collected is somewhere formonth before the expected date of delivery, as prepared for delivery, without a doubt, it is necessary in advance, they can start in the most unexpected moment. Gather everything you need for yourself. You are likely to need: nightgown, robe, washable slippers, postpartum bandage bra for nursing mothers, wipes, water, phone, along with the charger, disposable panties and diapers, hair elastic, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste perhaps his own plate, cup and spoon. In general, the list of necessary things you need to specify in the hospital, as the orders are different everywhere. Do not forget to prepare and bag with things for the baby. Be sure to need diapers and wet wipes for children, can be useful to cotton pads and sticks, but, again, check the information, usually the rest of the baby's hospital provides.

Physical training

Physical preparation for childbirth
Physical preparation for childbirth

Pregnant women can carry out yoga exercises,aerobics, swim in the pool and do breathing exercises, just before to do something, you need to consult a doctor. There are exercises that are specifically recommended for pregnant women.

Adopting postures.In the last stages of pregnancy it is important to be aware of those poses that help improve blood supply to the lower part of the body, relieve aches and pains. One such item is the posture tailor: brought together soles of the feet, tightened to the body, as close as possible - this is exactly the position that provides more blood flow to the lower body, and yet it increases the pelvic flexibility, which is extremely necessary for the delivery.

If you have sore feet, or do you justfeel tired in the legs, lie down on your back, feet up above the body: not only do you so a good rest, so also will provide an opportunity to correct your baby to lie down in your tummy. For those who are concerned about the incorrect position of the baby, you can suggest another position - on all fours. It also helps to overturn the child and facilitates the flow of blood to the internal organs of the fetus by reducing the pressure.

Poluprisedaniya. Stand next to a wall at a distance of 60 cm from it, and start to squat, keeping back flat as if you sit down on an invisible chair. Doing exercise can be up to 20 times.

Preparing nipples. If you are going to feed the unborn childbreast, the nipple is necessary to prepare for this already with 28 weeks, especially if they have a flat shape. Massage is carried out with thumb and index finger grasp the nipple and make pulling rubs movement.

Psychological preparation

Psychological preparation for childbirth
Psychological preparation for childbirth

Especially pregnant women fear childbirth process andcontractions. In fact, it is rather a fear of the unknown, fear of that something goes wrong, the fear of unbearable pain. Do not be so scared, of course, all individually, but the pain is usually quite tolerant. Consoled himself with the fact that almost all women go through it, and nothing - alive and well. After birth, you quickly forget about all his experiences. Many nulliparous mothers say that after they gave their hands on the baby, they immediately think about the birth of the next.

Read the information on the topic of how to behavein labor, about proper breathing. It is known that at the time of labor is necessary to breathe in a special way. In the literature described in detail the process of birth and gives recommendations on how to behave. After reading everything will fall into place. Most frightening is the ignorance of the process.

If you still have not let go of disturbing thoughts, walk on courses of expectant mothers, there you will prepare specialists. You can come along with her husband, it is your moral support.

The less you worry, the more light will be delivery.

How to prepare for childbirth
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