How to recover after childbirth

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  1. How can extend this period
  2. How is the post-natal period
  3. Advice
  4. Approximate daily diet of lactating women
  5. Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

Overwhelming joy of wonderful appearance of the nativecrumbs replaced by pleasant troubles, love and care of the newborn. And the happiness of motherhood begins to coexist with the desire to be a woman, all the same favorite and one single. Hormonal changes in the body during this period, the return of the endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems in the prenatal condition is often accompanied by postpartum depression: tearfulness, irritability, endless self-pity.

How can extend this period

Hygienic procedures

Hygienic procedures

Step recovery of all body systems after birth stress takes 6 to 8 weeks. At that time:

  • An expansive and heavy with the weight of the uterus in onekilogram reduced and within 7 days only weighs a pound. A couple of weeks - 350 grams, and the end of the post-partum period (2 months) assumes its original shape and weight - 50 grams. restores the uterus mucosa. The whole process is accompanied by postnatal discharge - lochia.
  • Female internal organs, cramped whenlast months of pregnancy the baby and enlarged uterus, taking its usual location. Some of them - take on the original size, inherent to pregnancy.
  • Agencies working "for himself and for the guy or girl", such as the heart, kidneys, liver gradually get used to the normal operation.
  • Bundles stretched during pregnancy andchildbirth and pelvic bones, which parted to let the newborn from the mother's bed, lose their former mobility and occupy a new location.
  • Cracks, microtrauma, and various soft tissue injuries heal and tightened.
  • Serious gaps are covered emerging scars.
  • The glands of the endocrine system are experiencing at thisperiod of major restructuring. At birth the female body loses one of the most important organs of the endocrine system - the placenta, which maintained the required level of hormones not only the baby, but also to normalize the balance of these stimulating substances in the mother's body. After birth, the remaining organs of the endocrine (glands) are reduced, since the waiting period and the birth of the baby they are carrying a double burden. The continued strength of the hormones released only to ensure lactation.
  • Breasts change, adapting to your appetite just crumbs for his age. lactation Formation occurs within 6 weeks.

How is the post-natal period

Care in the postpartum period
Care in the postpartum period
  1. To restore the body after a naturaldelivery in the first day obstetricians advised complete rest until the authorities will take the normal position, and in the area of ​​the uterus is applied cold towel wrapped hot water bottle.
  2. Particular attention is paid to the careful intimateHygiene: daily shower at least two times a day is recommended to treat the genitals warm boiled water or a decoction of herbs (herbs but to agree with the doctor!). Usually for this purpose are advised chamomile, calendula or series. Such procedures can avoid complications after the birth.
  3. On the fourth day maternity allowed to get up and move slowly.
  4. The next 14 days are learning to feednewborn feeding. The nipple should be given to a child with a halo (the dark circle around the nipple). If the child starts to suck colostrum only from the nipple, then it cracks formed soon, which is very painful. Usually these women giving birth for the first time to suffer.
  5. Receiving special preparations for the earlyuterine contractions - "postpartum labor" can only be prescribed by a doctor. Some tools have a bitter taste, which can harm the baby - he can refuse the breast. Postpartum depression can be muted sedative, which should also recommend to the doctor.
  6. From the moment of birth until 8 weeks, or two monthsheavy physical exercises are contraindicated! However, the motion during child care, vigilant supervision over him will be excellent exercise for women. During this period it is necessary to avoid exposure to cold, provoking inflammation.
  7. After two months it is possible to rebuild a graceful figure.


Child Care after childbirth
Child Care after childbirth
  • No rigid mono-diet! They can lose weight "on the hour", and problems with lactation purchase a large amount, up to the disappearance of milk. Firstly, the need to balance the diet, giving up plenty of sweet, fat, baking flour. By reducing the harmful even for the child's diet, you can avoid the deposition of fat and crumbs.
  • Breast milk is about 90 percent water. Therefore, breastfeeding, pediatricians are advised to drink at least two to three liters of clean water without gas.
  • "Golden Rule" nursing mothers doctors feel drunk before feeding a cup of tea with milk. A couple of crackers with a thin layer of butter or apple wonderful complement your first breakfast.
  • Must be fed often, 5 or 6 times a betterday, but very small portions. Soft, gentle cottage cheese in the package 250 g - excellent "bite", a beneficial effect on the body and are beneficial to your stomach.
  • galactophagygalactophagyFrequent breaks during childbirth contribute to the formationconstipation. Diet nursing moms in this situation should include a lot of fiber and products made from milk. Flour products and starchy vegetables are better noticeable limit. Grated carrot - a storehouse of vitamins, perfectly cleanses the intestines, carrot juice and tasty salads from this root perfectly add to your diet. Vitamin A is produced by actively growing, if fill carrot salad with sour cream or vegetable oil (a few drops of olive oil miracle). Mayonnaise should be excluded from the use of its harmfulness.
  • From mineral water pediatricians recommend"Novoterskaya healing," but it is necessary to pre-clean, defending from the gas. From meltwater safe "Arkhyz" and "Pilgrim." Will be useful for drinking fruit and vegetable juices, which do not cause the child a diathesis (allergic redness of the skin).
  • Eating fat young mom should reduceminimized. Suffice it to 25 per cent of their share in her diet. At a rate of fifteen hundred calories a lipid (fat) portion should not exceed '40 When to use one liter of 1% yogurt, you can get 10 grams of fat, the same amount contained in one tablespoon olive (or other vegetable) oil. For comparison: in the tile favorite chocolate milk can be found about double the daily rate of fat (about 70 grams).
  • Dishes made of natural meat and meat products, excluding sausages and smoked, can be consumed in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Fresh, stewed (without oil) or cooked non-starchy vegetables are very useful to include in every meal.
  • It is useful and not too high in calories cereals: porridge on the water or skim milk, whole grain or brown rice.
  • Chocolate delights and sweets should be completelydeleted. They are not only too high in calories, but also capable of provoking the child diathesis. Mom can successfully replace them with a reasonable amount of dried fruit, natural honey and delicious jam.
  • Seeds and nuts, even in a minimum amount(A couple handfuls) successfully covered half the daily energy intake and the amount of fat in their usual rolls (you can remember what it is the raw material for production of various oils).

Balanced Lifestyle
Balanced Lifestyle
  • Exclude need products that cause the babyallergy: chocolate, honey, citrus, coffee, strawberries, pickles, smoked meats (fish and sausage), canned, eggs (excessive use), concentrated broth, spicy seasonings. Prohibited alcohol, including beer.
  • Digestible refined products is not enough thatbring in a woman's body mass of "empty" calories, they contribute to the difficulty digesting food. Dangerous "rush" after you are discharged from the hospital for the first time appeared with their child at home, which makes the grab on the go all in a row, leads to an unbalanced diet, the whims of the baby because of the chaotic and catastrophic diet weight gain woman. Whether business naipolezneyshaya cauliflower boiled or steamed with a little olive oil and a delicious piece of salmon unpreserved.

Approximate daily diet of lactating women

Ration feeding woman
Ration feeding woman

First option:

  • At least half a liter of milk, yogurt or yogurt;
  • 50 g or 100 g of pure or cheese-based products;
  • 150-200 grams of meat;
  • 0,6-0,8 kg of vegetables;
  • Eggs or butter - 50 g;
  • 0.3-0.5 fruit in any form;
  • Grain Bread - 0.4-0.5 kg;
  • Vegetable oil 1 tbsp (20-30 g).

The second option:

  • Dairy products - 2 or 3 servings (except milk include yogurt, cottage cheese and cheeses)
  • Vegetables in any form - 3 or 5 batches;
  • Meat, fish, eggs, chicken and nuts - 2 or 3 servings;
  • fresh fruits, salads - 2 or 4 servings;
  • Bread and cereals (rice, etc.) - 6 - 7 servings.

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

lactation Formation
lactation Formation

Magic weight loss has little to do with breastfeeding, but a simple calculation of calories and uncomplicated to follow the laws of excess weight loss can lead you to the desired harmony very soon.

Development of "eats" every day mother's milkat least 800 kcal. From reserves of adipose tissue, accumulated while waiting for a baby, spent the day around 300 calories per lactation, the remaining calories must be achieved through proper nutrition. Mommy lactation spends about 2700 kcal per day. Reducing calorie level below 1800 calories and weight loss of more than 1 kg per week can lead to a rapid decrease in lactation, wasting and possible disappearance of breast milk.

Exercising after childbirth
Exercising after childbirth

Weight loss without catastrophic caloric restriction allows reasonable movement. However, aerobic exercise or brisk walking is necessary to agree with the doctor.

With the weakening of lactation also helps the physician choose the herbs fennel, alfalfa, nettle or fenugreek which stimulate the secretion of milk.

If the bra is not the first two monthsit is recommended to wear, then at the end of 8 weeks, you need to wear it; it must be made of natural fabrics, with wide straps tight enough to perfectly fit the shape of the breast.

Necessarily it is necessary to include in its complexdaily exercise exercises to strengthen chest muscles and make sure that the back was straight. Zealous in this case too it is not necessary, since the excess of physical activity leads to a change in the taste of breast milk - it becomes bitter.

Walking with your baby
Walking with your baby

Long walks with the baby in the open air in good weather would benefit crumbs and help to recover from the birth mother.

Doctors say that the almost completeelimination of the consequences of pregnancy occurs in the first nine months. Ideally, there should be no school jeans, a slim and toned body, you also have to perform the main task of a young mother - to feed their child the best product for the newborn. It is nutritious and protects from all diseases means - maternal breast milk.

How to recover after childbirth
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