Stimulation of the birth of folk remedies

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Each child has its own uniquecharacter - one restless, which can not be stopped, and the other - lentyay- "old man", it does not make the move or strain. These features of the child's body laid long before birth, in the womb. Waiting for the baby allegedly obstetricians period lasts from 38 weeks to 42 weeks after the fortieth doctors ascertain prolonged pregnancy. However, the baby is born when ready. As professionals joke: "No other woman in an interesting position did not remain pregnant for life." Nature is wise, giving crumbs time to prepare for the sacrament meeting with the outside world.

Artificial stimulation of labor activity should take place only in a hospital and medically! It is prescribed, if:

  • pregnancy "crossed the" threshold of expectations of 42 weeks;
  • baby by ultrasound-study has a large amount;
  • in the womb multiple pregnancy;
  • future mom is suffering from hypertension;
  • from mothers present kidney problems and thyroid gland;
  • revealed loss of the umbilical cord, the weakening of labor or fetal hypoxia.

The seriousness of the risk

The seriousness of the risk

The decision to hold the stimulation takes only a doctor, and the procedure is carried out only in his presence!

However, at the whim of some mothers or life circumstances they want as quickly as possible to bring the date of the meeting with the kid. Arguments such acceleration may be:

  • the desire to give birth to the holiday date or during a certain sign of the zodiac;
  • during pregnancy has exhausted mentally and physically a woman, she wants, regardless of the time, quickly give birth;
  • mommy interesting work, good career and so there were domestic circumstances, that most births - a way out of the situation.

Should health and life of the baby to betin order to solve these problems? Stimulation of the birth of folk remedies - a very dangerous thing! Even innocuous at first glance beneficial medicinal herbs can have a negative influence on the process of timely appearance of your crumbs. Parsley and sage can cause premature uterine contractions, and "push" the baby from the mother's bed. And if the lack of professionalism of doctors allowed to put the wrong time? Is it worth it to risk it?

In any case, having decided to learn more about the natural induction of labor, consult with an experienced, professional doctor.

"Grandma's" tips on washing floors by hand and jumps can be ignored. Taking care of a child, avoid mechanical effects on your body and the baby.

And now for the good ...

Motor activity pregnant
Motor activity pregnant

The only correct advice related tophysical activity: after 40 weeks often stop to lie on the couch and to protect themselves from the slightest movement. Walk, walk, climb up and go down the stairs, breathing fresh air - it will satisfy you with the baby with oxygen, give a lot of pleasant emotions, and is likely to have a slight stimulatory effect on the birth process. Active walks, in the opinion of doctors, help engage the "correct" position of the child in the womb prenatal.

If the doctor is not categorically forbidden to engage insex, then this natural way to induce labor can be used. According to research scientists in the semen contains substances (prostaglandins), which have a softening effect on the cervix, helping it quickly "mature" for a smooth and speedy deployment. However, try to do it without fanaticism: posture should be comfortable, enjoyable sex only and not too "active". Orgasm, the final act of love, would allow the body to highlight oxytocin - "love hormone", which is an excellent natural stimulant generic process. Its synthetic analogue synthesized pharmacists employed in hospitals with medical method of stimulation.

This method can be applied induction of laborOnly when saving amniotic fluid. After their leakage or rupture of an increased risk of infection with the genital organs of women. In no case can not use this method in the diagnosis of "placenta previa."

Induction of labor
Induction of labor

Sometimes doctors are advised to use a soft,delicate stimulation of the nipple and areola (dark circles located around the nipple). The massage is performed three times a day, for 30 minutes on both breasts (15-on each). This action can serve as a "trigger" for the launch of labor.

The following method, which is often used ina hospital - it is an enema. Douches mug filled with water at room temperature (plus 20 or 25 degrees). Reducing the intestinal wall causes such as uterine muscle that can have an impact on the acceleration of the generic process. At home, this method may cause a transient process, which can adversely affect the outcome of the birth.

A similar effect has laxativesubstance - castor oil. Midwives are sometimes recommended to take (just in the hospital!) 100 ml of this medium, mixed in half with orange juice. Such an extreme way can cause a gag reflex because of too unpleasant odor and taste of castor oil, and promote strong bowel disorder and dehydration of the body. Although sometimes you can find this advice: take 30 ml of castor oil before the meal and wash it down with 200 ml of water with lemon. both methods are too dangerous in the home!

To increase the elasticity of the tissues can be successfullyuse the following tips to take 1 st.l.olivkovogo oil while eating (eg, in a salad) three times a day for a mild laxative effect and cervical preparation and perineum for childbirth.

Another very good way to induce labora pleasant conversation with her unborn crumbs. The story of how Mom and Dad look forward to his (her) appearance, can convince the kid to leave his warm and quiet place. Medicine has long proved that the child hears parents' voices and responds to them even in the womb.

Stimulation of herbs childbirth
Stimulation of herbs childbirth

Traditional medicine in Russia and obstetric practicein the United States are recognized method of inducing labor, without using medication: brewed tea or prepare a decoction of the leaves of raspberry (red). It tones the muscles of the uterus and pelvic organs. After 40 weeks of future mothers drink 400-600 ml per day, prepare a broth, which allows to soften the ligaments in the birth canal zone and greatly reduces the risk of fractures.

Stimulation of the birth of folk remedies cancarried out with the help of homeopathy. Doctors of the industry argue that Pulsatilla (Pulsatilla) and Kaulofillum (Caulophyllum) help stimulate labor. Before the use of such drugs is required to get the advice of an experienced homeopath. Only considering the harmlessness of these tools, they can stimulate contractions.

In the East, accelerate the emergence of battles with the help ofacupuncture. In China, during the entire pregnancy future moms may turn to a specialist for early toxemia, preeclampsia, or headaches. The thinnest needle, acting on specific points, which are known only to the master, can speed up the process of labor, as well as to normalize irregular or too weak contractions.

Stimulation of the birth of folk remedies availableonly by agreement with the doctor! Internet forums and articles about this sacrament - a reference material, rather than guide to action. A healthy and strong baby - a reward for your discretion.

Stimulation of the birth of folk remedies
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