What to bring to the hospital

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  1. The first group - Documents
  2. The second group - things into genera
  3. The third group - things for the postnatal stay
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All that may be needed in the future motherhospital, depends primarily on the level of medical institutions, and the list of services it services. That is why we take as a basis the most common hospital, where births take place absolutely free (but still worth thinking about, and not "reward" if a midwife to her attention became more caring). Consequently, the new mother has to provide itself with a large set of necessary things. In this article we will explain what to take with you to the hospital to mum and baby, give a full list of things that are relevant in the 2016-2017 year.

Conventionally, all that you will need the expectant mother can be "decomposed" into several groups.

The first group - Documents

Documents for the hospital

Documents for the hospital

be sure to take from the documents:

  • passport,
  • medical insurance,
  • contract with the maternity hospital (if lay)
  • documents issued in the antenatal clinic,
  • exchange card,
  • direction,
  • birth certificate.

The second group - things into genera

Things for childbirth
Things for childbirth

After arriving at the hospital and pass registration(A bit tedious procedure in filling the questionnaire), the expectant mother is in the prenatal ward, where he will "wait out" the bout. Typically, the House is located a few women, slightly disturbing and distracting each other. So you need to take to the hospital, not only "binding" set, but that little "brighten up" waiting period:

  • bathrobe (or may not be useful, because usually all do without it);
  • nightie (large size, so as not squeezed his stomach; it can be thrown away after birth);
  • small towel;
  • toilet paper (it is not always in the bathroom);
  • disposable paper toilet seat;
  • slippers (suitable for swollen legs);
  • phone (to be able to call her husband, if the need arises);
  • a bottle of water (birth - a long process, and drinking during labor is not only possible, but necessary);
  • at least one high absorbency pad;
  • additionally may be needed: Player (if you want to listen to music with a relaxing effect), ball birth (if allowed doctors that is still very rare, but it is nice to help "solve" the pelvic bone), things and documents of her husband (in the presence of his at birth).

To eat during labor, our doctors do not recommend, therefore it is better a little snack before you leave the hospital at the beginning of still weak labor.

The third group - things for the postnatal stay

Things to postpartum visit
Things to postpartum visit

After birth, the young mother with baby(The best option) or without it (a little worse for recovery after childbirth and uterine contractions) are transported on a gurney in the postnatal ward, where she will be in the next few days.

What do I need to take to the hospital for the mother:

  • toothpaste and toothbrush,
  • soap,
  • pads postpartum (homemade rag made from old pillowcases or sheets, or purchased)
  • sterile disposable or reusable panties for women who have given birth (sold in stores for pregnant women and some pharmacies)
  • "Bepanten" (ointment, perfectly and quickly heals cracks on the nipple and the baby diaper rash)
  • large and small towel,
  • shampoo,
  • loofah,
  • rubber slippers,
  • toilet paper,
  • comb
  • wet sanitary napkins.

Do not forget to garbage bags, table set(Cups, two bowls, a spoon and a big tea, fork, napkin, kitchen towel and cloth to wipe the table). If the appetite exceeds roddomovskuyu portion of food, you can ask her husband to bring home thermos with tea and rice porridge with milk (it will allow faster "turn on" the work of your intestines).

In addition, the need to wear:

  • new clean robe,
  • nightie (preferably with the shoulders to unbutton that simplifies the process of feeding the baby)
  • slippers
  • socks (if the House is cool).

It can be useful bandage postpartum and nursing bra, and charger for the phone.

As a bonus for successfully culminating in delivery, you can grab a camera and a couple of love stories with erotic scenes (well affect uterine contractions).

The list of what to take with you to the hospitalfor the baby depends on the "request" of the hospital. Usually, if you signed a contract and paid stay in the private room (with or without the baby), and not in the normal 4-seater, the child provides all the necessary medical institution itself. Otherwise, you may be asked to bring the "diapers" for babies and infant formula.

If a pipsqueak is with you in the same room, you will need:

  • towel for the baby (it can wash away immediately in the House in the shell of an existing there);
  • - A night light or a small table lamp (to change the baby "diaper", without turning the upper bright light at night);
  • Handbook on breastfeeding(Eg, the eponymous bestseller by William and Martha Sears) - this will help to deal with good attachment to the baby's chest and will help you find answers to your questions without disturbing the medical staff;
  • simple transparent bags to put them to use "pampers";
  • disposable diapers (better than maternity hospital suggested to you).

All of the above (including things to dobirth) should be pre-folded in two packages. The first package will take with him when he will go to give birth. A second after the birth will bring her husband or relatives (you can put it directly into the car, to the spouse to celebrate, not "lost" his home).

There is another option - it is ready sets inhospital (this can be added a few necessary, but was not there things for personal hygiene). Their main advantage - convenient packaging in the form of bags, which is then useful storage crumbs for a walk or travel with his parents.


Discharging from maternity hospital
Discharging from maternity hospital

The clothes on the statement should also be collected in advance, taking into account the slightly varying shapes the young mother. The list of things in the hospital will vary depending on time of year and weather conditions:

  • outerwear,
  • footwear,
  • tights,
  • Underwear,
  • Razletayka-dress with wide unbuttoncollar, enabling them to make the baby to the breast, while the get to the house (it should be remembered that the stomach can "get away" at once, especially for those women who gained a lot of weight during pregnancy or giving birth is not the first child)
  • cosmetics (on request or if there are pictures or shoot video at the meeting).

What to take to the hospital newborn to extract? First, the clothes - a cap (a fine or an additional warmer when it's cold outside), vest. Second, warm and elegant diaper covers with ribbon and bow or envelope ready for a newborn. Third, the car seat for the crumbs, but this time you can drop off and the hands in the back seat.

We specify a list of

We specify a list of things for the hospital
We specify a list of things for the hospital

Approaching the gestational age of 35 weeks(Or just before), expectant mother should ask about the conditions offered by the City maternity hospital (or multiple medical institutions, if you live in a big city). It is possible that for a stay in a private room with the child or the right to family visits, have to pay extra, as well as for labor in a particular gynecologist or midwife. At the same time there should clarify also what things to take to the hospital. The same list can give a "Female consultation", if they are a medical institution, together with your chosen maternity hospital.

What to bring to the hospital
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