Care for dry skin of the face


In caring for the girls facial skin daily spenda huge amount of time and it is not surprising, because from good skin depends almost our entire appearance. Now we will focus on dry skin and on how to properly take care of it. In the early years this skin can only envy- No greasy, always smooth beautiful color, but in the absence of good care with age skin is dry early fade. To avoid this, you need to know the secrets of caring for this skin type.

How to clean dry skin

After waking up, or simply wash thermalordinary clean water, the water can add decoctions of herbs chamomile, mint or sage. Now you finally wake up your skin and easy to clean and tonic without alcohol, then it is necessary to moisten it with cream. Cream choose specifically for dry skin with rich but non-greasy texture.

Care for dry skin of the face

In the evening the skin needs to be cleansed and nutrition. Take off your make-up milk with a high content of nutrients, and then apply to the skin a night moisturizer. For very dry skin, you can still apply a cream hydrogel.

Masks for dry skin

Dry skin is the most currently requiressupplementary feeding and protection, so at least once a week spoil her masks. It will be good for owners of dry skin mask of sour cream or other dairy products. Besides several times a week may be used vegetable and fruit masks, masks or fatty oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter. Mask with the addition of beeswax is also suitable for dry skin. I offer you a few recipes of masks for dry skin, which can be made at home.

egg mask: You need half raw egg yolkand 1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil. Stir thoroughly and apply on your face, gently rubbing into the skin. Wait 20 minutes, then wash away with warm water and a cotton pad.

The mask of yeastTake 10 g of yeast and slowly added to itolive oil until the mixture is smooth oily consistency. Apply a mask in multiple layers on the face and then wash away after 20 minutes. It is recommended to do such a mask 2 times a week in the course of 2 months.

Mask with cheese - Excellent food for dry skin. You will need: cottage cheese - 2 tbsp. spoon, sunflower or olive oil - 2 tsp, it is best to take the sesame oil.. Mix everything and apply on face for ten minutes, then wash away with cool water and wipe the face with a refreshing tonic.

Mask with cheese and honey. You will need: curd - 1 tbsp. spoon of honey - 2 tbsp. spoon. Honey Melt before it to liquid consistency and mix with cottage cheese, then apply the mask on your face and wash away in half an hour.

Super moisturizing mask for dry skin with oil. As fit any vegetable oiloil, which should be warm, soak them light cloth and apply to face for 20 minutes. Then gently daring all excess oil from the face with a cotton pad, pre-moistened in lukewarm water. Now you can make a contrast striping temperature: after a warm mask, apply a couple of minutes to the face towel, obmoknuv it in cold water.

Care for dry skin of the face

Dry skin is required in addition wetting purification and peelingOnly carry out these procedures should be togreater caution. The best option - it is of course to trust in the hands of an experienced master, who will select the ideal treatment for your skin. If you yourself decided to choose the means, then give preference to soft scrub and peeling means do not choose a high acid content.

What you can and can not dry the skin

Dry skin is very fond of rain and fog, and there is noNothing strange. During air mist and rain very saturated with moisture, which immediately absorbs the skin. In addition, moisture stimulates blood circulation, due to which the flow of nutrients is enhanced thereto. It is important to include in your diet foods rich in oils and fats - this vegetable oils, nuts, fatty dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, butter, cheese. It likes dry skin Oil Omega 3 - it increases the elasticity of dry skin, restores and moisturizes it from within. He was very much found in fatty sea fish. For breakfast, owners of dry skin is useful to add in porridge or muesli pair of Art. tablespoons of ground flax seeds.

But that does not like dry skin, so it is frequentstay in the sauna and swim in the pool. In such places, so dry skin loses its protective film weak and further dried. But this does not mean that you should forget about the sauna with a swimming pool, just do not go there too often, and immediately after contact with the water applied to the skin greasy protective cream or make a hydrating mask. Also do not like dry skin with hot weather, sun or strong wind.

Secrets of care for dry skin

Moisturize dry skin should be immediately after washingor applying the lotion, but Never apply a moisturizer on dry skin. When we apply a moisturizer to damp skin, then this allows moisture to dwell in the deep layers of the skin, but also on wet skin, too, it is not necessary to apply tools as they simply will drain. After cleaning the face tonic, once you can start to moisturize the skin.

the skin can be cleaned with the help of the evening oils. For these purposes it is possible to use babysunflower oil. In Asia, where women have always taken care of their skin made to clean the skin Akulov or sesame oil - they perfectly remove makeup and nourish the skin.

Do not forget to apply for the night moisturizing cream, And for dry skin is not desirable to use a cream during the day and evening as a night cream should be more bold in its texture.

Do not humidify the skin around the eyesBecause the skin in this area is characterized by itstexture from the rest of the facial skin. She is very sweet and greasy moisturizers can only irritate her. For the skin around the eyes use special tools for this area.

Soak a pause between the application of moisturizer and a tonal framework, at least 10 minutes in the other haste in the make-up will lead to clogged pores.

These tips will help you keep the dry skin in perfect condition for many years.

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