Folk remedies for hair growth

Folk remedies for hair growth

Table of contents:

  1. Reasons affecting hair loss
  2. Recipes
  3. Proper nutrition

Health and beauty - this is one of the mainhuman values. Society, satiated with artificial models and false ideals, begins to realize that they are, by and large, can not be bought or sold. The inner and outer beauty of a person is predetermined by nature, the need not to interfere and help the body to carry out the vital processes that contribute to a person to become healthier and more beautiful.

Condition hair - is not only an indicator of prosperity of human beauty, but also a sign of the harmonious development of the body receives all the necessary for this purpose.

Reasons affecting hair loss

Reasons affecting hair loss

Daily hair loss - it is a normal,natural process. Just the body replaces the old dead cells with new ones. Every day about 60 drops of human hairs, it is the norm. In place of the fallen will grow another. If the lost hair is much longer, it is necessary to think about the reason.

Probably many noticed that when in lifeshe begins herself "black stripe" - a problem in the family, at work, sick children - hair begins to pour from his head, like autumn leaves from a tree. Stress negatively affects their status, if you often feel nervous, then head vessels are narrowed so much that hair loss becomes protracted, chronic.

Not only stress, but the dandruff is the enemybeautiful hair. This is not only unsightly, when you have dandruff, this is a real disease. Dandruff or seborrhea weakens the hair roots, clogs the skin, prevents the penetration of air to the skin.

Sometimes hair loss can be a kind of"Protest" them on any medication. This birth control pills, drugs, normalize blood pressure, diuretics, antidepressants and even aspirin. Before taking any medication, carefully review the instructions for its use. If there is, in the section "Side Effects" and "Contraindications" states that can fall out hair, then talk to your doctor and he will recommend something different. The same applies to the food dietary supplements often contain selenium, a dangerous hair.

The hair may fall out, and for a simple reasonlack of vitamins in the body, such as retinol (A), vitamin C or vitamin B, as well as trace elements. This happens most often in the wrong diet. Therefore, a balanced diet, supplementation of vitamins in the winter will be your warning that step problem.

Hair loss can occur because of heredity. Intensive loss a couple of years will lead to hair loss, so at the very beginning of the loss need to take action.

Women often lose their hair in the pursuit of beauty. Frequent coloring, alignment ironing, blow-drying and styling curling irons - all this has a negative impact on their condition. Sometimes you need to give your hair a break from excessive loads.

Cause hair loss may behormonal changes. Most women hair falls out during pregnancy and after childbirth. For a healthy woman is a temporary phenomenon, after a stop breastfeeding, your hair will get its original form and will cease to fall.

The hair can fall out and differentdiseases. Diabetes, increasing the adrenal glands, thyroid disease, pneumonia can cause hair loss. Stop the process early treatment of these diseases.


Recipes folk remedies for hair

Recipes folk remedies for hair

To prevent hair loss and increase their growth can be yourself at home, using folk remedies for hair growth:

  • One of the most effective methods for thisIt is the use of castor oil. Warm it up a bit and rub in a circular motion into the scalp, then leave for a few hours. It is important here that the hair were in heat, then the oil will be more effective action. Then, in the usual way wash your hair with shampoo. To conduct such a procedure is recommended once a week. The castor oil is desirable to add a few drops of almond, pink or burdock. This mixture will not only strengthen the existing hair, but also trigger the growth of their "dormant bulbs," waking "reserves of the body" - the hair will be fluffy and will not fall out.
  • Folk remedies for better hair growththe head has long been recommended burdock, burdock root juice or decoction of burdock root. Apply the oil should be once a week, rubbing it into the scalp warmed. A few hours head soak in the warmth, shook a handkerchief or scarf, and then rinse with shampoo oil. A decoction of the roots of burdock root is preparing mixed with sweet flag. In 1 liter of water to boil for 10 minutes. 4 Art. roots spoon, let it brew and warm rub into the scalp twice a week.

Hair Treatment folk remedies suggests using prepared yourself for the efficiency and masks:

  • Brandy and water, taken at 2, Art. spoon stir with two yolks, apply evenly to dry hair over their entire length, rub well into the roots. After 30 min. Rinse with warm water without using shampoo.
  • In a teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar, 1 tbsp. spoon of castor oil, 1 egg and beat well to lubricate the hair roots. Shook his head with a towel or handkerchief and hold it for a while over the steam. Then rinse the head with warm water.
  • Purified propolis (4 g) was placed in a glassbottle pour 100 ml of vodka or alcohol diluted in half with water, close tightly and shake well. The solution recommended rubbed into the hair roots once a week.
  • Onion juice mixed with vodka at a ratio of 1:2, rub into the roots of the hair, leave for 3 hours, then rinse with warm water and shampoo. The tool not only save you from dandruff, but also prevents hair loss and accelerate their growth.
  • Mustard mask warms head and causesrush of blood to the hair bulbs, thereby stimulating them. Equal parts of mustard powder, olive or burdock oil and water mix. 1 egg yolk, a pinch of sugar. Coat the tips of the hair oil, the mask did not get to them, then put a mask on hair roots, pack your head in plastic wrap, wrap a towel. Hold for 15 minutes to an hour, how many survive. Washed off the mask with warm water, then the hair is washed with shampoo. This mask is recommended on a weekly basis for a month.

Using masks for eggs, we must remember that the protein is better to use for oily hair, yolk - for dry and whole egg - to normal.

Folk remedies of black bread, too, have a positive effect:

  • Leaves of nettle, plantain, sage, marjoramand chamomile flowers, mix in equal parts. 1 tbsp. spoon the resulting mixture, pour boiling water (1 cup), let it brew, strain, add the pulp of the infusion of rye bread, then whisk until smooth to form a slurry. The resulting mask rub into the roots. Holding the 2 hours and rinse with warm water.
  • 200 g of rye bread, pour 100 ml of boiling water. When the softened bread has cooled slightly, add the 1 mashed garlic clove and 1 egg. Gruel whisk well and apply on your scalp for 20 minutes, wrapped with a towel. This mask is good for the hair greasy, dries the skin and stops the release of excess fat.

Infusions for hair growth can also cook yourself:

  • Grind the leaves of aloe, put them in a blender, pour warm boiled water, good crush. Strained mixture to rinse the hair after washing.
  • An excellent remedy for hair growth isnettle. It must be harvested during flowering, quickly having dried in the shade. 2 tbsp. tablespoons nettle, placed in a glass bowl, pour boiling water (250 ml), and insist filter. Good washing their hair, they cause infusion and wrap up towel. Then dried without wiping. Nettle is not only promotes hair growth but also strengthens them well.
  • 1 tbsp. spoon birch leaves in a glass pour boiling water (1.5 cups), leave for 2 hours, and then wipe infusion of washed hair.
  • Good effect on hair growth celandine. Mix half a cup of warm vegetable oil (better to take burdock or olive oil), 60 ml of tincture of celandine. Rub the resulting mixture into the scalp, and in half an hour rinse shampoo. This means not only nourishes and strengthens the hair, but also minimizes hair loss and brittleness, promotes their growth.
  • Another recipe using celandine andSage will give hair fluffiness, softness and natural shine to accelerate their growth. At 50 grams of celandine and sage, pour a glass of boiling water (250 ml), insist 40 minutes. Filtered infusion to rinse hair after shampooing.
  • A decoction prepared from a mixture of leaves of sorrel and burdock root in their boiling for 30 minutes enrich the hair and scalp with vitamin C. In this broth rinse your head after shampooing.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

In addition to all these potions, hair growthinfluence and power. Always in the daily diet include not only plant and animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, and cheese, honey, various nuts - then a fast and natural hair growth, you will be provided!

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