Increased immunity folk remedies

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  1. Reasons for decreasing immunity
  2. How to help your immunity

If you do not like to hurt, then it needs a strong immune system. In this article we will tell about the improvement of immunity folk remedies for adults and children.

Of course, when you got the flu or the common cold,you can just have a little pile of modern medicines, so widely advertised in the media these days, and go to work. But do not forget that:

  • First, you'll still be sick ( "treatment" will eliminate the symptoms and not an infection) and you threaten to various complications (eg, heart);
  • Secondly, you will become an excellent carrier of the disease, for which you will say a huge "Thank you!" pharmaceutical companies have sold you people affected by another batch of "medicine."

Ideally, you should just turn white 5-7 dayshome, taking drugs strictly on prescription, in extreme cases, limiting people's means of treatment. But even better, if you will not get sick at all, that today turns out, not all and not always. To understand the reasons for which the body gives a "failure," and you find yourself with a fever, runny nose or cough, it helps to understand, first of all, with the concept of "immunity".

Reasons for decreasing immunity

What is immunity

What is immunity

If you look in the encyclopedia, you can find therethe following definition of immunity: is resistance, resistance to infection. But do not think that the immune system - is there some substance formed in the body (or accepted by us in the form of vitamin supplements). In fact, "immunity" - the result is the common name of the immune system of the body, which, in turn, is a kind of security service of our body with many different "employees-cells." In the process of infection fighters involved red bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes and spleen.


Our with you "security" (immunity) has several layers of protection to the penetration of infection (viruses and bacteria):

  1. Please enter the battle surface (physical) barriers - systems of the body in direct contact with our environment:
    • hairs, the cilia on the tracheal wall (they do not get a foreign substance into the lungs);
    • tears;
    • mucus respiratory and digestive systems (which immobilizes the "enemies");
    • antimicrobial substances secreted by the skin (toUnfortunately, modern people are very fond of "purify" your skin with trendy cosmetics, helping thus the infection to get into your body);
    • hydrochloric acid in the stomach, etc.
    • Should include emergency systems of the body- Cough, vomiting, sneezing and even diarrhea. If the infection was able to break further on its destruction are sent to "employees" of the innate immune system (it is put in our body even during fetal development).
    • The last battle in the men come for acquiredour life immune defense - at least once in his life faced with the infection if given, the body stores (either permanently or for a specified period), how to win and, if necessary, creates a special cell-protectors for concrete "enemy".

    How to help your immunity

    How to help your immunity

    When prolonged or chronic diseasesthe immune system gradually consumes all its reserves to create a cell-fighters (and their number is reduced, and the quality - deteriorating). The cells themselves, you protect our body against infections, are glycoproteins which are needed to generate various amino acids and sugars. That is why the people's means increased immunity mainly includes "delivery" into the body of these substances (and, preferably, all year round, but without fanaticism and drop to extremes).

    Several recipes enhance immunity folk remedies:

    • Diversify your diet (especially in the winter andspring) daily eating carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits and berries), which represent different saccharides. The main thing is not to arrange a one carbohydrate meal - stretch eating fruits and vegetables in small portions the whole day;
    • eat "everything in his time" trying to eat vegetables and fruits as they are ripening (winter include in your diet, "exotic" - mandarins, lemons, grapefruits, etc.);
    • do not forget about the amino acids - they are found in meat, fish, eggs, milk, corn, mushrooms, nuts, and legumes;
    • pine nutspine nutsmaintain or recover a tired bodya variety of "goodies": pine nuts, garlic, bulb and green onions, honey, a variety of pickles, fresh juices (all eat better at will and not under duress).

    But with the herbs should be more careful. The fact that the 'pure' fees only to enhance the immune system, you will not find in a directory (all grass still perform some additional work). Therefore, it is best to consult a professional herbalist, who will help to choose the right dosage and composition to accelerate the treatment of the disease, while supporting the immune system of your body.

    Increased immunity folk remedies
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