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How to remove toxins from the body

How to remove toxins from the body

Table of contents:

  1. Types and causes of
  2. Cleaning the body in acute intoxication
  3. Food poisoning
  4. An overdose of alcohol and tobacco
  5. Cleaning the body in chronic intoxication

As shown by practical observation, peoplemostly carelessly and without due attention to their own health concern, reflecting its status only ill or, even worse, was hospitalized with serious problems. All of us look forward to "maybe" when overeat, over-zealous with alcohol, do not control the number of cigarettes smoked and often do not pay attention to the harmful substances, which in contact. All of this happens until the moment when the body can not stand, he says "stop" and responds to our neglect of the manifestation of the symptoms of poisoning or intoxication. And then there is definitely a need to think about how to remove toxins from the body.

Types and causes of

Our body is designed so that it is able toindependently cope with a certain amount of poison entering it through the gastrointestinal tract, the skin or mucous membranes. But as soon as the amount of harmful substances exceed the natural capacity of the organism, occurs intoxication or poisoning.

Symptoms of intoxication

Symptoms of intoxication

Intoxication caused by substances which are calledtoxins, waste, weeds. This collectively, for all substances, which adversely affect the condition of the human body. Most of the toxins man "load" an absolutely conscious, eating junk food, too carried away by alcohol and smoking. It is also the cause of intoxication can be a variety of poisoning substances that enter the human body by accident or due to criminal activities of third parties. This may be a gas poisoning, drugs, chemical warfare agents, toxins, including heavy metals, food production (varnishes, paints) and other various substances of natural and artificial origin.

alcohol intoxicationalcohol intoxication

In the case of banal fouling organismFood, alcohol and tobacco, to try to cope with such intoxication can be on their own at home. If we are talking about difficult cases and life-threatening poisoning is to remove toxins from the body can know only a specialist. Getting medical help at the first symptoms of poisoning can save the life of the victim and to maintain health.

Intoxication can be acute and chronic. In acute intoxication symptoms of poisoning appear very bright and it is evident in chronic, they usually are lubricated and do not have a clear picture. Chronic intoxication mostly associated with prolonged exposure to poisonous or regularly taking it orally in small doses.

Binge eatingBinge eating

Thus, the main reasons are intoxication:

  • Binge eating. Very often abundant feast with lots of tasty, but harmful to the body, can cause nausea, vomiting, digestive disorders, headache, Cramping and abdominal pain, weakness, and even temperature rise.
  • Excessive dose of alcohol or mixing immediatelyseveral alcoholic beverages. Sometimes it leads to poisoning of alcohol intake on an empty stomach. We do not consider the intoxication caused by counterfeit alcohol, since this case can only be treated in a clinical setting.
  • Smoking is the first time or cigarettes, cigars,pipe or hookah with a stronger grade of tobacco than usual, also can cause acute poisoning, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, weakness, paleness, dizziness up to unconsciousness.


Note!At the time of acute poisoning by toxins the body is full. The most important thing now - to use such tools, which help to quickly get rid of toxins from the main mass.

Cleaning the body in acute intoxication

Most of the home there is a need in getting rid of acute intoxication. In this case, most of the sources of toxins becomes food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Note!If the poisoning was due to overdose or misuse of medications, and other unknown substances, it is necessary to urgently hospitalize the victim.

Food poisoning

Poor food

Poor food

As for poisoning low-quality food andwith overeating, it is important to quickly get rid of the stomach contents. Induce vomiting after poisoning can be different methods, but the most effective treatment goes the old proven method. In the three-liter jar of clean boiled water at room temperature to throw a few crystals of potassium permanganate. Dissolve it to obtain a pale pink solution. This liquid will have to drink complete cleaning gastric while returning the liquid is clear, with no food residue. If you use this method of purification of toxins with overeating, the relief usually occurs very quickly. Secure the effect can be taking a few tablets of activated charcoal. It also helps if there is discomfort and fermentation in the gut.

Note!Some time after acute poisoning by toxins in food is recommended to follow a strict lean diet, eating small, frequent meals.

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