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Motion sickness

Motion sickness

Table of contents:

  1. reasons for motion sickness
  2. Kinds
  3. How to treat
  4. prevention

Some people are never seasick, they canday and night to ride the rides such as "roller coaster" float on a fragile boat in a heavy storm and ride in a crowded transport during rush hour. For others, a kind of moving water on the screen, moving train or airplane dive causes dizziness and unpleasant abdominal discomfort. A trip in the tram or bus, especially in the heat, can turn into a torture and literally result in confusion - a person feels sick and miserable, his sick, vomiting, and sometimes it may even lose consciousness.

Very often motion sickness occurs in young children, pregnant women and the elderly. The same science explains the appearance of motion sickness have so many different people?

reasons for motion sickness

Very often children suffer

Very often children suffer

Motion sickness is caused by monotone and uniformvehicle vibrations. The main reasons for this state are rooted in violations of the human vestibular apparatus. It is hidden deep in the inner ear, and works on the principle of the pendulum, sending signals to the brain whenever a person carries the slopes or any active movement. If in the mechanism failures occur, the person begins to experience nausea, dizziness, and the urge to vomit at the slightest movement. This occurs most often when the received visual information does not coincide with the data supplied by the vestibular apparatus. For example, riding a bus person knows that he is sitting in a chair attached to a durable floor and rolling on wheels on a level road. However, fluctuations in the car on the road, potholes in the road, sharp movements of the driver is introduced into the brain delusion, and the person feels a particular and very uncomfortable feeling of motion sickness.

Very often the children swayed in transport. This is because the child's imperfect, not fully formed by the vestibular apparatus, which can not cope with the incoming data can not correctly interpret the information and to "compensate" the movement. Formed vestibular apparatus for a long time, in some children this process is fully completed only in 12-15 years.



There are people who swayed in any kind of movement, while others only react to certain types of pitching. This made it possible to divide the motion sickness on these types:

  1. Seasickness.
  2. Rocking the plane.
  3. Motion sickness in the land transport.

Motion sickness planeMotion sickness plane

This condition can be overcome and a healthy person,which is generally not prone to motion sickness. Most often this is due to the fact that a person is very tired and is in a state of extreme stress, hungry, sick, ill, or have just recovered from a serious illness, pregnancy, if traveling for a long time, and transportation thoroughly "chatters". Even with a healthy vestibular system may cause the classic symptoms - nausea, vomiting, dizziness and loss of consciousness. If motion sickness, unlike food poisoning, the first portion of vomiting does not relieve the unpleasant condition. Vomiting lasts up until the pitching does not stop, and even for some time after that. Vomiting can be unrestrained and cause serious suffering to the patient.

How to treat

Takeoff candyTakeoff candy

There are simple "folk" remedies for motion sickness - it's candy with a sour taste. They previously gave Aeroflot to everyone on the plane, they were called - "Takeoff".

Note!Sucking in conjunction with a little sour tastedulls nausea, helping to survive take-off and landing aircraft. But the effectiveness of this tool only when it start to apply before the symptoms of motion sickness.



Traditional medicine offers, in such cases ginger root in the form of crushed olives or lemon slices. You can use homeopathic remedies, but the most effective treatment with special drugs - Aeron, Dramina and the like. However, you need to use them only in the most serious cases, because the body quickly gets used to a certain type of drugs, and they cease to act on it.

Note!First, it is to resort to simple, non-drug funds and only if they do not help, but a state of sickness aggravated by, you can go to the drug.

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