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The benefits of red wine

The benefits of red wine

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  1. Value of dry red wine
  2. What is meant by moderate use
  3. What are the benefits of red wine
  4. What is so useful?
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Red wine is a constant companionluxurious event and a dull evening after a hard day's work. Everyone has long known that alcohol has a devastating effect on the body. But not everyone knows that red wine is surprisingly useful, to use it sparingly and consistently. According to the ancient Romans: «in vino veritas, et in aqua sanitas» - «the truth in wine, and health in the water." This phrase just expressed their opinion: they emphasize how the opposite effect have these two basic drink on the human body. Many years have passed and, though wine and intoxicating and uplifting, opinion, what impact it has on the body, be revised repeatedly.

Due to the results of current researchIt became aware of the positive effect of wine on your overall health. This is the red variety of the drink is considered the most useful, a little less positive qualities gave pink wine and very small properties that are of interest to health, there is the white kind.

Red wine is more useful white

Red wine is more useful whiteNote!The main positive effect of red wineIt has on the cardiovascular system. Scientists have shown that people who drink during lunch or dinner, a glass of red wine, thus insures itself against diseases such as myocardial infarction, heart failure and other related problems.

Value of dry red wine

It has a relaxing and calming effect

It has a relaxing and calming effect

Red wine has received wide popularitythanks to the unusual taste and an amazing ability to have a positive impact on human health. For example, a special chemical composition of dry red wine is capable of cope with stress. depression and irritability. It has on the human body is relaxing and calming effect.

The rich taste and aroma of expensive dry redwine is revealed best in the presence of well-chosen dishes. According to experts, it is best combined with a fatty meal - spaghetti or soup saturated. And if more preferable for you are the snacks, you can choose any cheese or meat delicacy.

Note!The capacity, the most suitable for wine are high transparent glasses. Very cool wine should not be, the room temperature is considered to be the best for him.

What is meant by moderate use

consumption rate for men over

consumption rate for men over

"Moderation" in relation to drink wine inthis case is synonymous with the word "benefit". But how to measure this value? Where is the line between the benefit and the risk to health? This is affected by a variety of factors: gender, body weight, age, height, overall health, and even meals.

The red wine is hidden benefits for both men and women. But the difference is clearly visible in the number of "useful" wine - a man putting more. This is due to factors such as:

  • body weight - male usually weighs slightly more than women;
  • the level of enzymes responsible for metabolizing alcohol - in the men's and women's stomach their contents are different.

Healthy woman of any age, and a man, whose age exceeded the mark of 65, can without any fear to drink one drink per day and men up to 65 years - 2 servings.

Large wine glass

Large wine glass

On a portion of the question? WHO estimates that one portion is 100 ml (8 g) of pure alcohol, which is also called a standard unit of alcohol. In a large glass (250 ml), 12% red wine contained almost 3 portions of alcohol, and an average (175 ml) - about 2 servings.

Note!The benefits of red wine will not occur infull if its consumption will be episodic in nature. But do not forget that the abuse of wine can lead to very serious diseases.

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