Change breast Pregnancy

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During childbearing many womenfaced with the unpleasant symptoms. One of them is the pain in my chest. Experiencing the discomfort for about 90% of future mothers. Some women are very concerned about breast tenderness, and there are those who do not notice any changes. This is an individual state, which depends on the sensitivity of the body. Why there is a change breasts during pregnancy and how to remove the pain?

pain Causes

Pain in the pregnant mammary gland

Pain in the pregnant mammary gland

The most common chest starts to hurt at the beginningpregnancy. Pain caused by hormonal changes the body. Begin in large quantities produced progesterone and estrogen. Under the action of the hormone hCG breast increases and increases sensitivity. There are tingling and itching. Painful sensations appear from 5 weeks of pregnancy, and tested to 12.

Note!The most severely sore breasts during early pregnancy, when hormones have not yet been established.

Sometimes they may arise at the end of just before birth. In this case, the pain caused by breast enlargement and preparation of the body for breastfeeding.

Change breast

Increasing the size of the breast

Increasing the size of the breast

Change the breast for some womenIt is the first sign of an interesting situation. Often it is the same time as menstruation delay and appearance of toxicity. What changes in the breast are normal?

Breast Changes:

  • Breast enlargement. Chest swells and becomes 1-2 sizes larger.
  • Pain and tenderness nipple.
  • Changing the shape of nipples. They can become more prominent and elongated.
  • The color of the nipples becomes darker, until the chocolate. It may also darken the area around the nipple.
  • You may see a vascular grid.
  • The emergence of rudimentary glands. These are small bumps in the nipples.
  • By the second trimester may be a small selection of colostrum. This phenomenon is individual, some pregnant women may see release just before or after birth.
  • The appearance of stretch marks. Unfortunately stretch marks - a natural phenomenon when not enough supple skin.

All these changes occur at different stages of pregnancy may be individually or combined.

Dangerous signals

Sore breasts

Sore breasts

Also permissible changes in the breast, every pregnant woman is not superfluous to know the early signs of dangerous diseases of mammary glands.

Dangerous changes of mammary glands:

  • Asymmetric breast enlargement, swelling and sometimes depression.
  • Painful seal.
  • redness chest, accompanied by tenderness.
  • Bloody, purulent and odorous discharge from the breasts during pregnancy. Or colostrum with blood.
  • Persistent pain mammary glands.

Dangerous disease

Dangerous diseaseNote!If a pregnant woman is present at least one of the above symptoms, you should immediately be examined by a doctor of mammalogy.

Early diagnosis of disease reduces the risk of complications and facilitates treatment.

Breast Care

comfortable underwear

comfortable underwearNote!Breast during pregnancy requires special care, which will remove the discomfort and reduce pain.

Effective methods of pain relief and care of the breast:

  • Wearing a comfortable bra. Sometimes it can cause discomfort became close underwear. At the very beginning of pregnancy is necessary to acquire a comfortable undershirt clothes. Underwear should be made of natural fabrics, without laces, stones, other joints and other decorations. In the first and last trimester of sleep in a bra is recommended.
  • Regular hygiene. Washing the breast should be done several times a day without the use of detergents. Recommended light rubbing with a towel.

The funds from the stretch

The funds from the stretch

  • After hygiene procedures should be applied moisturizer. This can be a special means of stretch marks, cream, olive oil or body lotion.
  • When you select a colostrum in bra puts special napkins.
  • If the nipples were micro cracks, thehelp ointments or creams with panthenol, for example Bepanten. It is safe, well cope with the irritation, dry skin, and should always be in the medicine cabinet of the future mother.
  • Starting from the second trimester, it is useful to temper the chest, you can use the bad-a little cool water or wiping contrasting warm and cold towel.

Calendula and Chamomile

Calendula and Chamomile

  • Good relieve discomfort compresses decoction of calendula and chamomile. You can mix both grass.
  • Traditional medicine for sore breasts recommends applying the usual cabbage leaves. It is safe and good way. You can put the leaves in the bra for the night.

Tea made from fennel

Tea made from fennel

  • It is useful to make tea from the pharmacy fennel - fennel and nettle.

Pregnancy - a very important period of lifeany woman. At this time, you need to listen carefully to the changes in the body and catch the slightest signals of danger. And such satellites as a morning sickness, chest pain, and changes in appearance should not be the cause of a bad mood.

Change breast Pregnancy
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