How to play sports during pregnancy

How to play sports during pregnancy

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  1. sports and pregnancy Compatibility
  2. What sports can be practiced
  3. Use of fitness during pregnancy

What behavior should adhere pregnantfemale? Do I need to take a pregnant body as something fragile? Is it possible to deal with the maintenance of the physical form? Periodically flashed information about what athletic girl easier to tolerate labor. So how do sports during pregnancy and whether it is possible?

sports and pregnancy Compatibility

Sport and pregnancy are compatible

Sport and pregnancy are compatible

First you need to find out whether a woman is engaged in sports before pregnancy, since the intensity of sports downloads depends on this information.

Also do not forget that pregnancy is unpredictable state. Even the world champion is not immune from serious toxicosis or threatened abortion. In this case, neither of which sport can be no question, all of your energy, time and health need to devote nurturing the baby.

When and how sports can not deal with:

  1. There is a risk of miscarriage.
  2. It is not recommended to engage in sports, which is required to present one of the following: running, jumping, lifting weights.
  3. Hazards may be cycling, horse riding, also under the ban is volleyball, basketball, skydiving, jumping, and climbing in the mountains.
  4. During pregnancy it is better to abandon the sport, which is associated with apnea.
  5. The question remains unresolved with snorkeling. There is an opinion that the diver moves easier childbirth process, but do not forget that the pressure drops to her accustomed from childhood. Holding your breath inexperienced pregnant athlete may adversely affect both the baby's health, and on its own.

You run the risk of making a bike rideYou run the risk of making a bike ride

What sports can be practiced

Pregnancy is a delicate condition, induring which the child is formed. Doctors usually say that the correct wearing of pregnancy can result in incorrect delivery. This is very important, because a woman in the "interesting" position must not only monitor your diet, but also the behavior and way of life. In addition, the baby at birth and affects the emotional state of women.

But if you can control the psycho-emotional state, not every, the physical preparation - is something that can afford any normally feel pregnant.

The contribution made and the nature: increased flexibility and stamina - qualities inherent in every woman expecting a baby. And if during gestation expectant mom does not reduce the motor load, it will not only add flexibility, but will also increase muscle endurance, which can guarantee for successful delivery.

Favorable employment, developing flexibilityFavorable employment, developing flexibility

If you do not know what kind of sport for youacceptable, it should start with mild exercise. For example, unprepared expectant mother can afford a long hiking or swimming in the pool.

Note!Sporting load should be selected on the basis ofgestation period. For example, activities that are considered useful in early pregnancy may be contraindicated for the expectant mother in the period approaching the end of pregnancy.

The most favorable period for the sport - itsecond trimester, since at this point completes the adaptation of the organism to the process of gestation, alteration in hormonal levels and significantly reduced the risk of a threat to the little man.

In the first trimester of restrictions much more thanin the second. This is the most critical time for the pregnancy, because in this period there is such a serious problem, as the threat of termination of pregnancy, and also lays the basic organs and systems. In addition, the first trimester - a time of start of physiological changes in the body that can cause vomiting, malaise and toxemia.

So, what sport exercises are undesirable during the first three months:

  • severe cardio-load, as the work of the cardiovascular system therefore is accompanied by tension;
  • any exercise associated with stretching. First Trimester - this time in the presence of increased amounts of the hormone the body, relaxes the muscles and ligaments in bodily injury and sprains.
  • jumping and other physical activity, which can lead to a fall pregnant.

And you should always remember that any physical activity should be focused on well-being. If a pregnant woman feels nauseous or dizzy, then what about the sports we can talk?

If you plan to self-study, you need to pay attention to gentle physical exercise.

Useful yoga

Useful yoga

The most suitable sport for pregnant women is swimming. By the way, the modern fitness industry rejoice with its variety: akvaerobika for pregnant women, yoga, aerobics, or even belly dancing.

The most important thing to a class expectant mother brought a lot of positive emotions, because if it is a fun and cheerful, and the pregnancy will pass easily and gently.

Use of fitness during pregnancy

Fitness Pregnancy

Fitness Pregnancy

It has long formed a list of fitness exercises,suitable for pregnant women. Their main goal - to improve the overall health of the future mother, the development of certain muscle groups and prepare the body for childbirth.

Many women are interested in, to how long you can do fitness? Prior to any, because they are designed to maintain intone the chest, arms and legs. Importantly, do not forget that during the 9-month expectations, can not be perceived as a means of fitness for a perfect figure, because to this you can begin only after the birth of a baby. But thanks to the moderate classes still reduce the likelihood of weight gain during pregnancy.

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