How to remove the swelling in pregnancy

Table of contents:

  1. The causes and the risk of edema
  2. edema treatment
  3. Folk remedies for swelling

Swelling in pregnancy - the most common problem of future mothers. According to statistics of suffering up to 80% of women. The more dangerous swelling during pregnancy, and what are the ways to get rid of them?

The causes and the risk of edema

Swelling of the legs

Swelling of the legs

Swelling there are 2 types: open and hidden. From the open more often observed in pregnant limb edema.

swelling of the legs appear to increase the ankles and feet. The first sign - occurrence of traces of socks. Shoes by the end of the day may be close. When pressed on the skin remains fossa.

swelling of the hands appear to swelling or numbnessfingers. The first symptom is the appearance of edema - can not be removed or put on the ring. Also, there are facial swelling, most commonly seen in nasal congestion, swelling of the eyelids.

Weight gain with edema
Weight gain with edema

Hidden edema are determined by a large weight gain.

Note!To start treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause of the swelling.

Causes of edema:

  • Physiologic: hormonal changes, an increase in the amount of blood.
  • Renal pathology.
  • Heart failure.
  • Diseases of the excretory system.
  • Phlebeurysm.
  • Preeclampsia (toxemia)

Dangers of edema in pregnancy

Dangers of edema in pregnancy

How to remove the swelling during pregnancy? Physiologic pulmonary edema are subject to a special diet and proper rest. Other types of edema may indicate serious diseases and injuries as the expectant mother and the child.

When edema in pregnancy increases the bloodpressure, there are burning and pain in the limbs, blood circulation in the placenta and it is aging prematurely. This leads to fetal hypoxia. In advanced cases of preterm labor can only solve the problem. Therefore, it is important to promptly detect swelling and begin treatment.

edema treatment

edema treatment

What if there swelling? Of course, refer to the leading pregnancy doctor. After assessing the condition he prescribe treatment. The most common treatment is a diet and taking diuretics (diuretics).

Fundamentals of medical diet of edema:

  1. The restriction or elimination of salt. Salt-free diet is good at swelling and is an excellent means for their prevention.
  2. Excluding roasted and smoked foods. Preference is given boiled, stewed and steam dishes.
  3. Use only useful products. Completely excluded marinades, spices, prepared foods, sodas and sweets.
  4. Sufficient intake of water. Before swelling imposes restrictions on the amount of fluid consumed. Now doctors are agreed that the lack of drinking provokes even more swelling, as the body begins to store water. In individual cases, it may be assigned to drinking regime. It depends on the cause of edema.

invalid food

invalid food

In parallel, the diet may be pregnant assign fasting days: fruit, dairy, buckwheat.

Note!Regardless of the type, all the products are used without the salt and sugar.

The purpose of fasting days - to rest the digestive organs and withdraw excess liquid. In one day, you can get rid of from 0.5 kg to 3 kg of water.

Knee - elbow position

Knee - elbow position

It is also recommended to take the knee-elbow position for the treatment and prevention of edema. It helps to relieve the load from the kidneys, reducing the pressure of the fetus and reduces the tone.

If the diet does not work, then prescribe diuretics, which are allowed during pregnancy. Most often it is Kanefron, Cystone, Phytolysinum and Kidney tea.

kidney tea

kidney teaNote!Not to be confused with renal Kidney tea gathering. The first contains only one part of the grass - orthosiphon, it is not harmful in pregnancy, and the second is contraindicated.

In addition to compliance with the diet and the use of diuretics, your doctor may prescribe medications that strengthen blood vessels. These include: Magnelis, lipoic acid, and vitamin E. Magnerot

Depending on the complexity of the disease, the treatment of edema can be done as an outpatient or in a hospital.

Folk remedies for swelling

Folk remedies for swelling

In folk kitty has enough effective and safe means of edema.

Note!Before using them, nevertheless it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Drinks with a diuretic effect:

  • Cranberry drinks: stewed fruit, fruit drinks, infusions.
  • Drinks from the leaves of bilberry.
  • Compote of red bilberry fruit.
  • Birch juice.
  • A decoction of chamomile.
  • Broth apple peel.
  • Green tea.

Preparation of folk remedies for edema:

  • The infusion of birch leaves. For the infusion in a thermos brew 2 tablespoons raw 0.5 liters of boiling water. Take 100 grams. before each meal.
  • Seeds of parsley. To get rid of edema take 1 gr. parsley seeds before eating. Wash down with water. You can also take an infusion of parsley root, for his cooking spoon crushed root brew 0.5 liters of boiling water. Take every time before eating.

Corn silk edema

Corn silk edema

  • Corn silk. Boil a spoonful of corn silk into a glass of water, take 40 grams. 5 times a day.
Note!Treatment of edema during pregnancy should be carried out comprehensively and strictly under the supervision of a physician.

This is not the time when you can experiment with the body or wait for the miraculous self-healing.

How to remove the swelling in pregnancy
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